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Top 7 Programming Languages for Successful Mobile Application Development

Jun 13 2016 | By: Mehul Rajput| 24 | Share
Programming Languages for mobile apps

Mobile devices are the fastest growing digital platforms today, offering a multitude of enterprise solutions to leverage. Smartphones are among the most popular devices used to browse the Internet, having a market share of 80% of total Internet users. And highly robust and interactive mobile applications

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8 Best Tools that Every Android Developer Should Know About

Mar 16 2016 | By: Mehul Rajput| 50 | Share
android developer tools

What makes Android one of the most preferred choices for developers is that it makes things simple, and is highly scalable! With every passing day, Android development is becoming easier than before; thanks to a gamut of tools that allow developers to do, literally, everything. Google already has Android

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Top 11 Mobile App Testing Tools Employed by Testers

Feb 18 2016 | By: Mehul Rajput| 35 | Share
mobile app testing tools

Testing any mobile app is a demanding task. This is one process that requires a tester to go through a series of devices for testing the mobile app. The devices available in the market are the best ways to understand and perform the testing process for getting an ultimate app. In the process of mobile

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Top 7 Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

Jan 20 2016 | By: Mehul Rajput| 25 | Share
Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

Of late, the popularity of hybrid mobile apps has increased dramatically owing to the fact that such mobile applications support several mobile platforms. Additionally, you only have to write a single application, which runs unmodified on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This makes hybrid mobile app development

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Students Addicted to Mobile and Social Apps

Dec 11 2015 | By: Mehul Rajput| 30 | Share
Mobile Student Social Apps

Nowadays, teenagers and students are very comfortable with electronic gadgets, particularly Smartphones and iPhones. Many people may have already experienced a 12 or 14 year old child teaching us how to operate a particular app on a smart phone or how to play and score on an iPhone game. The need to

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How to Hire Top iPhone app developers

Sep 23 2015 | By: Mehul Rajput| 6 | Share
iPhone app developers

Hiring a top iPhone app developer can be as difficult as like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also, companies & businesses face lots of hitches, right from designing to developing to launch their dream app on the marketplace, so to develop an iPhone app, you need the best developer (s) who can

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