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How will Social Media help to market the mobile applications?

Jun 20 2016 | By: Alfred Beiley| 19 | Share
Social Media help to market the mobile applications?

The days are behind you that your app will be a boom hit on the Apple App and Google Play store. After your app is all set to launch, you wish more and more people to download it. You can use paid advertising to drive more demand, but it needs substantial financial resources. There are a lot of economical,

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Important Trends to impact iPhone app development in 2016

Jun 2 2016 | By: Alfred Beiley| 25 | Share
iPhone app development in 2016.

Irrespective of what Apple executes say or do, people will always hope to get a slice of the latest technologies that hits the market. This company has certainly revolutionized the iPhone app development significantly. Its apps maximized the use of the smartphone. Competition among mobile application

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Why enterprises tend to spend more on mobile app development?

May 3 2016 | By: Alfred Beiley| 11 | Share
Apps store

“Mobility has been ubiquitous as more and more enterprises are spending on application development today.” A new Gartner survey showed that the enterprises have started giving the Mobile Application Development (MAD) as their top priority and revealed, “36% of the enterprises are expected to

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10 Useful Android mobile apps to simplify your day-to-day life.

Apr 14 2016 | By: Alfred Beiley| 31 | Share
android app

 ‘It doesn’t matter which smartphone you use if it doesn’t have the apps you want on it;  you won’t feel good.’ Your day starts with a mobile alarm to wake you up, reading the whole day schedule in a ‘to do list’ app, glancing over e-news, playing music while getting ready,

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How mobile apps drive the businesses profitable?

Apr 8 2016 | By: Alfred Beiley| 12 | Share
How mobile apps drive the businesses profitable?

Facts and Figures Did you know that there are approximately 2.7 Billion smart phone users? This number will drastically increase to 6.2 Billion by the year 2020. Change is the necessity of life and so for the tech-world too. Businesses often thrive to cope with the trends that fluctuates in mobile app

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Should I Develop Apps For iPhone Or Android? Solving The Quintessential Dilemma

Dec 31 2015 | By: Alfred Beiley| 20 | Share

Often, developers are confronted with a choice that leaves many confused – whether to develop for Android or the iOS platform.  This confusion over choices has led to what many call “the platform wars”. Also, this discussion about choices has often been ideological – with developers taking either

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Top Features You Need To Have In Your Travel App

Oct 19 2015 | By: Alfred Beiley| 16 | Share
Travel App Features

Mobile apps have played a huge role in boosting travel businesses around the world. If you are in the travel business and are looking forward to making an app that stands out and caters to your customers. If you’re looking to make a travel app, you just need to have all that a traveler will need.

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11 Tips to Create Amazing Apps for the Apple Watch

Sep 22 2015 | By: Alfred Beiley| 21 | Share

Most Apple users had been waiting long for the Apple Watch. One of the most eagerly awaited devices of 2015 is undoubtedly the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch’s design centres mainly on improving and extending an app’s functionality on the device with the help of innovative techniques. When Apple finally

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