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Designing advice for the web designers in 2015 – Your way to success

Oct 13 2015 | Written by : shubhigupta| 3 |
web design

Web desinging Are you someone who has been recently planning about altering the plan of your website for the sheer success of your company? If answered yes, you have to take your baby steps towards achieving success in this highly competitive industry. You might find many blogs and websites with enough

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5 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Oct 13 2015 | Written by : Jack Danielson| 4 |

Building and sustaining a secured web environment is of utmost importance to any webmaster. Although a full-proof website is practically impossible to develop/maintain, we can always minimize the risk by identifying potential vulnerabilities and formulating preventive measures to tackle the underlying

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5 Best SEO Practices to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Blog Site

Oct 8 2015 | Written by : Granner Smith| 6 |
wordpress blogs seo tips

Did you take WordPress development service and realize that your WordPress blog is not doing good on the Internet? You need to stay updated on its performance. Well, there might be multiple different reasons causing its poor performance. For instance, you might not optimize it properly for search engines

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Adaptive Traffic Controller System – An Effective Traffic Management Technology

Oct 5 2015 | Written by : envoys| 3 |
Adaptive Traffic Control System

Controlling traffic is a major problem on roads nowadays. Earlier, traffic policemen used to manage everything manually, but with rise in traffic congestion and need for control across every intersection, the need for better efforts are risen significantly, especially in major cities. Traffic congestion

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Use of drones in aerial surveying

Oct 3 2015 | Written by : Alicia Jones| 4 |

Aerial surveying involves collection of geographical information using airborne vehicles. The collection of information is made using different technologies like aerial photography, radar, laser, or using infrared, gamma, and ultraviolet bands. Aerial surveys allow people to cover a greater portion of

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How To Save Money On Forklift Hire Rates

Oct 2 2015 | Written by : Alexa Paul| 4 |
forklift hire

Whilst it is true that forklift hire can already be more cost effective than purchasing the machines out right (at least, for some businesses), it can still prove to be quite an expensive endeavour. This can be especially problematic for startups, businesses who are down on their luck or those requiring

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How Higher Education Uses Social Media for he better part of Student life

Oct 1 2015 | Written by : JitenderTanwar| 1 |
education online

A lot of students will discover themselves changing vocations at different times in their lifetime. In light of this we are presently going to need to take on the attitudes to procure new information on a practically persistent premise. One approach to aid with this is with the assistance of Web 2.0

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Free Apps that You can Use to Earn Money

Sep 30 2015 | Written by : JaneHurst| 2 |

You probably use all kinds of apps on your mobile phone every day, for playing games, creating shopping lists, and more. But, did you know that you can also use a lot of apps to make money? In fact, there are loads of great apps that you can get at no cost, and then use them to make extra cash without

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How Technology Can Improve Communication With Elderly Patients

Sep 27 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 4 |
tech and the elderly

Every day, more than 10,000 people turn 65. The American population is older — and getting older — faster than ever before. Within the next 15 years, the number of people who are retirement age or older would have increased 200 percent since 2000. Unsurprisingly, the significant increase in the number

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Candidate sourcing platform – 11 most economical sourcing and recruiting tools of 2015

Sep 24 2015 | Written by : Supriya Nigam| 7 |
recruitment strategies

Whether it is about cultivating a more diverse talent pool or finding new methods of reaching out to aspirants, good candidate sourcing assist you find talent in avenues you may have not considered. The “new work world” is an ever-evolving entity and so the world of recruiting, hence your

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Playing games in a new way with the new 3D touch function

Sep 24 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 4 |
new apple 3d touch

Have you heard about the new Apple 3D touch function? If you have not yet heard about the amazing new Apple 3D touch, then get ready for something pretty amazing! We are loving this new feature as are many people just like you who already love the touch functions and other amazing gadgets and gizmos

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How to Hire Top iPhone app developers

Sep 23 2015 | Written by : Mehul Rajput| 4 |
iPhone app developers

Hiring a top iPhone app developer can be as difficult as like looking for a needle in a haystack. Also, companies & businesses face lots of hitches, right from designing to developing to launch their dream app on the marketplace, so to develop an iPhone app, you need the best developer (s) who can

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