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Is your website branding attracting the right audience?

In my last post, I related the story of a website that was not getting the desired results.  (If you missed the post, read it here.)  After some basic investigation, I found some key culprits.  One of those is that the branding does not match the … [Continue reading]

In The Lab With Jim Parsons: Get Ready For Intel RealSense Technology

Under the tagline of "Don't tell anyone what you've seen in this video..." ASUS reveals an early look at Intel's upcoming Christmas campaign starring The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons. Intel® RealSense™ technology soon will let you scan objects in … [Continue reading]

Facebook trying to become a full grown tech news source

A view of Facebook's logo May 10, 2012 i

Facebook is trying to be your go-to source for tech news, rather than just a way to see baby pics and find out which friends are engaged. Seven months after introducing FB Newswire, the social networking giant on launched FB Techwire on Tuesday, a … [Continue reading]

Why being on Twitter is important for every marketer

twitter logo

One single tweet can ruin a life, a career, set an unstoppable movement in motion, or it can go the other way around, make a star or even a hero out of someone. Alas, we all know that it takes much less time and less effort for negative consequences … [Continue reading]

7 Signs You Need Braces


Braces have had a bad name from teens since they first hit the market. No one wants a mouth full of metal, especially if you are going through an awkward phase in your life. For this reason alone, you have probably avoided the orthodontist at all … [Continue reading]

Best beach wedding destinations of USA


Having a beach wedding is indeed a dream come true for most brides. It presents a new sweet and intimate venue or location where the engaged few, soon to become wed, can consume a quite solemn wedding party together having a few pals and his or her … [Continue reading]

Training to be a Security Guard

In order to be a professional security guard, there is a strict training regime involved. This regime has been crafted by those who not only know what’s best to keep the public safe, but are interested in molding a course that gets the most out of … [Continue reading]

Home Maintenance is the Best Medicine

Marshalltown - Home Maintenance is the Best Medicine1

  What are the benefits of home maintenance? What is the best way to keep your home in a modern, yet affordable fashion? Nowadays, with so many different tools and designs on the market, it can be like wading through a swamp just to find the … [Continue reading]

How to Write a Good Term Paper

Term Paper

Term paper is an academic research paper that is given to students of specialized courses in order to check their research and report ability, which accounts for a major part of the grade. Many students across the different courses get to write a … [Continue reading]

How to achieve clean wipe on your laptop or PC?

laptop wipes

In some cases, you will want to restore your computer to the default settings so that you will be able to use it without any issues. If you are well aware of the process, it can be done from the comforts of your home. The restore or wiping can be … [Continue reading]

Importance of color code in Scrubs

Scrubs Los Angeles

Scrubs and uniforms were not considered an important part of the medical profession until recently. Previously, some of the nurses in health care centers and hospitals wore uniforms. However, surgeons never considered clothing important while … [Continue reading]

Handy Tips to Keep Your Business Premises Safe


Businesses all over Oxfordshire know the importance of keeping their commercial property safe and secure. Criminals are developing more sophisticated methods of targeting businesses and it is crucial that security, insurance and protection are at the … [Continue reading]

The Rise and Popularity of Food Festival in Different Parts

People in street food festival

Time has changed and now people from all spheres of life can take the opportunity to treat them with delightful items and tasty foods that has resulted in Sunday Food Festival in different parts of the world. There are some frequent places where food … [Continue reading]

7 Ways to deal with a Missed Promotion


Since the inception of your career in an organization, you find roles that entice you more than the one you have. You come across job profiles that you wish to have in future. Obviously, growth is the foremost objective of joining any … [Continue reading]

Effective tips to avail contract mobile phones with major networks


These days most mobile companies that offer phones on contract conduct a credit check on the applicants to minimise the risk associated with offering such plans. Mobile phone contract plan These plans act just like any regular finance … [Continue reading]

Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney disease


Kidney is the one of the most important organ in the human body. They are two organs located on either side of the spine, middle of the back and above the waist. Functions of Kidney: Kidney removes the waste from the body. It also removes … [Continue reading]