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First of all, thank you for considering to write an article for Internet Billboards. “The Web Curated” This page contains all the information that you need for publishing an article on this site. We do have ongoing opportunities for guest posting, as well as curating opportunities for regular contributors. Most importantly we can collaborate with you and share in the rewards.

I will explain the process of curation after, but first a little about us.

About Internet Billboards

Internet Billboards was founded in early 2010 by serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and futurist Tom George. At the time, he was using his concept for marketing his personal training company in Maryland, Shape Shifter Fitness, which Tom still owns and operates to this day.

In six challenging years, Tom has grown the site into a very popular, multi fascinated, multi user website, which has become a leading online destination worldwide, and has also made Internet Billboards into a successful new media digital marketing agency.

We are pioneers of content curation, and Tom has developed his inbound advertising. “We provide our clients with the information they need to succeed in their businesses in this new digital era, and the extra exposure they need to fuel their brand.” Over time we help position them as the thought leaders in their industry. “This leads to higher sales conversions and increases their bottom line as well as grows their reputation and brand.

Since we are not a niche site. Meaning we are building an interest graph on topics, (Let me know if you do not see your topic) I will add it for you. You will have an opportunity with us to write about what you are passionate about.

User Experience & Engagement

User experience encompasses several fields, the experience and expertise of our readership varies. Some readers originate from the web design and development community. Others operate in the educational field, while others are marketing professionals and business owners. What is common among such a varied community is the love they all share in creating a great user experience irrespective of what product or service they are promoting.

Article Requirements

So what articles get published on Internet Billboards? We can answer this with one simple phrase – “any article that creates a fantastic user experience!”. Our readership visit Internet Billboards to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques and also to learn more about well-established business practices and methodologies.

Any article that is submitted must be:

Featured Detailed: 750-1000 words or more.

Standard: 500-750 word

Relevant to your business: The featured articles go in our featured article section and those must be a minimum of 750 words. We found the sweet spot is between 900-1000 words or more. We realize everyone may not want to start off with a detailed article and can contribute a standard post which is a minimum of 500 words. This is not a niche blog. In this regard, we only accept articles about our contributors areas of expertise. In essence you will be laser focusing on your topic. As we continue to build our interest graph, and enhance our user experience, user interface, conversion and related fields, we believe this long term strategy will pay big dividends.

If you are not sure whether the topic of your article is suitable, we suggest that you just write what you are knowledgeable and passionate about. If you own an automotive company, we probably wouldn’t expect or except an article on IB from you about say art. Unless of course it somehow relates to automotive.

Another important requirement is that your article must give good advice. This means that while we do accept (and encourage) authors to challenge accepted principles, this must be done in a constructive manner using well-researched and balanced arguments.

Of a high quality: Please do not send us generic, low quality articles whose sole objective is to get links.

Also, please avoid writing articles about topics that are no longer relevant or have been thoroughly discussed on other websites. Last but not least, please make sure to have your article proofread and checked for grammatical errors before submitting it to us.
Linked to external sites: Each article must reference their sources work that has already been conducted by someone else. There is no maximum limit on the number of times you link to articles on Internet Billboards or external sites.

Appropriate citations give due credit to other authors, avoid repetition of content that is already published elsewhere and serve as a benefit for readers who want to read more about something that is being mentioned without distracting others who don’t.

That being said, we are very strict with regards to the quality of such outgoing links and the anchor text that is used to link to them. In addition to this, we do not accept affiliate or referral links within articles. We also do not accept links to sites that redirect to other sites when clicked upon.


We do not publish copied, re-hashed or content that is similar to content that has already been published. Your article needs to pass our plagiarism-checking mechanisms, which consist of a combination of automated tools and manual checking.
Conforming to Google’s link guidelines: Simply put, any article that violates Google’s guidelines for links, will not be published.

Accompanied by images:

Each submission needs to contain at least 1 accompanying image which will be used as the lead image. And one featured image. They can be one in the same. Visuals and images are important. The dimension for this image must be at least 1000px wide. While the submission of additional images is not mandatory, we strongly encourage it since they add more clarity and appeal to articles. Should you wish to send us any additional images, please send us large versions (1000px wide or more). We will crop and re-size images ourselves Please ensure that you have full rights to use any images that you send us. Also make sure you give proper attribution in the post to your images. (If need be).

Submission Checklist

You can submit your article right on your dashboard [at] InternetBillboards [dot] net. Your submission must contain all of the following:

Your article can also be sent as an HTML document, PDF or in Microsoft Word format. There is no need to send it to us already styled.

Your biography: And your Profile

First of all fill out your profile. We need your gravitar, or head shot, or profile picture. Please include a short professional bio, and at least two active social media accounts. A short biography with (at most) 1 link to be shown in the author bio underneath your article is allowed as well.. In addition though by filling out your profile, you will get a great author bio, as you will see on the posts. Please note that it is to your benefit that you also add your bio at the bottom of your submission as well, this needs to be a natural link where our readers can find more information about you or your company.

We do not accept keyword-stuffed links or links that violate any of Google’s link guidelines.

Links to published work: If you have already published work on other websites, please send us the links to them. The quality of such articles as well as the reputation of the blog or website on which they have been published will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to proceed with a submission.
Links to your social media accounts: The follower-ship that authors have on social media as well as their experience and expertise in the field that they are writing about are factors that are taken into consideration. Gravatar-enabled e-mail address: So that your photograph appears in the author bio. If you do not have one, please head over to Gravatar to register it.

What you Get in Return

Having your article (s) published on Internet Billboards gives you:

Exposure on a very popular site that enjoys a great reputation and attracts approximately 150,000 unique visitors per month. In addition we have just recently broke the top 50,000 websites in the world, according to Alexa, currently at 48,320. Alexa is the world leader in website traffic statistics.

Social media promotion via Internet Billboards, with a combined Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst and Google+ pages topping a combined 35,000 followers combined with all our social media accounts. And this is growing very fast. In addition we currently have over 4,800 email subscribers, with a very high conversion rate. People read our emails.
Full author recognition – Your name, biography and photo, and your social media connections. On every post.

Our Publishing Policy

For an article to be considered for publication, it needs to adhere to all the policies stated on this page. Also, while we will consider and review all submissions, this does not mean that submitting your article will automatically guarantee its publication.

We may request that you make alterations in order to improve its appeal or, in rare cases, we may opt not to publish it altogether. If the article is purely promotional in nature, then this will not be published. We also reserve the right to alter the content of the article, including but not limited to removing links. We will always keep you informed accordingly.

Once your article has been accepted for publication, we will send you a notification when your article goes live. We will also send you the link to the article as soon as we publish it. We do expect you to share your work with your social media accounts. It’s WIN WIN!

Last but not least, please allow approximately 2-3 days for replies to the correspondence that you send about your articles. While we do our utmost to reply within a reasonable time, replies can be delayed because of a number of factors such as the number of submissions being received and/or reviewed. That being said, please do send reminder emails should you not hear from us after 3 days. We are happy to work with you.

Repeat Offenders of our submission guideline policies will be prohibited from submitting content for editorial review, as it wastes the time and resources of our IB editors. You will basically lose the privilege of submitting any content for publishing.

Again we welcome your guest post, however if you wish to be a regular contributor, by contributing at least one great article per week, (minimum requirement to be a regular contributor), you can achieve author status, which is the first requirement to be able to publish on your own without any editorial review. And most importantly, you can obtain the title of Curator for your topic on Internet Billboards. This will open up a whole new world of exposure and opportunities for your personal or business brand. Here are the top ten reasons to make it to author status, so you can begin curating other interesting content on your own from around the web on Internet Billboards, which you feel your readers would enjoy. Who knows maybe you can even become an Editor with us on your topic for Internet Billboards one day. After you make author status, you can begin to curate your own content. This is when things really start to get interesting.

Now here is where it gets interesting…..As a regular contributor, you can also take part in curating content with us. You will enjoy these benefits.

Top reasons to publish with content curation on your Internet Billboards account.

  1. Build an audience

  2. Build a network

  3. Increase social sharing

  4. Get more brand interactions

  5. Gain industry contacts and recognition

  6. Increase your brand awareness.

  7. Enhance your content marketing results

  8. Build thought leadership

  9. Learn more about your industry

  10. Stay up to date on current events.

  11. Get people who have social influence to notice you

After you become a regular contributor you enjoy all these benefits. Consume, Create, Curate….


How to get started

Sign Up For Free! Begin Posting On Your Internet Billboards Account Now! Pick a topic of interest…Business, Social Media, Technology, Entertainment, Health, Travel or Society. We currently have over 95 subtopics and new topics are being added all the time.

Let Internet Billboards be your content curation branding hub!

 Register for free and set up your profile.

Have a great profile on every curation with increased SEO benefits. Have a ton of fun. Every post gives you a professional curator bio’s and lists your social media profiles.



Instructions On how to Curate Content

Congratulations for hanging in there….here is where it gets interesting.

Curation is the spirit of Internet Billboards. After all we are “The Web Curated”. Articles and stories maybe the glue. When you find an article you like on the Internet you use our Press This tool from your browsers tool bar to create a post. You can re-title the article and give it your own view and commentary. You can also use your Scoop.it, and other curation tools to post your topics covered there to Internet Billboards. You can curate on the fly with your mobile phone, and build your brand when it suits you on the go.

Be part of an amazing network of content curators who value collaboration and social sharing. We are one of the fastest growing sites centered on content curation, and  You can also add links to your posts to your companies content, and you can formulate an SEO strategy with curation to be used in conjunction on your Internet Billboards account and your site. Google likes curation when it’s done properly, and when it adds significant value. 1_retitle_post 2_add_commentary


Each author and curator has their own author page with all their recent posts, this way people know exactly where to read and share your curation with others. 3_author_pages


Each curator can have their own call to action box displayed on each post. We know how important it is to fuel your brand, so we help you do it, right in your posts.

This is in essence a FREE ad for you, that many non contributors pay for.

Your own personal CTA or call to action box in your posts.

Your own personal CTA or call to action box in your posts.

There is so much information being added to the internet everyday, you will be providing a valuable service. This is why curation is so in demand.

What’s a content curator really do?

A content curator is someone who finds, organizes, presents and shares valuable information (content) in many forms, on a specific topic subject or niche, in a way that provides special context or a unique engagement with his or her readers. Over time curation positions the curator as an expert in his or her respective field and defines their reputation as a thought leader. A good curator will mix curation with his or her own original content or commentary. Watch this explanation of curation in 90 seconds from this video. So what is the next evolution of content curation? Well the answer is collaborative curation. Just think of Wikipedia.

Free to join!

Register Now

1. First, simply register for your free account and fill in your profile with your picture, social media links, and your professional bio. (Minimum needed is two social links, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus) We preferably like to see these four with your photo and your professional bio.

2. Next, submit your first curation for review ( getting started each post is reviewed for quality and spam by an Internet Billboards editor) Don’t worry once we know who you are, you can publish to the site without a review. Collaborative Curation – watch this short 90 second video to get a better idea of this paramount shift on the web.

Using your Internet Billboards along with your other hubs will help you reach a much larger audience then you could possibly reach on your own. Each piece of content you curate is often shared with social media by our other curator’s, and in addition creates a page indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

These pages give you valuable SEO back-links and also feature your photo, bio and all of your social media profile links. Simply by finding and sharing content “really good content” you will develop long lasting, highly beneficial relationships, and quite possibly a network of loyal followers who will come to know you as a thought leader. This will have a real benefit in your professional career and your learning process.

Register fill out your profile and begin curating right now!

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