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How to spend an amazing weekend in Dubai for just $100?


Dubai. What can you say about it. 7-star hotels and premium cars. Right you are. Dubai is just an incredibly luxurious city with lots of fantastic attractions around and is an excellent place to spend your weekend! Of course, you might think that there’s nothing to do in Dubai without a great deal of money. […]


Cheap China Tours For a Celebratory Chinese New Year 2015


Christmas has the monopoly on holidays in the Americas and Europe, but in China , there’s no bigger occasion than Chinese New Year, which, is now commonly referred to as Spring Festival. It’s also called Lunar New Year. The 4,000-year-old holiday is designed to honour household and heavenly deities, and ancestors. In 1912, China adopted […]


Dapoli, a Small Interesting City in Maharashtra, and Its Hotels


For a fun and relaxing holiday Dapoli makes a fine choice. It is a fine tourist destination, housing number of cool tourist attractions. Head to this city for memorable holiday and choose one from best hotels in Dapoli for accommodation. India, being a large nation with diverse geography, houses multiple interesting tourist destinations. Among these […]


Real Estate as Top Investment


In the last few years, it is becoming clear that in the investment market, the most sought-after and popular type of investment is real estate investment. According to top financial services corporation Morgan Stanley, millionaires in the U.S. see real estate as the best alternative-asset class to own. The corporation’s survey shows that in 2014 […]


Volunteers And Innovation


While many of those who volunteer in Chiang Mai are on a quest for personal development and growth, there are those on a quest for innovation. But how exactly do they fit into this category? Image by Recursos Educacionais Volunteers Can Help with Change Volunteers, it would seem, have revered reputation of being leaders, innovators, […]


The world’s most viewed sporting events


Sports have the power to bring humanity together. The competitiveness, drive and zeal that athletes show towards perfecting their craft and competing at the highest level, often leads to spectacles that can only be seen, to be believed. Watching live sport is the ultimate viewing experience and cannot, not matter how hard one tries, be […]


Few Benefits of Joining a Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

If you are looking to shed extra pounds or build lean and mass muscle, a wellness retreat can be the perfect solution for you. Bodybuilders agree that proper diet and exercises are not the only ingredients needed in bodybuilding, but strong willpower and motivation are among the most important aspects in bodybuilding. Although you might […]


Modernity at its Best in Hong Kong Hotels


Hotel chains in Hong Kong are turning to modern technology to maximize the comfort quotient for its guests. These hotel chains provide a perfect example of elegant old meeting the high-tech new. Hotels now have an ultra-modern hideaway with cutting-edge technology in every room. From premium bedding to recreational rooms and from customized rooms to […]


Terrain Park Etiquette We All Should Live By


Guess what? It hasn’t snowed in a while and it’s a bluebird day. What does that mean? You guessed it: It’s a park day.  For some of us, park day is every day; for others, not so much. But follow these few tips and maybe you won’t kill yourself or someone else. After all, you […]


Best Le Marche Accommodations: Hotel Leone Montelparo


In a historic palazzo, Hotel Leone is a small, independently run 8 bed-roomed luxury boutique hotel and restaurant situated in the medieval hilltop town of Montelparo in Central Italy offering luxury accommodation coupled with personal and friendly service. All 8 well appointed rooms are individually designed, en-suite and include antique furniture along with all the modern facilities you would […]


Why Le Marche? 5 Reasons to visit Mount Conero


The East Coast of Italy – or Adriatic is straight and flat, all the way from Venice in the north to Gargano, the spur of the boot, in the south. It’s a long, sandy beach. Mount Conero? it’s a rocky promontory that rises apparently our of nowhere. Seemingly a geological oddity, it’s in fact the […]


Traveling The World: Addressing Legal And Health Issues

Visa Requirements For International Travel In today’s global age, most countries have open borders that can be easily entered by visitors. Before traveling to another nation for leisure, it’s important to make sure that your passport and visa documents are up to date. If you plan on traveling to a foreign country for only a […]


Tips to Get Cheapest Air Tickets This Holiday Season

Air tickets

Do you know how to get cheapest air tickets? If you are not aware of the techniques and tricks on how to get cheap airfares, here are few simple guidelines that will help every traveller to get best air travel deals. These are confirmed guidelines and they work well at some level if one plans […]


Why are All Your Friends Fleeing to Thailand?

Thailand Sunset by Darren Johnson

Everyone has at some point felt that everything works against them and nothing fits. When this feeling happens to a person on a regular basis perhaps it is finally time for a change. And since most of our problems seem to be tied to our circumstances and the situation around us, perhaps it is time […]


Punta Cana Guide to Find Best Cars Rental Service

Punta Cana Enjoy

With the advancement in technology, the world has become quite a small place where people keep travelling from one city in the world to another city in some other corner of the world. The tourist travelling to foreign lands prefer hiring a car from the reputed car rental companies to travel in the new city. […]


Planning Your Holiday on the Trans-Siberian Railway

If you are looking to take a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, then you will need to do some careful planning for your holiday. With the advent of the internet, this can be done very easily from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea and relax at home whilst […]