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Dehradun Tour Guide – 3 Interesting Tourist Places Near Dehradun

Dehradun, the administrative capital of the state of Uttrakhand, is the handful of places in the nation that has a continuous stream of visitors throughout the year. The primary reason for this fact is that the city is one of the most beautifully landscaped places in the country housing several picturesque scenic places. Also, the […]


Know The 5 Amazing Beaches In Turkey


There are also different explanations why Turkey is growing into the twenty 1st millennium while the best place to take getaway. Turkey offers, more than delayed decades, state-of-the-art into a sensibly serene, dependable and fiscally functional link in the middle of the east and western world. These kinds of specifics have intended that Turkey’s astonishing […]


From Le Marche the Smartest bag; Piezo and Photovotaic Bag – charging 24 hours on 24


It recharges various battery devices such as; mobile, MP3, GPS, camera, netbook and many others while you are in trip away from home. A new system integrates three sources: solar energy, energy from diffuse light (indoor lighting such as neon etc.) and movement (piezo). Personal computer, Tablet, Smartphone, Navigatore, Mp3, camera, Mobile… How many times […]


Dream of a Holiday?


It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for the end of the day.  It is times like this when my mind begins to wander. It is amazing that your body can be in the office, but… your mind is thousands of miles away in a tropical destination.  Which, you ask, is your reality, the office […]


Delightful, Delicious, Decadent – Mexico


Shopping is America’s past time.  South of the Border the shopping past time translates to Tianguis. A Tianguis is a gathering of vendors with items that are handmade, home baked and locally grown.  The Riviera Nayarit boosts a number of Tianguis locations on different days of the week. Some people come to eat their way […]


3 Misconceptions about Traveling to African Countries

Many countries and regions in Africa depend heavily on the tourism industry, but unfortunately a lot of wrong information makes its way to travelers. If you’ve always dreamt of a safari, swimming with great white sharks or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s actually much safer than what your great aunts and grandfathers may tell you. While […]


10 Shocking Facts About Australia!


Are you ready to explore Australia stepping off the beaten track? As we know all countries or cities have their unique secrets, special features and even mysterious cases which draw attention from all around. For example, tasty pizza was firstly cooked in Naples around 1860s; the typewriter belongs to the Italian inventions; Hollywood in the […]


Five Must Visit Sightseeing Places in Pune


Have you ever been to Pune? If not then, it is advised that you should, at least once, because the experiences that one can get in the city are not to be experienced in any other city in the country. Pune is one of the most important cities in southern India and is the city […]


World’s Best Yacht Charter in the Andaman Sea– Phuket Boat Charter

Phuket is one of the most beautiful boat charters around the Thai islands in the Andaman Sea. It is a beautiful and well known yachter chartering and sailing destination. By Phuket Marina boat chartering people can explore the beauty of Thailand in many ways. They can now explore many new islands like Northwestern Surin Islands […]


Marketing Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Business

real-estate-325285_640 (1)

Many people dream about becoming real estate agents due to huge profits and financial freedom. According to InvestFourMore, “The average income for a full-time real estate agent is over $54,000 a year.” Personally, I became a real estate agent because I’m into architecture, even though I majored in marketing. I really enjoy visiting all kinds […]


Shopping Mexican Style


In Mexico there is a unique was to shop.  It is called a Tianguis.  Some may understand the concept as a Farmers Market. The best of these events includes Homemade, Home-baked and Homegrown items.  This way each Tianguis has a flavor of the local areas. For those that love the coast, especially the west coast […]


The Modern Balance: Vacation vs Work


  Generation by generation, the phrase “modern living” is wearing itself out, and leaving us with a less pleasant “modern trying to make a living”, and to our horror, this isn’t even a slow and steady process, but a rapid deterioration of the human physique and mental capabilities. In a war between recession and unequal […]


Galvan Real Estate and Services Newsletter – October Edition 2014 | Galván Real Estate and Services

Mexico Life

  Galvan Real Estate and Services Newsletter – October Edition 2014 | Galván Real Estate and Services. Here the link to our Galvan Real Estate and Services Monthly Newsletter, October 2014 Edition Our Newsletter is produced in Spanish and English.  Scroll down to see the Spanish version. This month we cover: Rental Spotlight Real Estate […]


The Power of the Mini-Vacation


It’s no secret that in today’s modern world one of the things almost all of us have in common is that we are stressed out and over worked. The fall and winter seasons are notorious for higher levels of stress as the holiday season forces us to celebrate even if we’re not feeling festive. Sure, […]


Top 5 IRCTC Android Apps To Track PNR, Book Tickets and More

As the advanced wave immerses us, a large portion of your normal exercises will be few touches away on your Smart Gadgets. Booking tickets through PC is a typical place now however considers the possibility that you need to book your tickets while moving. Engineers have again acted the hero and assemble applications to help […]


Unawatuna Beach for Your Holidays in Sri Lanka


Unawatuna is a beautiful and also quiet beach resort merely 5 kilometers south associated with Galle. While Unawatuna was entrenched heavily with the Tsunami in 2004, it had been rebuilt quickly, as well as the hotels and guesthouses which are open again for all travelers in search of an uncrowded, genuine Sri Lankan beach resort. […]