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Think before you invest on developing mobile app

kb ethos snapback

It is an undeniable fact in present era, mobile is the new medium setting a benchmark across the digital genre. Large to small scale, almost every industry is considering making mobile apps for their brand. You can say that making viable presence on mobile has become a trend in digital business. But, diving more into […]


Data Storage Management: Some Must Know Facts


Are you thinking of backing up files and software to a storage device that can automatically preserve as well as protect them? When data storage comes under concern, there is no ‘one size that fits all’ solution. Before deciding upon where and how to store structured as well as unstructured data, companies are first required […]


How you can make awesome videos in 5 mins with @GoAnimate


Have you been struggling to make a kickass video for your product launch, product features, demo or for other purposes? Actually I was in this queue for a long time, there is social media tool that I am working on and will be launching soon. With videos being such a rage, I have been looking […]


Drive Right to Prolong Longevity of Car Engine

Armada engine

The current economic scenario is tough for most of us. People nowadays are looking for ways to cut down expenditure. This extends to the cars that are being driven as well. It makes sense if we can keep the vehicles in running condition rather than force self to go and buy a new one. Most […]


Cooling System Considerations


You may or may not be familiar with a fluid known as coolant, but it is essential for the maintenance and long-term health of your vehicle. Coolant, also called antifreeze, acts to absorb heat from the engine and disperses it through the radiator. These days, engines are engineered to perform at temperatures around 200 degrees. […]


iPhone 6 Cover Cases

iPhone 6 Cover Cases

No one competes much in the market when it comes to Apple’s fan following in the industry of gadgets. An Apple fan settles in for no less than an Apple product and it is indeed an expensive choice which doesn’t fit the pockets of all. iPhone 6 is the new big launch from Apple. It […]


We Just Embeded The Content Marketing Notebook From Spundge

Tom George here the founder of Internet Billboards, Hello and welcome to the site. Please bookmark us, or join our newsletter to keep in touch. As we move closer to 2015, our technological pace quickens at a lightning pace. The amount of information being created daily on the World Wide Web is simply staggering. Mobile […]


15 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2015 – sourcewp


There are number of amazing social sharing WordPress plugins which can use to promote your website. There are also some social media plugins for WordPress which are created to integrate social media functionality in your site other than sharing your posts. In this article we will try to cover the best social media plugins for […]


HideIPVPN — Your Savior to get rid of Internet Surveillance


Following the rise of all kinds of surveillance agencies and other stuff, it has become rather a matter of precaution to ensure his or her anonymity while browsing online. Today, it is not possible for a normal user to know whether a person or institution has put its eye on him/her while he is making […]


Top Advantages of the PC Monitoring Software You Just Cannot Miss Out

PC Monitoring

Workplace privacy is one of the top controversial issues that has come up in recent times. With the technological innovation, employees are being monitored not only at the workplace but also outside their premises. Maintain workplace monitoring is important to avoid low work ethics at the workplace. Issues arising from unmonitored internet use at the […]


Xiaomi Mi5 the successor of Xiaomi Mi4: Coming Soon


In the late month, Xiaomi got a trek just after the entry of Motorola Moto G. Moreover on other hand, Xiaomi Mi4 was a frustration because of its cost and determinations. Additionally here comes converse as for the accompanying titan from Motorola, which is named as Xiaomi Mi5. It is ordinary, it would be one […]


Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Phone


The Galaxy series by Samsung is a name synonymous to Android. With each passing year Samsung keeps bringing up a new shiny model each time. The new Galaxy S5 is another Android powerhouse which has been developed using the latest and greatest technology offered in a sleek form. The Galaxy S5 has received millions of […]


Sony Hack Also Exposes Media

Aaron Sorkin may have a point. He is a Hollywood screenwriter who has called out the media for publishing some of the salacious details that have been outed from the Sony hack. Having created the television series “The Newsroom,” Sorkin has at least a little bit of insight as to how things work in real […]


8 Benefits of Tinting Your Car Window


Window tinting has become a popular technique in recent times. It involves the application of tinting film onto a window glass surface. The film is made from polyester and tinting agents like metals and dyes to give it desired characteristics. It makes your vehicle look dark and mysterious but also has many benefits. Car tint […]


Business Benefits of iOS Enterprise Apps


Mobile App for business is becoming a hot trend in enterprises to grab loyal customers. But the cost and effort to build and design it is a headache. Let’s make it easy and simple. Read Full Story Here: Business Benefits of iOS Enterprise Apps


The Importance of the right customer acquisition strategy for your start up

How to do a start up

I was very excited when I began this post this morning, I got my cup of coffee early, its like 4:30 am here, (my days often begin at this ungodly hour.) I was doing some soul searching, I am a serial entrepreneur, and Internet Billboards is my third company to date, one has failed, which […]