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Popular Traditional Sicilian Dishes in Catania

Mar 14 2017 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

The city of Catania, on the east coast of Sicilia, is well known for its traditional, delicious and nutritious dishes. The foodstuffs, used for the cooking, are always fresh and surely enough healthy. In large coastal cities of Sicilia, there are fish markets, called ‘Pescheria’, which are opened

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Where to Find Tasty Seafood in Algarve?

Feb 15 2017 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

The major aim of many tourists who come to Algarve is to enjoy excellent seafood. And this is not without a reason! Thanks to the extensive coastline, local restaurants offer amazing dishes of fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, clams, and oysters cooked in different ways. However, not every Algarve’s

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5 Greatest Amusement Parks to Visit Next Summer

Dec 26 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

Vacations are a great way of spending your holiday and bond with family and relatives. They have a way of helping you unwind and forget the stresses of everyday reality. There is no better way to spend your holiday than visit few of the most amazing amusement parks all over the world and give your family

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A Visitor’s Guide to Orlando

Nov 22 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

Orlando is a very beautiful place to visit. Every year, the area gets numerous tourists visiting the area to enjoy the different things Orlando has to offer. However, for many of these visitors, especially the ones who are there for the first time, the problem comes when selecting where to go. The area

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TOP 11 Ancient Hotels in Catania

Oct 31 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

Catania is a city of the Eastern part of Sicily, close to Etna volcano. The city life depends on the glorious volcano. There were times when Catania was covered with ashes. Nevertheless, all historical and architectural monuments were carefully restored. Coming to Catania, you should find the best hotel

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Jordan Dreams: Aqaba LUX Travelling for Active

Oct 10 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 0 | Share

Aqaba is the Southern part of Jordan, sea port and popular resort in the Red Sea. This is a rich industrial zone and center of tax-free trading. Thus, the city is carefully disengaged from the rest of the country with crossing points. The sea in Aqaba Bay is unique. This place is free from storms and

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Nature at Arm’s Reach: Sao Paulo Popular Beaches

Sep 12 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 3 | Share

Sao Paulo is not only the biggest city of Brazil, but American continent and the Southern hemisphere. Sao Paolo is the main financial, corporative and commercial center of South America. It is considered to be the city for work and business. Nevertheless, it is worth saying that Sao Paulo has everything

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Family Tour: TOP 8 Family Hotels in Philadelphia

Aug 12 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 3 | Share

Philadelphia is a huge metropolitan city, financial, industrial and cultural center of the USA. The variety of city interests, friendly atmosphere, entertaining programs make Philadelphia popular for visiting, especially, for family visits. Which hotel to choose? Doubletree by Hilton Philadelphia City

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TOP 7 Prestigious Hotels in Atlanta to Feel a Million Dollars

Jul 7 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 6 | Share

Atlanta is the right place for spending your holidays, night entertainments, shopping, and fresh air walking. There are many beautiful nature places in the city. There are also many different night clubs, disco-bars, pubs to make your rest more exciting. Every next visiting place tries to surprise guests

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Seattle: TOP 7 Secret Shops to Be Original

Jun 9 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 5 | Share

Seattle is a city of surprises! It is a native town of Nirvana, Starbucks and such famous trade giants as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Boeing and others. Seattle hides a huge amount of architecture items, impressive historical and cultural heritage, 7 hills, 3 lakes and more than 400 parks. This is not

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TOP 15 Places in Los Angeles to Visit First and Foremost

May 31 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 10 | Share
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most legendary places on earth. Millions of people wish to get there a minimum of once in a lifetime. It is not surprising that most students prefer getting their education in Los Angeles. You know, this city does not correspond to that well-known image from popular Hollywood

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Hospitable Vancouver: TOP 14 kiddy places in the heart of Canada

May 15 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 13 | Share
Vancouver with kids

There are many lovely parents, who used to ask themselves a very difficult question before each holiday: “Where to go travelling with kids to have funny and comfortable trip?” Oh, the happy answer is near at hand – Vancouver is a real paradise for kids of all ages! It seems to be one huge entertainments

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TOP 6 Amsterdam souvenirs: impressive as never before

Apr 15 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 10 | Share

Netherlands is one of the most popular European shopping centers, cheering you up with the special scale range and attractive season sales. Before going travelling, most of tourists usually start collecting orders for souvenirs from their friends, relatives and close people. Today’s article is going

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From Verona with adventures: TOP 7 exciting places for a family vacation

Mar 30 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 20 | Share
Gardaland Verona

The wide range of entertainments in Verona, Italy, optimized mostly for city guests of any age and nationality. There are many family places in Verona, and your children don’t ever get enough from spending time there.  For young pairs and single persons the city offers exciting and colorful night

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TOP 4 popular beaches in Dubai to excite you

Feb 7 2016 | By: Lily Berns| 16 | Share

Bright and rich sun, clear water, white sand and the deep – these are the main features of Dubai beach characteristics. Frankly speaking, Dubai is a place that has everything to attract the most demanding environment. The wide coast line with beach umbrellas, situated far from each other, is always

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TOP 7 Amazing Italian Restaurants in Rome

Dec 31 2015 | By: Lily Berns| 10 | Share

In majestic Rome everything must be spectacular – from architecture to fine cuisine. And the menu should include much more dishes than simply Neapolitan pizza or pasta with seafood. It’s difficult to imagine what could be more common between the classic trattoria, an experimental bistro and

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TOP 5 Must-try Specialties in Milan

Nov 30 2015 | By: Lily Berns| 6 | Share
Milan cafe

Milan is a cosmopolitan city, and if speaking of food you can find there everything – from Tuscan and Calabrian cuisine to Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Middle Eastern, North African, Latin-American and simply American cuisine. This is due to the waves of migrants which occurred there during 1950s

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Introducing 6 Amazing Beaches Near Rome

Oct 26 2015 | By: Lily Berns| 11 | Share

When planning a vacation, many of us agree to sacrifice spending the time on the seashore in favor of sightseeing or other entertainments in a particular place. However, after spending a few days in a hot metropolis we start to regret the decision we made at home. But, fortunately, if speaking of Rome,

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