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20 Killer Brand Strategies On Pinterest


Pinterest is becoming a popular way for small businesses to promote their brands and get their names out there. But using Pinterest to successfully market your business by drumming up interest in repining your content isn’t as easy as it looks. There is more to it than simply having a good product. Take some advice […]


In The Lab With Jim Parsons: Get Ready For Intel RealSense Technology

Under the tagline of “Don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen in this video…” ASUS reveals an early look at Intel’s upcoming Christmas campaign starring The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. Intel® RealSense™ technology soon will let you scan objects in 3D, control devices with gestures, refocus after you take photos and more. Does this seem […]


Facebook trying to become a full grown tech news source

A view of Facebook's logo May 10, 2012 i

Facebook is trying to be your go-to source for tech news, rather than just a way to see baby pics and find out which friends are engaged. Seven months after introducing FB Newswire, the social networking giant on launched FB Techwire on Tuesday, a brand extension that will focus on industry happenings. Like FB Newswire, […]


Why being on Twitter is important for every marketer

twitter logo

One single tweet can ruin a life, a career, set an unstoppable movement in motion, or it can go the other way around, make a star or even a hero out of someone. Alas, we all know that it takes much less time and less effort for negative consequences to kick in than with the […]


All the Right Ingredients for a Successful Media Event or Conference


In cooking, professional and amateur chefs strive to achieve a balance – a balance of flavours, textures, and tastes. And come to think of it, the same is true when it comes to planning a media event or conference – you have to strike a balance between the different elements and make sure that everything […]


Strategies that determine success on twitter

images (3)

As you all know the craze and visibility on twitter is highly increasing worldwide. Even the advertisers, product promoters and media tend to make use of twitter for effective communication. Twitter can be considered as micro blogging platform where one can update information in the form of tweets. Especially people who need to share information […]


Can the TSU Social Network Change the Facebook Paradigm


TSU is a new social network that’s aim is to change the way you use social media. Their users claim TSU to be changing the ‘Facebook paradigm’. The site launched October 21st, and some say it is the next big change in how we use the internet. The basic premise of the site is to […]


What is all about the latest algorithm update, Penguin 3.0?

   gettyimages.com Just two months before the total internet marketing was centered towards content creation as Google updated its Panda algorithm 4.1 that are designed to identify low quality web content and making the site rank down. And now, a great bustling is being seeing into the world of SEO regarding link building as Google […]


User Generated Content – A key to authentic, trusted content

User Generated Content (UGC) is becoming a buzzword in the blogging world.  However, many people are not sure what it is or how to use it to their marketing advantage. “A new study is shedding light on the digital habits of millennials. Five hours are spent with media created and curated by their peers, otherwise […]


7 New Social Media Tools Discovered


2. Soldsie – Sell Products Through a Hashtag Imagine being on Instagram and someone offers you a product for sale. You enter in the hashtag ‘#sold’ and you have committed to buying the product. That’s what Soldsie is about. They are a 45 person start-up from San Francisco that provided some really interesting examples of […]


5-Step Formula to Substantially Boost Google Plus Engagement


While there are many aspects that drive Google Plus engagement, my focus within this article is this: my winning formula to the perfect Google Plus post. It’s a five-step formula that I’ve proven time and again not only works, but works extremely well. Ready to increase your Google Plus engagement and boost awareness around your […]


Inside The Facebook News Feed: A List Of Algorithm Factors – Social Media Week


Does this sound familiar: People have liked your Facebook page or followed your profile, and when you post a new update, less than 10 percent of your fans and followers ever see it. It’s a challenge that . How do you get your content seen on Facebook? The secret is in understanding the Facebook News […]


How good is instagram for your business?


Instagram is the only major social network lacking a click-through mechanism, but it sure has established itself as a game-changer in the retail world. It’s a channel ideal for retail brands–if they use it well. Though the grey-area in click-through trackability leaves some sceptical, the platform has too much potential to be ignored. And savvy […]


Top Facebook Marketing tips for Christmas

business man with gifts falling down

What is the single most euphoria-inducing holiday celebrated around the globe? Well, none other than Christmas, of course. It is not just a date, though. It is a time of the year that people look most forward to. The time of the year when they get a chance to spend a lot of time with […]


21 Places to Find Awesome Social Media Content Your Followers Will Love


Are you struggling for time to maintain a blog but still want to provide some helpful content to keep your social media followers interested? You need to setup a schedule to share other peoples con… Source: blog.red-website-design.co.uk See on Scoop.it – Online and SoMe Marketing Related articles 5 Social Media Tips for Social Good Companies […]


How Friends Influence Us on Social Media | Buffer


Why do you read the updates you read?Why do you browse the products you browse?There are hidden motivations behind a lot of the actions we take online, especially so with social media. The influence of friends and family has a big impact on what we click, view, share, and like.Researchers have discovered some specifics behind why friends impact […]