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What’s In Store For SEO In 2015?


Now that 2015 has arrived, many are wondering what’s in store for search engine optimization (SEO). Last year was a seismic shift and this year will likely be the same. Let’s take a look at how SEO is evolving in 2015. Those who are familiar with SEO know just how much of an impact that […]


50 Inspiring Business Quotes

50 Inspiring Business Quotes to Start Your Week With - Pinterest

in·spi·ra·tion noun the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Okay, so I know this isn’t your normal social media business post and it could be considered fluff. But I don’t care. Lately I’ve been doing work for a client and his non-profit. They incorporate inspiration and inspirational stories […]


LinkedIn has a paid version. Is it worth putting out the $$?

Is your number one consideration cost? If you are still close to your start-up, you may find that the paid version of LinkedIn does not generate enough returns for what you might find a fairly steep monthly investment. There are also some free methods to accomplish the same tasks and access information without making the […]


Are You Connecting with the Right People on LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn® network connections are like treasure in the bank, so treat them as such. On this network more than any other, you don’t want to add people whose profiles bear no relevance to your main business goal—that’s like hosting a vegetarian dinner party and serving only meat. Imagine the effect on those sitting down […]


Why You Should Ignore “Expert” Lists

Why You Should Ignore -Expert- Lists

I’m having a love/hate relationship with the social media industry right now. I’ll be a big girl and admit it. What am I talking about? “Expert” lists. For all the value they can bring, I love them and for the negative they also bring, well, they suck. Before I go any further, let me say […]


6 Checklist Items for Starting Your Business in 2015

While everyone else is making resolutions about losing weight or eating better in 2015, for the entrepreneur it’s the ultimate time to commit to your startup. The economy is recovering, the cost of commercial space (if that’s in your plan) is reasonable, and there’s no better time to turn your dream of small business ownership […]


10 Facts About YouTube That You Probably Might Not Have Heard Of

youtube facts 2015

YouTube is vast! By the time you finish this one line of text, 100 hours of video would have been uploaded to YouTube. That would sum up to 250 days of video every hour, 16.4 years of video every day and six millennia of videos every year! Although there are many YouTube alternatives, but that […]


Creating First Blog with BlueHost Hosting

blogging tools

BlueHost is one of the best hosting providers worldwide. Packages that you can find at the site are quite cost effective and great value of money. For the first time bloggers, no other hosting is better than BlueHost because of its excellent services in minimal prices. BlueHost reviews are also fantastic and customers quite appreciate […]


SnapChats CEO Thinks Facebook Will Ultimately Go The Way Of Yahoo

Will Facebook go the way of Yahoo? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel thinks so. During the dot-com boom, Yahoo reached a $128 billion market cap on massive, fast-growing advertising revenues. Then, when the bubble burst, Yahoo’s View image | gettyimages.com market cap shrank to less than $10 billion. The reason: The companies buying Yahoo’s ads weren’t […]


Time for a check up on your LinkedIn Profile?

People are re-discovering LinkedIn®, so you may find you need to re-visit this professional social platform too, since it’s a safe bet this group includes your current and potential clients. As Facebook grows ever more disjointed in what it arbitrarily chooses to share, employers, clients and B2B service seekers are turning back to LinkedIn® in […]


Pinterest Opens Promoted Pins to All US Marketers for 2015


Social network Pinterest has given US advertisers a new advertising tool to kick off the New Year. As of January 1st, the Promoted Pins ads first launched in September 2013 and available only to select brand partners in 2015 has been open to all advertisers. Early Pinterest brand partners including Kraft Foods and General Mills […]


Want to Use Social Media Ads? Read this first.

Want to Use Social Media Ads- Read this first.

I’m going to lay some truth on you… in order for your content to be seen on social media you are going to have to pony up some money and use social media ads. Ah yes, pay to play. That’s what I’m talking about. Calm down, it’s not that bad – trust me. It’s actually […]


Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Your Business?


For any business, marketing is one of the most important things to perform. Without it, you can’t expect your company to create a proper customer base. And with the advent and increasing popularity of the internet, it is essential to engage in online marketing as well. When it comes to online marketing, you cannot keep […]


10 Benefits That You Will Get from Online Lingerie Shopping


The Internet has transformed the way we do our shopping. Regardless of the endless battle between large retailers and neighborhood stores, the online shopping has proved to be the most convenient and amazing way to buy goods online. With indefinite opportunities and the ease of searching exactly what you are looking for, the online stores […]


Top Social Media News for 2014 and How You Can Take Advantage

Website Magazine recently published it’s Top Social Media News for 2014. You can read the full article to discover news from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and several others.  My takeaways and tips to use in your business are below. Facebook: “Facebook took steps to improve its newsfeed in 2014. For starters, the social network […]