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3 Ways To Take Better Care of Your Mobile Phone

Mar 24 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
Mobile Phone

Having a tiny computer that can give you any information you could possibly want right in the palm of your hand is a great gift. However, if you don’t know how to properly care for your phone, you could be out of luck just what you need to make an important phone call or check a confirmation number

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Four Things You Need Now That Running Season Is Here

Mar 22 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
Running Season

Warm weather is just around the corner, and already here in some areas, which means that it’s time to dig out the running and jogging gear. It may be time to buy some new gear as well. The thing is, you want to make sure you have all the right stuff before you hit the streets running. Whether you run

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Brushing Up On Non-Renewable Resources

Mar 22 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share

There’s a lot of talk about renewable resources these days, sometimes to the point where you forget just how important the non-renewable ones are to our current power structure and economy. So even brushing up on a few topics related to this hot-button issue will make you a more informed conversationalist

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Five Tips For Creating A Scary Look

Mar 21 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
Scary Look

Whether it’s Halloween-time, you’re working on a low budget horror flick, or you simply want to hone your skills in the business of special effects makeup, it can be fun to learn to create scary looks. In fact, if you have a love for creating makeup looks and fanciful costumes you could find yourself

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5 Important Admin Decisions For App Developers

Mar 6 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
app development

There’s a lot of money to be earned in the realm of app development these days, but especially because it’s such a competitive market, it’s worth noting that there are several very important decisions to be made very early in the planning process. There is some flexibility later in

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How To Use Social Media To Organize Your Life

Mar 3 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
social media

Sometimes you may just think of social media as a time waster, but it can do a ton of good things for your life. You can even use it to organize your life. Facebook is a great asset both personally and in businesses. You can also use other social media sites to organize things. Here are some tips. Look

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How To Pick Your Next Career Move

Mar 2 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
choosing a career

Whether it’s your first career or you want to make a change, it’s important to make the right choice if you want a career you’ll be happy in. You want a job where you are driven and where you have a chance to move forward. Nothing is worse than getting stuck in a boring job with no chance of moving

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Home Improvement Hurdles and How To Fix Them

Feb 15 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
home improvement

When it comes to home improvement, especially if it’s with projects you want to take care of yourself, there are always going to be some hurdles. And it’s up to you to accept those challenges and figure out how to take them on face-to-face. Getting frustrated and quitting is the easy way

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4 Signs You Have an Addiction

Feb 8 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to see the signs of addiction if you are the person inside of it. Our judgments and assessments can become impaired as we sink further into the rabbit hole of substance abuse. If you find yourself struggling to identify whether you are yourself an addict, here are some

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Four Items Your Business Should Be Handing Out For Advertising

Feb 7 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share

When it comes to advertising your business, small or large, you may think that being online is enough. Sure, you can reach far more people with the internet, selling items and services all over the world even without setting foot out of your home or office. But, getting out there, in person, can still

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What Does Your Credit Say About You?

Jan 30 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
credit score

It says a lot, actually. Your credit tells employers if you’ll be a good employee, it tells credit card companies and loan companies whether or not you’re likely to pay your bills, and it tells the utility companies whether or not they should get a deposit from you before giving you a phone, heat,

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Finding Legitimate Companies and Resources Online

Jan 29 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
online sources

This is the age of information. But, that information can come in two flavors – legitimate and meaningful, or illegitimate and inaccurate. Especially when it comes to certain things like finances, product reviews, and essential services, you want to make particularly sure that you’re finding

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Four Tips For Being Thriftier When Shopping

Jan 28 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
thrift shopping

When it comes to shopping for anything there are a million options out there. You can buy clothing, food, household goods, baby stuff, stationery, pet stuff, and more. It depends on what you need when you need it. Some of these things are needs and some of them are things you want, but not things you

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Credit Tips For Young Adults

Jan 27 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
credit tips for young adults

In the first 25 years of life, most people do not become experts in the art of building good credit.  Unfortunately, many Americans learn about credit from an expensive game of trial and error.  Personal finance is not exactly at the top of the nation’s list of curriculum. Regardless, a person’s

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Hitting Reset When It Comes To Credit

Jan 25 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share

If you didn’t know what you were getting into the first time that you started using credit cards, then you may have ended up with the short end of the financial stick before you even knew what a financial stick was. This is not an uncommon story, and there are millions of people who feel the stress

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5 Ways To Protect Your Baby’s Health

Jan 18 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
healthy baby

Cold and flu season can be rough on a new baby if parents do not know how to attend to their children properly.  Young children have a weakened immune system, as they have not yet been exposed to enough sicknesses to build up a strong tolerance. It is important to shield babies from some germs, but

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Tips For Shopping For The Tall Guy In Your Life

Jan 11 2017 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share
shopping for men

Tall guys are a completely different breed when it comes to shopping for clothes. If you’re not used to shopping for a tall guy you may realize quickly that it can sometimes be difficult. Not only are their legs longer (which is actually a fairly easy thing to shop for) but sometimes their torsos are

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4 Junk Foods You Thought Were Healthy

Dec 16 2016 | By: Larry Alton| 0 | Share

There are all kinds of marketing when it comes to foods which we deem are healthy.  Many people assume that just because a label claims to be “healthy” and “low calorie” it must be true! Unfortunately, the regulations against such claims are in a pretty gray area.  In order to know what’s

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