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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing game development company and web application development company. He has recently launched a WordPress Plugin called Save Contact Form 7. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

7 UX Web Design Tips Every Developer Must Follow

Feb 1 2017 | By: Keval Padia| 0 | Share

A good user experience starts with a design and the right implementation of the plan. Website development companies have to imagine and create something that people will want to touch and engage with, time and time again. We list down the 7 major UX web design tips. 1. Personalization Personalization

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10 Ways You Can Increase The Value of Your E-Commerce Brand on Social Media

Oct 21 2016 | By: Keval Padia| 0 | Share

Any e-commerce venture will benefit from a smart social media marketing campaign. Doesn’t matter if you’re offering services or selling gadgets. However, the way you handle your social media does matter. The last thing you want to do is waste time, money, and effort on a profile that nobody

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5 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate in your Website

May 23 2016 | By: Keval Padia| 11 | Share

Bounce rate refers to the percentage website visitors who navigate away just after coming over any webpage. Any webmaster can easily determine this percentage of users bouncing from the web page by making use of Google Analytics. As every website wants to retain and engage users and try to make users

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What is Facebook Canvas and Why It is Important for Marketers?

Apr 12 2016 | By: Keval Padia| 22 | Share

Canvas being launched in the beginning of this month has already gained wide attention as a cool tool for Facebook advertisers. In complete contrast to regular Facebook ads, Canvas has a mobile only approach. Offering a look and feel much similar to mobile landing pages, users can easily scroll down

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10 Health and Fitness Gadgets to Grab Attention in 2016

Feb 12 2016 | By: Keval Padia| 16 | Share
10 Health and Fitness Gadgets to Grab Attention in 2016

Using your smartphone to monitor your health and progress at workouts as well as vital signs seems already backdated with the rapid adoption of smart health and fitness tracking wearable devices. The fitness band continued to remain very popular in spite of the steady increase in popularity of smartwatches.

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5 Wearable Devices for Superb Gaming Experience

Jan 19 2016 | By: Keval Padia| 13 | Share
Razer OSVR-Nimblechapps

Wearable gaming is not new and already a great many devices are there offering superb gaming experience. Virtual reality headbands already became common and now gaming arm bands to wearable gaming suit have come to push the boundaries of gaming technology even further. Wearable gaming devices though

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Crystal Super LED Stage Light with Sound for Great Christmas Party Nights at Home

Dec 8 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 15 | Share
1byOne Crystal Super LED Stage Light

Who would not feel delighted with a great lighting device that practically turns your home interior glamorous as a dance floor? Yes, with 1byone Crystal Super LED Stage Light you can just do the same at no extra cost. The device with powerful light beams and an array of color setting will turn the ambience

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5 of the Most Useful Apps for College Students

Nov 30 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 7 | Share
5 of the Most Useful Apps for College Students

Smartphones are a huge part of people’s lives today, having various uses across ages. While the elderly use it to keep in touch with their family, office-going professionals use it for both work and personal reasons, and college students for communication, playing games, reading books and listening

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Best Value-for-Money iPhone 6/6s Battery Charger Case from 1byOne

Oct 15 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 3 | Share
iPhone 6/6s Rechargeable Case

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus considered as the most ambitious and advanced phone device from Apple till date is a prized possession for users and naturally it demands comprehensive protection and safety.  All new iPhone 6 case with power back up is a revolutionary phone case with robust charging capacity,

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5 Best Strategies For Attracting Visitors To Your Website!

Sep 17 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 6 | Share
Five Best Strategies for Attracting Visitors

With millions of sites out there, getting visitors to your website is often the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. Clearly, if your site is not getting any traffic, you’re not producing any sales. What’s more, what’s worse is that without traffic, you can’t test the key components

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5 Worst Offenders That Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

Sep 7 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 5 | Share
driving traffic away

Your website was recently launched and it must be running fine. Check out the website stats. Are the visitors sticking to the site? Are there any genuine prospects from the site? Or is the site too clumsy to attract any at all?  Here are five worst offenders that drive traffic away: #1. Unresponsive

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How to Avoid App Development Failure

Aug 24 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 11 | Share

Many consumers are constantly hooked on to their smartphones and tablets and hence businesses are trying to get their own apps out and capitalize on the trend to serve employees and customers. Some companies have faced failure because if apps are developed too quickly, the updates need to be churned

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Top 7 Mobile App Development Mistakes Every Developer Must Avoid

Jul 22 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 7 | Share
App Development Mistakes

Every mobile app developer must have a share of mistakes when they start out making apps. Here are top 7 mistakes that you should avoid during mobile app development. 1. Building for Multiple Platforms at Once Since there are a million apps on both Google Play and the App Store, it is difficult to compete

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What is so Exciting About ‘Edge’, a New Web Browser From Microsoft?

Jun 2 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 5 | Share

Microsoft breaks its long standing browser stereotype ‘Internet Explorer’ with new browser called ‘Edge’ which is going to offer a much trimmer and powerful browsing experience. The new browser which is launched with Windows 10 operating system has already been subject to widespread speculation

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7 Extremely Addictive Mobile Games To Kill Time

May 7 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 4 | Share

Are you looking for something that can kill time? Have you got bored of playing the same old games? With the advancement in smartphones, the level of mobile gaming has also evolved a lot. The trend of mobile games and the addiction to them has also increased. There are a number of mobile games available

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10 Tips for Testing WordPress Themes

Apr 25 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 2 | Share

A diverse range of WordPress themes are on offer and they include both free and premium categories. Whatever be the type or class of the theme, it should be tested throughout to ensure that no bugs are present. The most popular and the most intelligent process to get a bug-free WordPress theme is to

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Some Ideas for Apps and Services Should Exist

Apr 7 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 2 | Share

How many times it has happened that you have felt the need for an app for a typically recursive situation, but have not been able to find out any such? Undoubtedly, a thousand times, if not more. The development of mobile apps has taken place in this ever-changing cyber world pretty much out of these

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Top 10 Paid iPhone apps which are now free

Mar 13 2015 | By: Keval Padia| 1 | Share

Around 70% of the people think that paid iOS apps are better than the free iOS apps. This is a myth and the reason that the developers launch paid apps depends on many different factors. There are many apps on the iOS app store which were launched as paid apps, but now they are available as free apps

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