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How to Find the Right Rare Coin Shop


When looking for a rare coin shop to sell your rare coins to or buy from, you will want to make sure that the staff at the coin shop is experienced, honest and qualified to sell rare coins. Numismatics is not an easy trade to understand, and it takes several years of experience to be […]

Will Marissa Mayer Help Yahoo To Compete With Facebook and Google: Or Is Time Running Out?

Yahoo is a darling of a company, and one of the original pioneers of the Internet. I remember back in like 1994 when a friend of mine first mentioned the company to me, I said, “you mean YooHoo”, the chocolate tasty beverage? He said no it’s a directory of content online. Hmm, I thought. I […]

Social Media Tips To Keep Your Business Relevant

Social media

Social media has made the world smaller and in addition to giving family and friends an easy way to communicate, it has also offered businesses an effective marketing platform. Social media marketing has the benefit of availing tools that can help you reach out to your target audience without necessarily leaving your wallet with financial […]

How To Write An Effective Copy


Copywriting is not everybody’s cup of tea but this is simply because most people fear writing. Writing is as simple as putting words together to convey a message. The only thing that you need to pay attention when writing a copy for your business is following the tips that will give you an effective masterpiece. […]

Do your Lead Generation Campaign A Favor: Improve User Experience

One doesn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes just to conclude that the main reason why visitors leave a website quicker than expected is because they didn’t enjoy the experience. You see, it’s not always about finding what you’re looking for. There will be times when prospects will exit your site even though they found what they need. […]

VocaLink Real-Time Payment Infographic | Payments Research | VocaLink IPS

  A real-time payment is a bank transaction that is completed within one minute. Financial institutions have expressed concern regarding real-time transfers and how they are affecting worldwide payment systems by decreasing the need for cash. Among governments, businesses and the general public, there is a demand for widespread payment reform. This is because real-time […]

What To Think About For A Successful B2B Telemarketing Campaign

Productivity is very important for your business, especially in a B2B telemarketing campaign. And that is for a good reason. Competition can be really intense, and if you are not sharp enough, you might end up losing more of your sales leads to your competition. For the success of your B2B lead generation efforts, you might want […]

The 5 Most Common Problems With Content Marketing For Lead Generation

The 5 Most Common Problems With Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Using content marketing to have a good b2b lead generation is clearly on the rise globally, with the increasing demand for more valuable content driven by the b2b sales leads themselves. B2B companies in Singapore are seeing the positive results of this method and are making the most of it. However, this great demand has also […]

Email Marketing: Essential Sending Practices


Email marketing has to be one of the oldest online marketing methods used by different businesses. Despite its age in the industry, it is still effective in connecting business with their customers and prospects. The marketing strategy is not simply about sending out emails, it is about making the emails a tool that will get […]

Affiliate marketing: What guidelines you should follow for better results


Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways to generate additional revenue. If done right, affiliate marketing is a rewarding opportunity. However, most affiliate marketers do not follow the guidelines that will bring them good results. As such it is necessary to know the most efficient tactics and avoid the most common mistakes to […]

B2B Online Marketing Rule of Thumb – Be Unique

Remember that Oscar-winning movie American Beauty? That story reminded us that “there’s nothing worse in the world than being ordinary.” Businesses also hold that mantra true to heart, as each thriving CEO or small business owner could only want nothing but to stand out from among the competition. Everyone wants to be unique – from the way they […]

Coke vs. Pepsi: Top-Of-Mind-Awareness in Marketing

Coke vs. Pepsi: Top-Of-Mind-Awareness in Marketing

Marketing doesn’t just deal with how a product or brand is exposed to the buying public; it also concerns itself with making sure that people’s psychological consciousness are controlled in a way that it enhances the entire process – from their decision-making stage, up until the time that they’re already using the product. The Marlboro […]

Attention Small Businesses: Here’s Your Online Marketing Checklist this Year

For a small business, generating online buzz and presence can dictate the future. Through sharing content, blog commenting, SEO, social media posts and other online strategies, brand awareness becomes easier and lead generation becomes more feasible. But a small business also needs to be kept abreast with the current standards of internet marketing as well […]

Web Design 101 For New Businesses


Most new business owners make a big mistake when designing the business website because they are mostly interested in going live as opposed to having a high quality site that will perfectly play its role. The reason why you have a business web site is to create online presence that will assist in attracting new […]

Types of Clients


In order to become successful in the world of business, you must be able to understand your client’s character. In many ways, you have to play the part of a psychologist- no graduate degree in Behavioral Psychology necessary, of course. Gauging the unique moods and personalities of your clients is an often overlooked skill which […]

Preventing Start-up Burnout In Four Easy Steps


When you first start working from home, or first start-up your own business, it can be tempting to work nonstop, around the clock. Although it may appear you’re getting more work done at first glance, the hard truth of the matter is that this almost always results in ‘start-up burnout.’ Start-up burnout is when you […]