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Customize Christmas! Few Holiday Gift Tips

Holiday Gift

It is holiday season again, Christmas, the favorite time of the year for most people around the globe. It is the time of the year to travel, take vacations, have a good time and be with family and friends. But what makes Christmas really special is gifts. Receiving a gift from someone special can mean […]


How to Plan a Bachelor Party

image 1

If you are the best man and the best bro, you really cannot allow for anybody else to be in charge of seeing your best buddy away into the marriage. You are the one who needs to give him that last night of bachelor life and make it the one that he will never forget. […]


Sony, The Interview, and George W. Bush

“Now, the American people have got to go about their business. We cannot let the terrorists achieve the objective of frightening our nation to the point where we don’t — where we don’t conduct business, where people don’t shop. That’s their intention. Their intention was not only to kill and maim and destroy. Their intention […]


4 Major Differences Between Japanese Manga and American Comics


Japanese manga (comics) and American comics, though both are made to entertain their readers, they vastly differ from each other. The big difference is in their art style: Manga is much more stylized where American Comics are more realistic. Besides this, there are many other differences like cost, genres, creation, presentation, size, and diverse audience. […]


Sony Hack Also Exposes Media

Aaron Sorkin may have a point. He is a Hollywood screenwriter who has called out the media for publishing some of the salacious details that have been outed from the Sony hack. Having created the television series “The Newsroom,” Sorkin has at least a little bit of insight as to how things work in real […]


The 24th James Bond Movie Spectre To Begin Shooting In Rome

ROME — With cameras rolling in London on “Spectre,” Rome is now preparing to host the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise for five weeks of shooting due to start in the Italian capital in mid-February 2015 and expected to bring a local windfall of roughly Euros 50 million ($62 million). That is a […]


Every Third Game in Steam Supports Linux, Statistics Says

Third Game in Steam Supports Linux

According to the last statistical data, OS Linux has only 2% of all desktop machines. Nowadays, analysts are hard to say are there any tendencies to its future growth. That’s why the situation, when every third new game appearing in the Steam supports Linux, is very strikingly. Only a few years ago gamers all over […]


Corporate Events Are Never Dull With The Right Kind of Entertainment


For companies of all sizes and affiliations, the same rule applies—when planning corporate events, the goal should be to provide an entertaining, relaxing, and dynamic time. You should aim to throw an event that holds attention, illuminates, and amuses—the opposite of boring. It’s an opportunity for all members of an organization to come together and […]


Improve Your Online Slots Techniques Instantly


Too many online casino players make the mistake of playing real money casino games right off the bat. Consider for a moment that many games are unique in the way that they are played – their payout schedule, and the wagers that can be placed on them. Nowhere is this uniqueness more pronounced than in […]


Slotomania FREE Slots Games – A Detailed Review


Slotomania is a perfect choice for all those who love to play free slots games. Ardent gamers can join this game on popular social media page Facebook and Android. The free slot games are enjoyed by millions of people all across the globe. It ensures unlimited FREE entertainment to ensure double fun for gamers. It […]


Want to own part of @gamesGRABR – the biggest social network for #gamers?

Last year we wrote a review about gamesGRABR – since then they have exploded onto the gaming scene and are fast becoming the biggest social network for gamers on the planet! Described by BBC Click as “like Pinterest for gamers”, gameGRABR is seeking to further accelerate its growth by bringing gamers and the gaming industry, […]


If You Care About Your Craft, An Acting Studio Wants To Help


If you’re new to acting, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and the glamour of the culture that surrounds celebrity. But for those interested in nurturing their craft and actually growing as an actor, it isn’t all about the flash of the camera. It’s a passion to expand your craft that will […]


Take a Sip of the Best Tasting Beers in the World

Enjoying various occasions like the World Cup should be celebrated with your friends and of course with the best beers around. It is just a common thing that people have a drink whenever they are having fun and loosening up. So at Fataldose, they have decided to come up with the 16 of the best […]


Xbox Live’s Cloud Computing – How It Changed the Future of Gaming

Xbox Live Cloud Computing

Before Xbox Live, playing games was a private experience and if a game had multi-player capabilities, it usually meant adding 2-3 players around the same split-screen mode. The Xbox headset changed everything, and thanks to its voice chat and online matchmaking add-ons, players can now enjoy their favorites with a larger gaming community. In 2012, […]


Breaking Out in the Music Industry – What You Need to Know


The music industry has its fair share of talent – especially in a place like London, where musicians can be found almost everywhere you turn. But even if you already have an established following as a musician, it doesn’t hurt to spread the word and make even more people aware of what you have to […]


Advantages to Read Bingo Review Before Starting the Game

Advantages to Read Bingo Review Before Starting the Game

Online bingo is currently becoming one of the most celebrated leisure activities for most of the game lovers. It is very enjoyable game that most of the people love to play. Though this game offers huge money as a prize but people not only play this merely for the money rather they find it as […]