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5 Reasons You Should Quit Sugar Today

Nov 25 2015 | Written by : markvisions| 2 |
Reasons To Quit Sugar

Sugar.   It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and it’s used in nearly everything. But what most people are unaware of is that it’s slowly killing you with every sweet mouth full.   It’s not the weight aspect that is killing you, although it has been linked directly to obesity.

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6 Ways Therapy Cures an Eating Disorder

Nov 25 2015 | Written by : Kea Jones| 4 |

An eating disorder occurs when an individual has a distorted relationship with food, a distorted body image, and unhealthy obsessions about food, exercise, or their body. Eating disorders are very serious problems that often develop over a long period of time and eventually impact on a person’s whole

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Get Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosed by a Renowned Clinic to Obtain Effective Treatment

Nov 23 2015 | Written by : Karan Sharma| 7 |

Introduction to Allergic Rhinitis Human immune system is designed in such a way that if any intruder or foreign element enters your body, it start producing antibodies to fight against it. Similarly if you are suffering from allergy rhinitis, you immune system will identify that harmful substance as

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Four Changes You Need To Make To Get Healthy

Nov 21 2015 | Written by : Larry Alton| 2 |

Are you ready to live a healthier life and extend your life here on earth? Many people think that simply exercising and trying to eat right are enough to give you a longer life, and while these things do help there are also some other things that you need to be doing or you’ll still be less healthy

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Developing strength through isometric exercises | Shape Shifter Fitness

Nov 21 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 4 |

Isometrics have been around for a long time, but as new fitness crazes come and go, should we all be paying more attention to these types of exercises? Believe it or not, you can build serious strength—without even moving a muscle. Source: Developing strength through isometric exercises | Shape Shifter

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Awesome Homemade Solutions To Combat Hair Loss

Nov 19 2015 | Written by : Dr Abhijit Paul| 2 |
drpaulsonline - Awesome Homemade Solutions To Combat Hair Loss

Thick and healthy tresses can be the most wonderful asset for any women. Some women are endowed with thick and gorgeous tresses right from their birth but due to increasing pollution, nutritional deficiencies, erratic lifestyle and genetic factors they are experiencing a receding hairline. This is a

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Causes of Insomnia – What You Need to Know

Nov 17 2015 | Written by : Jules Sowder| 8 |
causes of insomnia

An estimated one third of individuals experience insomnia sometime during their lives. Even over a short period of time, the inability to get a good night’s sleep can compromise health and well-being. Difficulty falling asleep – and staying asleep – can be a short-term issue or develop into a

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Liposuction and the benefits it accompanies

Nov 16 2015 | Written by : Dr. Vivek| 5 |
liposuction surgery

Summary: Wanting to get a slim and attractive physique? Liposuction is the route for you. The liposuction process is usually used to carve and form a body by confiscating superfluous fat from particular regions. It is fundamentally safe with some jeopardy that typically come with any form of operation

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Exercises for the baby

Nov 12 2015 | Written by : Duy Ducivan| 6 |

Exercise is important for the growth and development of the baby. It allows them to stay active and engaged. Beginning to teach the baby early on the importance of exercise will allow them to form a lifelong habit. It has been said that through exercise the baby’s brain will develop as required. There

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Beyond Mobile: 42 Wearables Startups Disrupting Fitness, Apparel, And Healthcare

Nov 8 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 5 |

The wearables industry has cooled off in 2015, with deals and funding down from last year, but a few dozen startups have carved out a place for themselves in certain industries and are taking on established players. We used CB Insights data to identify 42 startups attacking fitness, apparel, healthcare,

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Upholding Strong Nutritional Standards For Our Youth Is Vital For Healthy Next Gen

Nov 6 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 8 |

Nutrition is very important. After all the old adage, we are what we eat is true. So it’s nice to see the extra initiatives to keep our next generation healthy. This is a great Storify put together by the Dept. of Agriculture. If you like it be sure to support the hashtag #HealthierNextGen. [View

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6 Health benefits of chicken soup that soup lovers may like to know

Nov 6 2015 | Written by : Dan Radak| 7 |
Chicken Soup

Soup is an anytime comfort food and when it comes to having something hot in cold winters, chicken soup tops the list. This cup full of tasty bliss have been the comfort food for many and now when you have health benefits attached to this popular recipe, it will become the staple for most. The consumption

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