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5 Weird Things Ever Found In Storage Units

Storage Units

Self-storage units have been used for umpteen number of purposes. Pay your rent on time and the innards of the storage units shall not see light of day for a long time. Hence, it comes as no surprise that self-storage units are used to stockpile some of the most dangerous, amusing, and unpredictable and is […]


iOS 8: Bold New Technologies For Game Development


When Apple recently unveiled iOS 8, most of the attention was directed to the new consumer-oriented features it packed, while the changes made behind the scenes went almost unnoticed. Well, to be fair, they may have went unnoticed by the masses, because developers certainly didn’t miss them, especially since they’re far from being insignificant updates. […]


4 Movies Featuring Wonky Sleep Habits

“If you don’t sleep, you go,” warned the sleep specialist in A Nightmare on Elm Street. There’s plenty of truth in that, and there’s a reason why sleep deprivation is a time-tested method of torture. Your body needs sleep just like it needs air, water and food. That’s what makes it a perfect catalyst for […]


The History of Television

History of TV

It’s hard to imagine a world without television, but in terms of technical innovations, it’s still a relatively new technology. In fact, if most people above the age of 60 were to look back on their childhood the concept of crisp high definition flat screens, surround sound headphones and more channels than is possible to […]


The Power of the Mini-Vacation


It’s no secret that in today’s modern world one of the things almost all of us have in common is that we are stressed out and over worked. The fall and winter seasons are notorious for higher levels of stress as the holiday season forces us to celebrate even if we’re not feeling festive. Sure, […]


Don’t get it Twisted: Choosing Network Cabling for the Best Digital Menu Boards Solution


It is a twisted jungle full of wires out there when you have to start considering the type of network cables that you need to get in order to have the best digital menu boards. These network cables come in a variety of lengths, speeds and (more importantly) prices that you will have to look […]


How Communication is a Game Development Skill?


Being a successful game developer requires numerous aptitudes – first of all, you need to be skilled enough to be able to translate your ideas into coding; you need a vivid imagination in order to come up with a great storyline, and a lot of persistence and motivation to make it all happen. Last but […]


Fun Kids Party Games- 4 Ways To Ensure Everyone Is Having A Blast

Kids Party

How to throw the most fun, memorable and amusing party games that everyone will love. If you’re anything like me then you still remember your childhood birthday parties. They were simple and fun with great games like “pin the tale on the donkey”, lots of junk food and delicious cake! But unfortunately throwing a simple […]


The CRTC Is the Bane of Canada’s Existence

In its ongoing attempt to control the Internet, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) got into a fight with Netflix over the issue of Canadian content. The purpose behind the CRTC is to ensure that 30 percent of Canadian content is featured on all media platforms, whether or not the content they are pushing is […]




Subway Surfer has gained a huge popularity around the world. People found it very interesting and exciting. There are thousands of Subway Surfers fans across the globe. Downloading Subway surfers is very simple and easy. Playing it on your Windows PC is even more entertaining because you can enjoy it more on the big screen. […]


How to Optimize Your Music Website

More business owners have recognized that e-commerce is one of the mediums through which they can maximize profits in the future. individuals who specialize in selling sheet music are among the online entrepreneurs who’ve begun to invest resources in the development of websites that enable this to happen. If you own a virtual sheet music […]


Television ratings = old school analytics


Networks are scrambling to figure out why their ratings are in the tank. Just look at the news desks on every network and cable station. Anchors and reporters come and go and are pared down to the bare minimum. Networks are merging with each other. Stations have pooled overseas reports so they don’t have to […]


Important Considerations When Buying Your First Guitar


Buying your first guitar is a wonderful thing; an act that will transform your life and open doors onto worlds you may never have known existed, though with so many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, buying your first guitar could seem quite a daunting mission. There are many pitfalls to avoid when […]


Baby Hazel Games: A Unique Adventure towards Self Discovery

The all baby hazel games are virtual interactive educational game sets uniquely created for the kids to discover themselves and indirectly get lessons to be more independent and responsible for their daily work. They discover themselves as they proceed to be with baby Hazel and sometimes act the mummy to her to feed her or […]


The Aspect of Music from Therapeutic Treatment

Music is an aspect that has many elementary features, which provides you with a soothing effect and will definitely let you free from all the hardships that you would face. It is a fact that music is the soul of life which would otherwise have not been lively without the presence of the same. Influence […]


How to promote your music successfully


SoundCloud is the wild child of the world of digital music without paying artists or record companies, which allows people to freely upload and stream any type of audio and musicians have adopted as a way to share their latest work with fans. Opportunities to engage in Internet are divided into two types: content development […]