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Is your workplace making your staff unproductive?


Good managers will always think about the wellbeing of their employees. While you may be in charge, it’s your staff that does the majority of the groundwork. If you show them respect and ensure they’re comfortable in the office, they’ll return the … [Continue reading]

Getting a Business Permit

Business Permit

The type of business permit you’ll require will depend entirely on the country in which you plan on doing business from, as governments all over the world have their own rules with regard to this area, and therefore the information below should only … [Continue reading]

The Seceret of Selecting Windows in Honolulu

Windows in Honolulu

Living in Honolulu is a unique experience in many ways that the average person and American can likely not imagine. Though it may be easy to imagine the fantastical dream-scenes of a Hawaiian vacation, doing so doesn’t often include considering the … [Continue reading]

Women Entrepreneurs: Beat the Heat

women (1)

As a woman in the business world, there are many obstacles to overcome. While the tech world is growing and more women are getting involved, there are still many stereotypes to beat. Don’t let some of these issues get you down or working any less … [Continue reading]

Best Reasons You Need a Car Phone Mount


It is difficult to imagine life minus a cell phone. Phones are used play music, surf the Internet, take pictures and send emails. For all its helpfulness, however, a cell phone can become a source of accidents, especially when one is driving. It is … [Continue reading]

The Breakdown of QR Codes


QR codes are the inkblots of the technology world. While they aren’t inkblots, they do certainly appear to look like them. They are blocks of information that can be scanned by a cell phone and send information to the customer immediately. What are … [Continue reading]

Mistakes Your Content is Making


Content marketing is one of the longest running ways to market to your audience, but it’s certainly not always the easiest. Making mistakes can happen to even the best writers. If you think that your content isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, check … [Continue reading]

Does Your Startup Need a Cofounder?


Choosing to run your startup with a cofounder can be beneficial in a number of ways but some people still decide against it. Weigh out the options of why you would or wouldn’t need a cofounder before making a decision. If you’re satisfied with how … [Continue reading]

All Employees Need a Little Motivation


It doesn’t matter where you work or what kind of business you have, everyone needs a little motivation every once in awhile. Be sure to constantly show your employees that you’re available if they need you and keep the spirits high in the office. … [Continue reading]

Do Local Businesses Need a Web Presence?

According to Google, 97 percent of American consumers use a computer or mobile device to search for local businesses. Unfortunately, 25 percent of small businesses don’t appear in local search results. If most people contact a business within 24 … [Continue reading]

Instructions for Air Conditioning Installation

When it's mid-summer and 95 degrees out and just looking at the sun reflecting off the pavement makes you dizzy, even the most hardened resisters will be tempted to rush out and buy an air conditioner.  But hold on.  First you have to do two things … [Continue reading]

How to Find the Web Design Company That’s Right For You

Choosing the right company to design your website is a substantial business decision in the digital era, and one that you don’t want to make lightly. Whether your firm is a startup or an established company that’s seeking a web makeover, engaging … [Continue reading]

Podcast Episode 088: Content Outsourcing Beyond the Written Word

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 88 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we discussed the top 10 … [Continue reading]

The importance of content marketing in small and large businesses

Patch up the paintwork both inside and out

Google’s constant flurry of updates is causing more and more SEO practices to get thrown out the window. Techniques that were once thought to be legitimate are starting to lose their effectiveness, which is making content marketing more important … [Continue reading]

Interior Home Design Tips and Tricks


Fashioners and decorators have home outfitting and embellishing data within reach when going into a home. Some of this is passed onto the customer amid the arranging stage and the rest in not uncovered; aside from in the completed item. What is the … [Continue reading]

Get Rid Of Breakfast Blues?

Bored Adult Man At Breakfast Table

Ever wondered what would make your family smile before they head out to follow their busy schedule for the day? Is it the delicious breakfast you serve or the smile with which you do it? ‘What’s there for breakfast?’ is a common household dilemma … [Continue reading]