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Auto posting a marketing flop? Tips to make it a hit.

According to an article, Five Marketing Trends that Didn’t Go Well in 2014 by Ran Avrahamy on Entrepreneur.com the following trends were flops. While they were predicted to be “must haves” for online marketing, it turned out the return on investment (ROI) was not positive. QR Codes Auto Posting Viral Videos Over Optimizing Responsive Web […]


A New Must-Read: The Art of Social Media

A New Must-Read- The Art of Social Media

I love a good book. I love a good, relevant social media book even more. I’ve read many titles from various social media professionals, but Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick’s The Art of Social Media is a new one to the must-read list. I was fortunate to be one of the beta readers for this book so […]


Marketers: You’re Going to Want to Learn More About Instagram


It’s a trap to think that Instagram is an amazing marketing channel, simply because there are a lot of people on it taking photos and sharing photos.   There are many more dynamic factors at play, and Instagram is so much more than just another photo-sharing app.   Instagram is building an economy. It is […]


7 Social Media Tools Razor Social is Reviewing in Q4 2014


You can then join the community and start chatting with other members. This is an interesting concept but you do have to have a moderator who checks all the content because, without moderation, anyone can say anything through this widget. If you have a good community of loyal supporters, it could be useful. But a […]


Community Managers: You Really Can Survive the Holiday Season!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year — amirite? The holidays are a great time to unplug, relax, and toss back some eggnog with friends and family. However, community managers don’t always have it this easy. Any community manager knows that the job is not a simple 9-5 and “vacations” are a thing of […]


Need a Social Media Manager? Find out where to find a professional.

The best place to look for a social media manager starts close to home. No, not your fifteen-year-old—we mean asking colleagues and niche peers for recommendations. If you are an online entrepreneur, your peers will also be online entrepreneurs. As such, they understand how outsourcing works, and that contractors regularly maintain more than one client. […]


Instagram Marketing Is Quickly Catching Up to Facebook


How close is Instagram to Facebook when it comes to brand activity? Probably closer than you think. Social media shop Shareablee pulled the following numbers, which illustrate that marketers—while most of them cannot run ads yet on Instagram—are highly active on the social-mobile phone app. The intriguing stats below are for United States brand pages […]


Self destructing posts coming to Facebook


Hey guys, just a short update to let you know in case you haven’t already heard about the new self-destructing posts from Facebook. At the moment it seems to be just a limited test so only a few people experienced it. It shows only on the IOS app for Facebook. What this means is that […]


Do you need help with your social media? Outsource!

What do you do when you are so busy you find yourself with no time to indulge in maintaining a social media presence? Take a quick but focused look at your priorities. Why aren’t you maintaining a social media presence? Or perhaps you actually are—but it’s just not effective or consistent. And exactly why do […]


Before hiring a Social Media Manager – Know what they can do for you.

So you’ve decided you can’t do it all.  You need to outsource your social media to a social media manager. Before you even start interviewing, you should have a strong idea on what your new social media manager’s schedule will look like on a regular, ongoing basis. This includes creating a list of: Regular duties […]


5 Things Your Travel Site Social Media Page Needs

When does social media and travel go together like sunblock and flip flops? When you’re managing a travel agency or site and want to kick the social media aspect into high gear. For the last part, it’s best to keep travel and social media separate (so you’re not advertising to potential burglars when your home […]


Twitter will track what apps you download on your phone

An app update, slated to roll out to iOS users Wednesday and Android users in the next week, will add a setting that allows the social network to keep track of the apps you download, the company announced Wednesday. The goal, Twitter says, is to provide users with a “more tailored experience.” By tracking the […]


Getting more twitter followers the right way!


Why is gaining as many followers as possible important? Well, Twitter is a social network with around 645,750,000 users at this precise moment, with 130.000 new users signing up each day. Any company trying to reach new audience would be foolish not to exploit the growth of Twitter. Twitter is being more commonly used by […]


Buying Twitter Followers In Order To Reach Critical Mass

twitter followers

Open a Twitter account and you can immediately engage with major authority figures in your niche. It happens sometimes, but don’t hold your breath. Most people’s experience is they open a Twitter account and then have very little engagement with others. The big problem is they haven’t reached critical mass with their account.  Critical Mass […]


Can you create quick quality links on Instagram?


Instagram is a popular app through which it is possible to share useful information in the form of photos. Photos of very high quality and theme will be presented by various users so that it is possible to influence others. When you take high quality snaps through iPhone, they can be shared instantly with others. […]


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