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Comparison between finance jobs and accounting jobs

Finance and accounting are two different functions altogether however, accounting can be regarded as the sub-domain of finance, as it has its application in finance. Accounting and finance jobs are two separate job domains. Here in this article I am going to draw the difference between finance and accounts jobs, so that you get clarity […]


Cool Calm and Collected: How to thrive under pressure in the workplace

Some people perform better under pressure than others. Maybe you are the type of person who leaves things until the last moment so that if you have a deadline looming, it gives you the spur to get everything done. Alternatively, maybe you are someone who doesn’t respond well to pressure, and it leaves you feeling […]


Concept Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing concepts

Learn why you should design your website thinking about offering information services to visitors so that they are more satisfied. This time we start practicing a brief exercise, so please answer at this point as clearly as possible the following question: Why do you think people surf the Internet? (Please take a few seconds to […]


Embrace Your Career: 5 Tips to Find Happiness at Work


Job satisfaction is easy to acquire at any level on the corporate ladder. Here are 5 tips to improve your workplace karma, and have a more fulfilling career. Image by businessC  via Flickr With today’s high-impact, fast-paced working environments, there are still some tried, tested, and true ways to keep abreast of the modern office, […]


Insider Tips for a Profitable E-Commerce Business


The sales industry is always changing. But with change also comes opportunity. A decent e-commerce business cannot only give you a fulfilling career, but also bring you excellent profit. However, many young entrepreneurs have no idea what this type of business entails and often fail due to a lack of experience. Luckily, there are some […]


Podcast: Storytelling Secrets from Hollywood Screenwriters

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 98 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we talked about the most popular — and most misunderstood — story that marketers tell: the customer success story. […]


How to become a network engineer?

source jobs.net

A networking engineering job pays well to the person. If you are a networking engineer, then you can enjoy a promising future with the flourishing pay packet. If you also want to become a network engineer then this career guide will help you in turning your dream into a reality. Who is a network engineer? […]


Become The Best Employee – Change The Way You Start Your Day


Aiming to be a great employee isn’t about kissing up to the boss. When your goal is to make both you and your manager more successful, as opposed to just yourself that is when you will grow as an individual employee, as a professional and as a part of a team. Let’s be honest, a […]


Optimizing Business Activity with the Cloud

Business Activity with the Cloud

Virtualization has been on the tip of the tongue for many business owners in recent years. A promised land of decreased downtime, improved IT efficiency and simple scalability, it’s something that every small to medium enterprise should be thinking about. But can the cloud really optimize business activity within your organization? Here we look at […]


How to work as freelancers?


Freelancing is an open destination that provides the niche of self employment. It caters the need and also provides an opportunity to display one’s quality. It portrays opportunity in diverse manner.  Growth of gig economy is a non ending process and it provides an endless opportunity to freelancers to grow. The numbers of freelance programmer […]


Can you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner when you don’t enjoy your family?

I thought it would get easier as we got older.  However, our family dynamics seem to be coming even more challenging as we age. As we get older, we become more set in our ways and are also becoming less tolerant or less interested in spending time with people we don’t like. Sadly, many times […]


Want to Tell Better Stories? Think Like a Stripper.

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly … very slowly.” – Gypsy Rose Lee Think about some of the great storytellers you’ve come across in your journey on this fair planet. The uncle who could spin tall tales all night long, or the college buddy who could captivate with stories of […]


How to promote your business in conferences and exhibitions


Designing a product or a service is the easy part. If you are creative and good at what you are doing, it is not a big deal for you to come up with something that will appeal to people to start buying it and using it. But the question is how to get people to […]


Take a few hints from Taylor Swift when it comes to running a teaser campaign on Instagram

Guy Kawasaki just calls them like he sees them. Post by FB Techwire.


How to build a startup? – ZEEF.org


I was googling for hours to find interesting content to read on how to build a startup. But finding the right information was quite a challenge for me because everybody can produce content on the internet. But who is the guru? Who do you trust? This is a big issue online nowadays. I contacted my […]