Feb 12, 2016

10 Health and Fitness Gadgets to Grab Attention in 2016

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Using your smartphone to monitor your health and progress at workouts as well as vital signs seems already backdated with the rapid adoption of smart health and fitness tracking wearable devices. The fitness band continued to remain very popular in spite of the steady increase in popularity of smartwatches. But, now a range of devices are redefining the fitness bands in elegance, smart look and functional advantages. Here below we introduce 10 great new health and fitness gadgets to grab your attention in 2016.

1) FitBit Blaze

FitBit Blaze

If you have fancied of something in between an Apple Watch and a Pebble Time Round watch, you are likely to find FitBit Blaze. As the newest offering from the company it offers more value than the earlier fitness bands offered by the brand.

  • It comes with a color touch screen as well as a clock that can be customized with different bands and frames.
  • The new fitness wearable can also call, text, and schedule alerts.
  • It also offers a fitness subscription service called FitStar that offers onscreen information on your workouts and your heart rate.
  • It also offers built GPS in combination with your phone.

2) Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker

Jawbone UP2

For tracking your physical condition both in active state and at rest this activity tracker can be handy. It delivers different levels of information concerning your sleeping pattern, blood pressure, heart and pulse rate during both rest and activity or workout.

  • It offers correct information on how well you have slept, besides providing tips to make your sleep better.
  • The device alarm can also help you by waking you up by vibration.
  • The wearable device will detect all your activity, with detailed information on energy used and timings.

3) Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive earned its name as a ultra-smart activity tracker capable to keep pace with busy lifestyle. It is feature rich, designed to accommodate emerging fitness tracking needs and developed to endure.

  • It offers a battery that is practically inexhaustible.
  • The device with waterproof technology is great for swimming. It offers array of features for swim-tracking.
  • It offers built-in GPS, notifications on smartphone and app store of its own.

4) Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

Besides increasing popularity of fitness gadgets health gadgets are also getting better day by day. Withings Thermo is a nice example of that.

  • This device is equipped with 16 sensors to deliver correct reading of your temperature in a second or two.
  • The device is also capable to connect via WiFi to its mobile app facilitating tracking your temperature readings in one place.

5) PUSH Band


PUSH has already been scientifically proven as a wearable device capable to provide useful and objective insights concerning your weight lifting and gym performance. With capacity of in-depth tracking of activities in weight room and capacity to provide actionable feedback after each set of workout, you have practically a trainer with you while using this.

  • PUSH has already been embraced by 25 professional teams in top leagues across US and more than 25 countries across the globe.
  • It is built to optimize the timing, reduce the risk of unwanted injury and improve performance over time.
  • Following advanced training methods coaches now can establish bottom lines for their athletes and with the help of PUSH monitor the progress of each phase in real-time.

6) OMbra


Well, this is fitness wearable for particularly women. OMbra as per reports is the most advanced smart bra technology till date. Showcased at CES 2016 by the company, this can as well be the starting point of wearable garment coming with fitness and health tracking capacity.

  • This smart bra besides offering regular comfort while running or workouts, can perform a full diagnosis of your chest condition.
  • Four-way stretchable fabric, adjustable straps and micro sensors in the fabric to perform chest diagnosis, these are the key attributes of this smart wearable for women.

7) Mira Vivid Wellness Collection

Mira Vivid

Anyone wants his or her activity tracker to be good looking can find this ideal. Mira Vivid Wellness Collection besides offering all fitness tracking capabilities offers a eye catchy jewelry like look to adore wrists like bracelets. Two different finishes of the bracelet are available, respectively gold and rose.

  • Mira as a fitness tracker can measure your steps, distance covered, calories spent, and elevation gained through activities.
  • With a bracelet look I actually hides the tracker from everybody around.

8) MOOV Fitness band

Moov Fitness Band

For swimmers to improve their strokes in water this tracker come as a handy solution. Besides offering details of your activities it also keeps track of your performance over time and accordingly helps you build a plan.

  • Automatically it tracks the swimming laps, lap time, stroke style, number of strokes, turning time, resting time, average stroke time, etc.
  • By evaluating and monitoring your best performances it offers effective workout plans.
  • It offers a waterproof capability up to a depth of one meter.
  • The tracker can also analyze other activities like running, walking, cycling performance, etc.

9) RunPhones


Listening to music at the time of exercising outdoor, make workout more enjoyable. But, ear buds often cause discomfort besides not being able to clear the surrounding noise. RunPhones in this regard can come as a great alternative to ear buds. This is washable and comfortable headphone that has been particularly designed for outdoor workouts.

  • Innovative design with a soft headband containing small, removable speakers makes the ideal gear during workouts.
  • RunPhones is washable, secure and less prone to damage.

10) Reliefband


Motion sickness is a common problem experienced by many people. This band can offer relief from that and help you to get over the slackness you feel when thinking of taking long strides in the morning walk. Looking more like a watch, it can provide quick relief from nausea and help you keep moving.

  • It offers five different settings to deal with different severity of motion sickness.
  • Through a technique named Neuro-modulation, the device delivers soft pulses over the downside of the wrist. The mild tingling sensation by reaching central nervous system, keep the body alarmed and gradually normal gastric rhythm is restored.

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Keval Padia

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing game development company and web application development company. He has recently launched a WordPress Plugin called Save Contact Form 7. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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