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Business, Social Media, Technology, Entertainment, Health,Travel or Society.

We currently have over 95 subtopics and new topics added all the time.


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Let Internet Billboards be your content curation branding hub!

Let Internet Billboards be your content curation branding hub!


Top reasons to publish with curation on your Internet Billboards account. With curation you can…

Build an audience.
Build a network.
Increase social sharing.
Get more brand interactions.
Gain industry contacts and recognition.
Increase your brand awareness.
Enhance your content marketing results.
Become a thought leader.
Learn more about your industry.
Stay up to date on current events.
Get people who have social influence to notice you.
Have a great profile on every curation with increased SEO benefits.
Have a ton of fun.

Every post gives you two professional curator bio’s and profiles. One on the top left, the “curator spotlight”, and  one at the bottom of the post with your social profile links listed. curator_spotlightAuthor_bio

Join now and get you business dot or an industry specific word, with increased branding and advertising opportunties.

When you find an article you like you can re-title the article and give it your commentary.

Be part of an amazing network of content curators who value collaboration and social sharing.

You can also add links to your posts to your company content, and you can formulate an SEO strategy to be used on your Internet Billboards. Google likes curation when it’s done properly, and when it adds significant value.

1_retitle_post 2_add_commentary

Each curator has their own author page with all their recent posts, this way people know where to read and share your curation with others.


Each curator can have their own call to action box displayed on each post. We know how important it is to fuel your brand, so we help you do it, right in your posts.

Your own personal CTA or call to action box in your posts.

Your own personal CTA or call to action box in your posts.

There is so much information being added to the internet everyday, you will be providing a valuable service.

What’s a content curator really do?

A content curator is someone who finds, organizes, presents and shares valuable information (content) in many forms, on a specific topic subject or niche, in a way that provides special context or a unique engagement with his or her readers.

Over time curation positions the curator as an expert in his or her respective field and defines their reputation as a thought leader. A good curator will mix curation with his or her own original content or commentary.

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1. First, simply register for your free account and fill in your profile with your picture, social media links, and your professional bio. (Minimum needed is two social links, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus) We preferably like to see these four with your photo and your professional bio.

2. Next, submit your first curation for review ( getting started each post is reviewed for quality and spam by an Internet Billboards editor) Don’t worry once we know who you are, you can publish to the site without a review.

Using your Internet Billboards along with your other hubs will help you reach a much larger audience then you could possibly reach on your own.

Each piece of content you curate is often shared with social media by our other curator’s, and in addition creates a page indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

These pages give you valuable SEO back-links and also feature your photo, bio and all of your social media profile links. Simply by finding and sharing content “really good content” you will develop long lasting, highly beneficial relationships, and quite possibly a network of loyal followers who will come to know you as a thought leader. This will have a real benefit in your professional career and your learning process.

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202 Flares Facebook 8 Twitter 61 LinkedIn 1 Email -- Google+ 7 Pin It Share 1 StumbleUpon 124 202 Flares ×