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Thinking of Buying a House? Go Bangalore Right Now!

Apr 19 2015 | Written by : Vineeta Tiwari| 0 |

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There is something about Bangalore that makes it fascinating and attractive to home buyers and similar investors. The Bangalore realty bubble has finally burst and the un-realistic hike in the property prices, which was visible in the third

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A Royal Day Out in Edinburgh – The Castle Experience

Apr 17 2015 | Written by : Deepak Patel| 1 |

There is no doubt that one of the first images that springs to mind when the Scottish capital of Edinburgh is mentioned, is one of architecturally magnificent historical castles, dotted across a landscape of rolling green hills and countrysides. These castles not only offer visitors with breathtaking

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Roopkund Trek: What Makes it so Special?

Apr 16 2015 | Written by : Pawan Kotiyal| 1 |

A stunningly beautiful tourist destination, Roopkund has today emerged as one of the most popular places for trekking in the Garhwal Himalayas. A high altitude glacial lake, Roopkund has an air of mystery surrounding it –hundreds of human skeletons have been found lying on the edges of the lake and

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Have a Sydney Beach Day Out

Apr 15 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 3 |
Have a Sydney Beach Day Out

How to do Sydney like a local on a budget. Can someone say yes! If you are traveling in or around Sydney, and are looking to have some fun on a budget than read on because this article is for you. Bondi beach is a popular very scenic beach to spend part of the day, but did you know there are also twelve

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Best Le Marche Accommodations: SeePort Hotel, Ancona

Apr 15 2015 | Written by : Mariano Pallottini| 1 |
Best Le Marche Accommodations: SeePort Hotel, Ancona

The SeePort Hotel it is ideal for business or pleasure trips. It is located in the oldest part of the town, with the center of Ancona within minutes. The SeePort Hotel offers pragmatic relaxing rooms. 32 superior rooms with large arched windows overlooking the port, it is the combined work of fine and

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Beat the Summer by Planning a Trip to Some Stunning Indian Beach

Apr 14 2015 | Written by : Pawan Kotiyal| 4 |
Beat the Summer by Planning a Trip to Some Stunning Indian Beach

The vast coastline of India is dotted with one beautiful beach after another and can be the perfect retreat for people who are looking to beat the hot and humid summer. Many, if not all, of these beaches have a rich marine life, are amazingly beautiful with stunning landscapes and cast a spell on the

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Key Guide to Swiss Etiquette

Apr 13 2015 | Written by : Kabir Raja| 0 |

With its pristine beauty and spectacular Alps, it’s no wonder that Switzerland has long been a popular tourist destination, not least for the skiing. This guide by PPA properties explores important etiquette customs in Switzerland to help you fit in with style rather than raising any eyebrows. Summary

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5 amazing airports of 5 amazing capitals around the world

Apr 10 2015 | Written by : Jatin Chhabra| 0 |
Hamad International Airport

It is important to have good airport facilities in a country since airports are second home to all those travelers who frequent different countries for work or pleasure. Keeping those frequent travelers and the revenue that they generate for the overall economy of the country, most countries ensure that

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Important things you need to check before buying a house

Apr 2 2015 | Written by : Pandey| 0 |
House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys

When buying a home it is fairly easy to be focused on the beauty of the home, or the fact that you think you’re getting a great price,and overlook important details that could affect you and your family in the future.  Here is a look at some things you should have in mind. Checking for safety compliance: The

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Why Interactive 3D Architecture is a Game Changer for the Real Estate Market?

Apr 1 2015 | Written by : Kabir Raja| 0 |

Architecture is one of the most important forms of science that have helped in the advancement of mankind. It has played a major role in the making of houses. And over the years, it has moved from simple to something more complex. Since the ancient times, diagrams have been used to simplify the process

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6 most amazing sites in Florence outskirts

Mar 31 2015 | Written by : Lily Berns| 2 |

Florence is the place which best of all reflects the culture and originality of Italy. It will surprise you with the combination of the latest accomplishments of mankind, the vibrant life of the modern city and the unique beauty of the Middle Ages. Of course, tearing yourself away from the excitement

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5 amazing tourist destinations to explore in Central Delhi

Mar 25 2015 | Written by : Jatin Chhabra| 0 |
India Gate

Delhi, the national capital of India, has the heart and soul of the country in its food, building, localities and people. A tourist coming to Delhi should visit locations that would give him an entire Delhi experience. I travel to Delhi often and so I would suggest travelers to go through these 5 places

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