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24 Untapped Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Great ideas to tap into the next time you're stumped for a blog post topic: 24 Untapped Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas | Digital Philippines. … [Continue reading]

Hate writing? You don’t have to go it alone!

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you have to do a significant amount of writing.  Even if your primary business pursuit is coaching or speaking, there are articles to write, blog posts, the “requisite” book and more and more and….  But face … [Continue reading]

The Seasonal Demands on Hospitality

As Christmas and winter becomes that bit closer, consumers are looking at the hospitality industry to deal with their heightened demand for seasonal food. There are events to be catered for, parties to be organised and venues to be filled with happy … [Continue reading]

The ABCs of using Content Marketing in Recruitment

Hiring the best talent is vital to ensure your startup achieves the intended result.  People are lifeblood of every business, however large or small, and therefore recruiting, retaining, and motivating right kind of employees is of utmost importance. … [Continue reading]

Why Should You Prefer Mobile Scaffolding At The Construction Site?

Échafaudage à roulettes sur fond blanc 3

It is very necessary to use scaffolds on construction sites as this facilitates easy mobility for the workers and at the same time assures complete security for them. Though you may come across many types of traditional scaffolds, you should know … [Continue reading]

For a promising career growth, explore Ahmedabad

Known as India's bustling metro, Ahmedabad has witnessed an upswing cycle in its economy. Dubbed as the economic capital of India, Ahmedabad has translated itself into beyond imagination. The infrastructure has massively grown, numerous flyovers and … [Continue reading]

5 Weird Things Ever Found In Storage Units

Storage Units

Self-storage units have been used for umpteen number of purposes. Pay your rent on time and the innards of the storage units shall not see light of day for a long time. Hence, it comes as no surprise that self-storage units are used to stockpile some … [Continue reading]

Android L vs Android KitKat: New Features for Developers and Apps

The latest itinerant operating system for Android is the Google Android L. It will be released with little Google Nexus gadgets. This new operating system is till now available as The Developer Preview. Announced in the month of June 2014, this … [Continue reading]

10 Shocking Facts About Australia!


Are you ready to explore Australia stepping off the beaten track? As we know all countries or cities have their unique secrets, special features and even mysterious cases which draw attention from all around. For example, tasty pizza was firstly … [Continue reading]

Spark Ideas for Your Blog: 5 Tips

There are times when a blogger, like any other writer, will 'loose the muse.' Every idea that comes to mind seems either trite or dull or, worse still, no ideas come to mind. What's a blogger to do? Here are five tactics that just might clear away … [Continue reading]

How to buy hot penny stocks


Buying undervalued stocks and then selling them in a short span of time to get a quick return on the investment is known as penny stocks. Like there are two sides of a coin same way there are certain advantages and disadvantages of every investment … [Continue reading]

How to Convert PSD to Shopify With An Ease

Convert PSD to Shopify

So, you have created a web design on Photoshop. It seems to be good. You might have image file that summarizes every aspects according to your desire. However, you have searched the Shopify’s benefits and decided to convert your website design. … [Continue reading]

Essential benefits of hiring Instagram Services


Socializing through pictures and videos gives a great experience. It builds a long term relationship between two people. Instagram provides a perfect platform to socialize through the latest pictures and videos. It gives an efficient opportunity to … [Continue reading]

Handling the Social Pressures of Running a Business

Male hands typing on laptop

It is hard to believe that once you have figured out all of the internal pressures of running a business, there are many more external ones to come. Dealing with the social pressures of entrepreneurship can be difficult – whether it is from your … [Continue reading]

Destroying Your Landing Page with These 3 Mistakes


Everyone has been redirected to a crappy website with a terrible landing page and pages of false promises. The landing page is the key to success: it is where conversions are created. If your landing page isn’t doing its job, then you will lose … [Continue reading]

Podcast: Email and Social: Do You Really Need Both?

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 91 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we discussed how to make … [Continue reading]