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Amazon to open its first-ever physical store in New York City


Amazon has warehouses — hundreds of them, miles of them. It has lockers and pop-up shipping containers. But it's never had a true, physical retail store, at least not until now. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon plans to open its first … [Continue reading]

Top Supplements for Muscle Building


Whether you’re working towards a set of six-pack abs, into bodybuilding competitions, or just trying to look your best for that significant other, faithfully doing your routine of exercise reps at the gym several times a week just won’t do as much … [Continue reading]

How GE Wins Big With B2B Corporate Storytelling


“Behind every person, behind every company, behind everything, is a story of how it got there – and the most relevant stories connect on a personal level.” Beth Comstock, CMO of GE. The above c…Source: … [Continue reading]

How To Choose The Right Necklines For Salwar Suits

Churidar Salwar Kameez Designs

Like with any other outfit, the neckline plays an important role in making a salwar suit look beautiful. It can make or break any outfit. The neckline that you choose for your salwar kameez should ideally depend on a number of factors including the … [Continue reading]

Online Marketing and Related Jobs You Could Consider

We are now living in the modern era, where the Internet is the main source each of us and even our children refer to get any of our queries answered. The internet and the virtual world brings along millions of pleasures, from shopping to the social … [Continue reading]

Buffer Adds Brilliant Scheduling Piece for Bloggers


Buffer has added a new scheduling option that allows you to select additional times to reshare posts, bringing greater visibility to your new content.Source: www.thesocialmediahat.comSee on - Content Marketing Tips … [Continue reading]

8 Experts Way In On New Video B2B Marketing Trends

Convince and Convert is an excellent digital marketing resource. The founder Jay Baer has published a great book called Youtility, which has proven its tremendous value to the digital marketing community, and is a New York Times bestseller. The … [Continue reading]

How The People Of Punjab Celebrate Diwali

Diwali – the festival of lights – is celebrated in different ways across the world, but it’s also celebrated in numerous fashions across India; something that is usually down to the traditions of a particular region. This beautifully represents the … [Continue reading]

The Benefit Of Infographics


The term SEO, springs to mind traffic, content and exposure to me. These are the factors of getting your site ranking at the top of google. I have looked into many methods to perform SEO. Such as web directories, guest posting. You have on page and … [Continue reading]

Get over the “I hate writing” hurdle – Tip to get you started

This is part 2 of our blog series.  Intro from part 1 is: If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you have to do a significant amount of writing.  Even if your primary business pursuit is coaching or speaking, there are articles to write, blog … [Continue reading]

23 Good Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists That Are Rarely Used

I researched the topic and found 23 popular and outside-the-box ideas for what to do with your Twitter list. See what I learned in the post below, and add your favorite uses in the comments. Read the full story here Related articles How do … [Continue reading]

How to Find a Funeral Planning Expert

Funeral planning can be overwhelming, especially when your emotions are high with the loss of a loved one. That’s why it is important to find someone who understands your needs and will help you through the process – a funeral planning expert is … [Continue reading]

5 Steps to Eliminating Sagging Breasts Following Your Pregnancy

eliminate sagging breasts

Many pregnant women are concerned with sagging breasts. Sadly, they are also attributed largely in part to your genetic makeup. Growing older also means facing sagging breasts. Regardless of whether you have actually given birth or not, your breasts … [Continue reading]

Evolving to Visual Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Success


Email marketing, visual content marketing – how do you know which one will be the most effective for your business? It is important to remember that the world of marketing is constantly changing. Adding visuals to your content can be just as … [Continue reading]

3 Hardships Women Must Overcome to be Successful

woman eye

As a female entrepreneur, you may have expected to deal with many difficulties in the business world. What many women don’t know is that despite these hardships, you can still be successful. Once you have learned how to deal with some of the … [Continue reading]

Marketing Through the Eyes of the Customer

Bright Idea

When you’re creating the perfect marketing technique, all you can do is put yourself in the shoes of the customer and imagine what they would want to see. If you’re having trouble envisioning what the customer wants, going above and beyond to figure … [Continue reading]