Oct 17, 2016

How To Get Your Website Listed On Google Local Search

Well, we all know it comes down to having a great business, a cool website with interesting content, something for everyone to enjoy and a service for people to admire. But following the correct procedures can be a key factor to ranking well on Google.

SEO can take time, and if you do it correctly it can work very well for your company. Today I am going to give you some pointers in getting your business up and running on google local.

Create Google+ Business Page

The first step to getting your company noticed in the local area is by creating your business page. You can do that here: Google Business.

Once you click the link it will ask you get started. Click on the “get started” button and it will display the following page.


You have to type in your business name. My Example will be “Domestic Cleaner Bury”.

Next the page will display businesses under the same name. If your business is on the list, you then click it and follow the steps to confirm its yours. If it’s not on the list you will then click the button which says “None of these match”. Example Below:


Presuming you’re starting fresh you would click the “None of these match” button.

The next page will ask you to fill in details about your business such as:


After inputting theses details you will be asked to create a google+ business profile. On here you can edit images, working hours, contact details, put in your website address.

Before your business page is published to google maps, google will send a verification code to the address which you specified.

Once you have the code, all you do is log back into your business page and input the code. The business will then go live on google maps allowing people to see you in local search.

The code generally takes around 3-5days to arrive.

Once the business page has gone live on google maps it allows potential clients to see details about your company. And contact you, the more images and information you put across, the more chance you have of gaining new clients.

Once Your Business Page is live it should look like this:


Tip: The more 5* reviews your profile has, the better chance you have of grasping clients


So your business is live on Google. Now what? Below I will explain ways of helping your business page gain authority in your local area.

How To Get More Authority To My Business Page

Well now your live in google search, what next you ask. We need to beat your competitors and gain more authority in those search results. So we need to create business pages on high authority directories. (using spammy directories does you no favours what so ever) I tend to use the main ones to start:

  • Free index
  • Yell
  • Britaine
  • Manchester Evening News
  • Yahoo Directory

Here is an example of a business page I created on yell.com for Domestic Cleaner Bury.


And here is an example of one created for Domestic Cleaner Bury on Manchester Evening News.


Now if you look at the business page above you will see that next to the company name there is a purple tick. What this means is that the company is verified. To Find out how to get your company verified see the full article over at Domestic Cleaner Bury.

Paul Gray

My name is Paul Gray, I workfor a digital consultancy. I work on content marketing and am in charge of getting our contents published on good blogs.

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Paul Gray

My name is Paul Gray, I work for a digital consultancy. I work on content marketing and am in charge of getting our contents published on good blogs.

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