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Train Your Fur-Friend For Exciting Outdoor Activities And Lively Games

Training your dog can be great fun. A well trained dog can accompany you to the swimming pool or on a hike trail. Right from the moment you get a puppy home it is important to train it for play. Playtime comes with several benefits. Playing can offer your dog mental stimulation and help it […]

Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Recording Studio

Although people do have the opportunity of using a home recording studio to put together a demo, the results are never as good as a recording that’s done in a professional environment. Left to the experts, a demo professionally produced has all the trappings needed to get your music out there and noticed which is […]

Change Your Mood Within A Jiffy With The Help Of Some Finest Pet Movies

It has been found out that dogs are not only the lovers of film stars but also a good selection for the movie makers. Directors and producers are giving out millions of dollars for directing and producing some of the best pet movies of the century. There are thousands of names, which are flourishing in […]

The Court of Anonymous

  Is it vigilante justice or making things right when our system fails us? To say that Anonymous is a controversial group is an understatement. Chris Parker of the Huffington Post calls them an anarchist collective. But whether you agree or disagree with the group’s politics, it is not going away any time soon, even […]

How Bouncy Castles Have Become an Essential Part of Every Party?

With the advent of technology, there have come up extremely creative and interesting ways of holding parties, especially for kids. Gone are the days when a lone clown used to be the attraction of the entire crowd of the party. These days, there are inflatable party games that you can opt for to improve on […]

Filling In Airtime With Pundits and Props

His reluctant 15 minutes of fame just got an extension. Canadian Pilot Mitchell Casado has had his fair share of air time on CNN these days as the non-stop 24/7 coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues indefinitely. While CNN is calling Casado a “pilot for the people,” one view of any of […]

Children Deserve the Best and Safe Products

playground equipment

Children constitute an important part in any society. Along with proper education, they also need proper equipments to play with. Playgrounds are often filled with commercial equipments that not only attract the children, but also promote their physical playing activities, which are often necessary for the physical growth of any child. The Importance of Playground […]

Jennifer Lopez Performs Epic Concert in Dubai – See the Pics! | Jennifer Lopez : Just Jared

I saw Jennifer Lopez in concert at the Verizon Center several years back. The show was entertaining, and I have always admired Jennifer’s humble roots. How great would it have been to be at this show in Dubai. Jennifer Lopez performs an epic concert for a huge crowd during the Dubai World Cup on Saturday […]

Televised Birth Control

All the Chatty Cathy dolls and Nancy Reagan commercials in the world are not going to change teenage behavior. For example, did it influence you? Did most of you save yourself for marriage or not try that joint to see if you would like it? Please. Celebrities are a start (and I don’t mean a politician’s […]

The Facebook Purchase of Oculus Creates A Stir In The Gaming Community

At what point does a company like Facebook crossover into a monopoly? Facebook continues to spend billions on technology companies and is in full business mode. The leading social network has created quite a stir with its latest acquisition of Oculus.  Oculus has some new technology that will be great for the gaming community, but […]

Vegas Shows Not to Be Missed

Vegas shows

The city of sin, fun and entertainment is never short of fun filled memories. From the famous Vegas show girls with the large extravagant costumes, to the new acts added monthly giving chance to new fresh faces in the entertainment industry, Vegas has it all! It is sure not to disappoint and always has a […]

Entertainment just a click away

watch movies

Today world is changing very fast at a rapid rate. People are working day and night to meet their ends in order to support their family. This has given them very little time for themselves. People are so much engaged in their work that they hardly get time to relax and entertain themselves. And even […]

Making Endurance Running Fun with Good Music and Challenging Rhythm


For the athletes who run long distance, as in who are involved into endurance running events; like full marathons, ultra runs, high altitude runs etc, concentration is indeed required. For this a lot of them meditate and practice yoga, while other takes the simple yet very efficient way out. They choose to make music their […]

How to Include Story Telling in Public Speaking and Speech Writing

Almost all the adults consider the art of storytelling to be something that is only used to entertain the children. However, they can’t deny the fact that even they love a bit of storytelling every now and then. It plays an important role in almost all kinds of communication where the listener is to be […]

Top genres of music

            Music is something which could reach up to the people of the whole world irrespective of language. It acts as a magical power sometimes and it is soothing to ears and also minds. It helps to keep our mind away from stress and tiredness. Music has a language which no one could express through […]

Movies So Bad, They’re Awesomely Good


What an interesting piece about the 6 biggest mistakes Hollywood makes with video-game adaptations. I have to admit, I’m not much of a gamer. The only movie I saw in this list is Lara Croft Tomb Raider because I love everything with Angelina Jolie. She’s so kick-ass. Looking through this list and seeing how bad Mario […]