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A Guide About Shoreditch Area in London

Feb 8 2016 | Written by : Fergus Brandon| 9 |

London has many peculiar areas and shoreditch is among one of them. The area is flooded with many attractions, cafes, bars, pubs, hotels, cinema halls and many more. Surely you can have a great time at this place. Empty walls act like paintings. The nearby industrial warehouses and dingy streets give

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TOP 4 popular beaches in Dubai to excite you

Feb 7 2016 | Written by : Lily Berns| 9 |

Bright and rich sun, clear water, white sand and the deep – these are the main features of Dubai beach characteristics. Frankly speaking, Dubai is a place that has everything to attract the most demanding environment. The wide coast line with beach umbrellas, situated far from each other, is always

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Jaipur’s heritage hotels to enjoy a stay under $50

Feb 4 2016 | Written by : James Jones| 6 |
heritage hotel

Jaipur is one of those beautiful place which is dotted with palaces turned heritage hotels. To experience the lifestyle of Jaipur, you must definitely try a stay for a couple of nights in these heritage hotels. For the international tourists, these heritage hotels might just cost below $50. Let’s

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7 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Travels Often

Feb 3 2016 | Written by : Angelina Brown| 1 |

Have you ever dated a girl who thrives on traveling and adventures? Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a bustling city dweller that rarely travels, dating a globetrotting mademoiselle can be quite a whirlwind and a wondrous romantic experience that you’ll treasure for years. From mind-blowing

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Tricks to finding the right pricing strategy for your Airbnb listing

Feb 1 2016 | Written by : Bedspoke| 7 |

Before anything you need to understand what you are up against The short-term property rental market and the hotel industry have been in constant flux ever since sites such as Airbnb have disrupted and transformed the way guests and hosts interact. Airbnb itself has become increasingly popular

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What to look for in an estate agent

Feb 1 2016 | Written by : Jack Dawson| 3 |

When it comes to buying property these days, websites and property listing portals are doing a fair job of actually making buyers aware of the properties available in their price range. However the other part of the transaction between buyer and seller is left to either party. This ‘other’ part is

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Here Is How To Do Italy In 10 Days Italian Road Trip | Travefy

Jan 30 2016 | Written by : Tom George| 10 |

Mon June 15: Varenna, Lenno, Bellagio Get ready for an amazing road trip, as you navigate Italy in 10 days. A fantastic itinerary to take you on all the best Italy has to offer. You can find more interesting posts on Italy in our Travel Section. 10:00 AM Fly into Milan–Malpensa Airport Stop at the

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New Tricks to Boost The Resale Value of Your House

Jan 29 2016 | Written by : Manish Kumar| 13 |

Anything in this living world is valuable until it is compelling and easy to attract. No matter what it is? It should be absolute and captivating to tempt throughout and increases its value. Likewise, home is also that irreplaceable gift which is a foremost desire for all and also investment in residential

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The Best Things That Teenagers Can Do While in London

Jan 28 2016 | Written by : Fergus Brandon| 3 |
London Music

While in London one loves to be a part of the wonderful ways of enjoying the tours here. There is something very special about the entire area which makes way for the best kind of travel and tour excitement. Come here and take back a valuable blend of tour and travel luxuries. Truly London is a place

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10 Reasons Women Should Travel Solo Once in Their Life

Jan 28 2016 | Written by : Angelina Brown| 12 |
solo travel

solo travel Going on a solo adventure to unknown places as a woman sounds scary and intimidating, but it does not necessarily get you closer to danger more than traveling in a group does. Traveling solo has become a trend in the past few years and is truly a very liberating and eye-opening experience

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London and it’s Amazing Shard

Jan 22 2016 | Written by : Fergus Brandon| 9 |
London Landmarks - The Shard

London has the unique opportunity to give visitors a taste of the best kinds of travel experiences. Come here and enjoy the best ways of making things work in this part of the world. As one comes here one can only be too happy about the way the visits turn out to be for the city has its own charms and

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3 Tips on How To Sell Your Home Faster and Easier

Jan 22 2016 | Written by : Evie Coles| 4 |
Cash Home buyer

Selling a home can be an exciting time as you think about moving on from your old place and getting a whole, new home, but the process of selling your home can be a long, tedious and drawn out one. Many sellers wait months with their house on the market, all the while the chances of the house actually

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