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Content Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn:Podcast

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 115 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we shared the “secret sauce” for content that rocks on Twitter. (Need to get caught up?) This month is […]


LinkedIn Publishing 101

“Why should I bother with LinkedIn? I’m not looking for a job …” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that from a would-be content marketer, I’d have … well, a whompin’ lot of nickels. Yes, when LinkedIn first came along way back in 2002 (!), it quickly became a staple in […]


6 Reasons to Maximize Business Exposure on Facebook


Social media can do wonders for virtually any business as long as effort is put into maintaining those accounts. You can’t post a few updates every year and expect thousands of followers and fans. It takes constant vigilance to remain popular on social media, and the payoff is well worth the time. As society is […]


How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

social media

Whether you’re planning a small event in your local area, or a large conference, social media can help you get the word out about your event in a powerful way.  After all, social media platforms have never been more popular, and everyone from tweens to old grannies log onto social media websites regularly.  So, once […]


What your Social Media Marketing Plan should include and Why you need one.

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012) The days of trying to explain WHY social media should be a part of your marketing plan are gone (mostly). The focus is now switching to how. How do you make it work for you? How do you keep […]


Good Writing Skills Is a Key to Good Social Media

Just because everyone else text talks their way through Twitter doesn’t make it right. While I’m okay with “lol,” for the most part, if you are trying to declare yourself as a social media professional, “iyuttomiwgms” (if you use text talk one more time I will get my shotgun). Communications (the written word) is the […]


Disney Raps


Actress Whitney Avalon is a genius. She has managed to empower all of womankind in just three little videos. Avalon’s Facebook page offers a lot of behind the scenes nuggets. Once you view the three videos below, you’ll be on the lookout for the next battles, which might involve Little Red Riding Hood and/or Pocahontas, […]


Skype- the best free instant messenger


Skype could be defined as one of the finest free instant messenger service which has shaped the communication measures in a better way. You are in a position to see the person with whom you are communicating through in built webcam or via manually inserted webcam. This is not the end you can also add […]


FTQ: How Long Should My Social Media Posts Be?

What’s the maximum length for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? And what’s the ideal length for driving the most engagement? Check out our latest SlideShare to find out: What’s been your experience in using promoted social posts? Tell us about it in the comments — we’d love to hear from you! Related articles FTQ: […]


Paid Social Media Posts:What You Need to Know

Remember the good old days, when all you needed to make an impression on social media was quality content? Yeah, me neither. Well, barely. Don’t get me wrong — quality is still king, especially given the effusion of crap content that’s clogging the social web. It’s just that, with everybody and their dogs getting on […]


Top Ways Content Marketing Can Help in Better Branding


One of the most important aspects of creating a brand is that it requires adequate promotion for creating awareness among other people. This helps to attract consumers and clients, which in turn, impacts that total amount of revenue generated. Now, there are several ways that can be of tremendous help to a company in increasing […]


Market Your Business With Social Media: 8 Tips

You already know that millions of people are on the Internet each day. At least half of them are checking in with family, friends and businesses they patronize through social media outlets; Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn, Google+ and others. In order to make use of social media sites, your business needs a profile or page. […]


A Few Tricks to Observe Your Child’s Behavior Using a Mobile App

improve your business

Be it entertainment, instant messaging, lifestyle or gaming, the mobile app world has seen a number of applications being made in the past decade or so. But unfortunately, the dilemma here for us is that nobody comes to producing the thing that really matters, the thing that solves the real problem that stands out for […]


The Value of 1:1 Marketing: Putting Customer Interests Ahead of Big Data

A business should thrive in solidifying not only its reputation, but also the relationship it shares with present and future clientele. After all, success in marketing and sales is dependent on creating quality connections through effective lead generation and appointment setting. However, some B2B companies do not know exactly how to achieve that, owing to the fact they […]


Track your Marketing Success with these Lead Generation Metrics

Much of the challenge in B2B lead generation is anchored on tracking key metrics. But what’s the significance of such an activity? Initially, metrics are utilized in order to measure certain losses and gains with regards your marketing campaign. They are crucial in determining whether your capital inputs have been maximized in that they are […]


Ways to Maximize your Marketing Automation Experience Right Off the Bat

Recent experiences point out to marketing automation as the way to go for better B2B lead generation results.  But while you are setting up your budget for a 2015, it is still necessary to learn whether or not automated marketing should be considered. For sure, having a computer program to manage complex activities for you […]