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How to Decide on a Global Strategy?

The strategic choice of one or more of the entry strategies depends on: A careful evaluation of the advantages (and disadvantages) of each in relation to the firm’s capabilities and resources, The critical environmental factors, and The contribution that each choice would make to the overall mission and objectives of the company. However, when it […]


A Content Discovery Tool that should be in every entrepreneurs toolbox.

A recent article in Website Magazine says “Content discovery tools are the best thing since sliced bread.”  The author of the article lists some of the top tools so be sure to read the full article to learn more about each one. One that is probably already in your “arsenal” is Hootsuite. And you thought […]


Essentials of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

If you are talented and skilled with an urge to settle down nothing but with the best, there is a new job market that has opened up, that is booming and paying well. As per the leading freelancing website, out of the 3 million plus users, 1.2 million are from India. India has truly emerged […]


Online Collaboration Tips To Increase Business Performance

Online Collaboration Tips To Increase Business Performance

Online collaboration enables a group of people to work together in real-time over the Internet. Participants engaged in online collaboration can work together on documents or projects without the need to be in the same room, at the same time. Not only is online collaboration a valuable resource in a company but it is also […]


Business Strategies and Strategic Decision-Making Models

Generally companies develop their strategies around key strengths or distinctive competencies. Distinctive competencies represent important corporate resources because they are the collective learning in the organization, especially how to coordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple streams of technologies. Core competencies are difficult for competitors to imitate and represent a major focus for strategic development […]


The ABCs of B2B Appointment Setting Campaign: Let’s Make it Easier

The ABCs of B2B Appointment Setting Campaign- Let’s Make it Easier

When the B2B marketing world and its complexities reach beyond what you can handle, you can only trust this simple advice—get back to the basics.   But here’s the rub: how do you get back to the basics of B2B appointment setting?   Getting back to the basics—it sounds almost so primal that we negate the idea […]


Podcast: Using Content to Fuel Your B2B Sales Funnel

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 107 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we had a wonderful conversation on thought leadership with the Thought Leader Architect himself, Mitchell Levy. (Need to get […]


Money Tight? Here’s 5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Business


Every startup faces times when money becomes an issue. If you’re a new business owner who is just finding out that you don’t have as much money as you’d like, it’s time to do something about it and pronto! Waiting to see if things somehow work themselves out is never a good idea as money […]


Get Your Resumes That Suit Everything In You!


Are you looking for the resumes that will rock off your acceptance when you are applying for a job? Are you worried about the resumes that you created basing on your skills and all your information because it might be biased on the side of the company that will be accepting you? Furthermore, are you […]


3 Customer Service Points Your Business Can’t Ignore For 2015


Customer service is undoubtedly the cornerstone of any business, and yours is no exception. You may well sell the best product or service available on the market, but if your customer service just isn’t up to scratch, then nor are you!According to the below infographic by DMC, customer service has been an often ignored – […]


List of advantages of Metal Expansion Joints


There are different kinds of metal expansion joints that come with a variety of advantages. One needs to know the specific requirement before choosing best expansion joints. Here we list down the various metal compensators and their special advantages: Axial Expansion Joints – The simplest form consisting of single bellows unit, they require least installation […]


Online Brand Monitoring: Service vs. Technology

Brand Monitoring

In-depth online brand monitoring is of paramount importance for both individuals and businesses looking to improve the image of their efforts in the online realm. Today, a number of services have come up to help firms monitor various sites for instances of typo and domain squatting, counterfeiting, trademark infringement and the like. Therefore, even though […]


Local SEO is the Way to Go


Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts may continue apace, but if you aren’t honing in on local SEO, then you are missing an important piece of the puzzle. Local SEO targets nearby customers and trends, enabling you to reach more people in your area. Even if your business is decidedly global in reach, what happens […]


5 Important Tips to hire Call Center Service Provider

Reduction in costs

Companies often hire call center service providers to handle activities such as hiring and training of call center representatives, maintaining the center’s infrastructure and software, and managing the daily operations, to name a few. Companies can hire a service provider either to manage a part of their call center operations – marketing, sales, support, etc. […]


Spice up your Marketing Campaign with these effective Blogging Tips

Having a Lifeless Marketing Campaign- Give your Lead Generation a Soul with these Blogging Tips

B2B lead generation makes use of a variety of traditional and new media platforms to collate as much industry-related leads as possible. But nothing generates more B2B leads than a good old fashioned company blog. Blogs are still effective means by which B2B companies can communicate their brand to their audience. In fact, HubSpot says in its study […]