About Internet Bilboards

Internet Billboards is a digital hub-spot featuring curated digital content, as well as fresh new innovative thought provoking original content. Internet Billboards is a pioneer of the practice of content curation and an inbound advertising agency. Our network of highly professional curator’s are helping client’s to build a new web based more about context and the interest graph and less about irrelevant poorly written content.  Learn how you can benefit from curation here, or become a curator here.

Inbound advertising is where your marketing, content, message and social media all converge.

Our platform along with our totally revolutionary marketing approach helps to reposition our client’s as leaders in their industries, which helps them attract new customers for their products and services when they are actually looking to buy them.

With strategic inbound advertising, curation and extensive branding for enhanced market recognition, Internet Billboard client’s become the perceived industry leader.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising which are proving to be less and less effective, even now often intrusive, while simply burning up marketing dollars, inbound advertising and curation is always working.

Consistently curation combined with content marketing and a well thought out inbound advertising strategy, has by far shown to be the best strategy to engage and perfect within this new age of media, publishing and advertising that we are currently in.

Our combined approach is conducive to the best current digital marketing practices and trends, and creates lasting result’s.

For more information about our curation services or inbound advertising please request a proposal.

email:  tomgeorge@internetbillboards.net

Internet Billboards was founded early in 2010 by a young visionary and entrepreneur who harnessed the power of the Internet to help him develop a successful fitness training company in Maryland.  With over ten years experience of being involved with Internet advertising and marketing, he came to understand the often complex intricacies and dynamics of the Internet.

This insight led him to explore the increasingly important role that content management systems, curation, social media and finally that inbound advertising would play to the future success businesses would have on the Internet. With that in mind, he had the vision for the Internet Billboards concept, and today, focus’s on exuding his confidence into his vision. After all, he stands behind his ideas, because truth be told, he was his own first successful client!