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How To Be a Ninja in Saving Money While Planning a Vacation Trip

Okay, I am a miser. Yes and today I am going to reveal some tricks via which I almost save 2000$ on my last trip to Delhi. I went to Delhi in January 2014 and spend something like 5000$ on hotels, shopping, air tickets, transportation etc. But on April I did some googling on offers […]

Affordable Renting Houses for Business Travellers in Istanbul


Business tourism in Turkey’s beloved metropolis has seen a considerable boost in the past few years. Istanbul has remarkably grown into one of the most popular cities with a thriving business scenario. It is one place that merges the dynamic West with the quintessential East, offers prime locations and centers for trade, and provides excellent […]

Mother´s Day! / Sea creativo este año para el Día de las Madres! | Galván Real Estate and Services

mommy and me

When I became an adult, I became busy.  On one particular Mother’s Day I realized I had purchased no gift for my mom! So… on my way to my Mom’s house I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a couple of kitchen accessories.  When my Mom looked in the grocery bag and saw […]

Customizing Your Hunting Trip


Did you know that you could get a hunting trip tailored as per your requirements? That is certainly a unique adventure opportunity like none other. There are many organized tour packages that are available across the world. Most people travel round the world to see the renowned and historical places, visit places of natural beauty […]

Sicily: The Gorgeous Island of Italy..!!


Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in Italy, albeit the world. As the largest island in the Mediterranean it can offer you its own flavor of what life has to offer, Sicily is also known to offer well-loved and easily accessible destinations which cater to a wide array of tourist preferences. Sicily is […]

How to buy cheap tickets through Traveloka?

Traveloka offers flight tickets at best price. This is possible due to the utilization of efficient technology. The operating costs are cut down in an effortless manner. There will not be any transaction cost. As a matter of fact, Traveloka is the largest and best travel agent functioning in Indonesia. You can search for your […]

Reason To Go Dubai And Spend Some Time

Dubai gives you so many reasons to visit the place that you feel difficult what to choose and what to leave. The splendid beauty and charm of this Arabian land ever knows how to please its guests, no matter what is their age.  What and how you can achieve the best of Dubai, read the […]

Top 5 Unforgettable Things to Do in Cape Town for Adventure

Things to Do in Cape Town

Cape Town, a popular tourist destination in South Africa, is blessed with beautiful mountain slopes, green valleys, rich flora and fauna, historical architecture and white coastlines. Enjoy many interesting activities during Cape Town holidays, some of which may include the following. 1. Climb Table Mountain: Cape Town landscape is dominated by Table Mountain, one of […]

Let’s Enjoy Some Shopping and Dining in Jaipur City

Rajasthan is well known for palaces, colorful culture and wonderful lakes. Jaipur is fondly known as pink city. It has many attractions for the visitors like wonderful hills, palaces and lakes. Jaipur is the most liked and visited place by both domestic and abroad tourists. Apart from number of sightseeing options and architectural wonders, Jaipur […]

April in Mexico – Fiesta!

April is the month for many a Fiesta in Mexico.  There are a number of holidays that coincide to create and incredible festive atmosphere. Check out the following newsletter for event news, places to stay, things to do and places to eat.  There is even the perspective of a local. So… if you like to […]

4 Tips every scuba driver must follow when diving for the first time


Everyone is interested in some kind of hobby or the other and the choice varies from person to person. The different curricular activities have some specific rules that you should follow in order to build good relation with the ones with whom you are participating in the activity. If you are interested in diving and […]

Judy Garland said it so well, There is no place…

It is a pleasure to see pride in a person.  When that pride extends outside themselves the pleasure is multiplied. Here is a post of a man that is proud of his home.  He eloquently tells of the positive aspects of his home town. Not only is this a good article about a pleasant destination. […]

For the Love of Food!

The following article is for the Lovers of food.  Those that enjoy the taste of delicious dishes will find there home here. If this post doesn’t make your mouth water then you are definitely full.  As the saying goes “This is not a good place for a diet” There are vacations to go on to […]

Quick List of Beach Sports for Active Adventurous Seniors

Planning to spend some time on the coast this season? Craving a little adventure? Most of the senior travel guides out there tend to focus on cruises and shopping and other low-impact activities. But if you’re the type of person who likes to maintain an active and athletic lifestyle, who takes a long brisk walk […]

Inspiring Fashion World Of Dubai

Shopping Girls

Like London, UK, New York and other parts of world Dubai’s fashion market is also providing blends of styles. The city is presenting combination of Arabian cultures and different societies to its sophisticated audience who have been working and living in this city for long and just came here for few days. That is the […]

5 Ways To Enjoy Business Travel

Traveling is the activity that is often connected with vacations, a holiday and a break from work, so it is usually a pleasant experience for most people. When it comes to business traveling, enjoyment is something that is not guaranteed, and there are many reasons for this. First of all, it’s still a business trip, […]