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Professional benefits of taking up a software job in Bangalore

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Bangalore one of the most popular IT destinations in India as well as the world. Many industry stalwarts from the domestic market are based here and cater to the information technology needs of major businesses all throughout the world. Hence, the technologies and the processes that these companies use are the best in the industry […]


Unconventional Business Locations

Apart from shopping mall and business districts, there are various locations that suit businesses. Here are some of them discussed in detail – Home Location Millions of entrepreneurs prefer doing business from their homes and this number is increasing. Although a home-based retail business usually is not a good idea, locating a service business at […]


Exploring New Avenues for Doing Business Globally

Over the last few decades, small businesses all over the world are solely focusing on the domestic market, never venturing beyond their borders. However, increasing numbers of small businesses have started to realise the growth potential of exporting their goods and services. Even though large companies still continue to assert their dominance on export sales, […]


Going Global – 4 Foolproof Strategies to Follow

Small businesses striving for a global presence must follow these strategies to ensure that they are not left behind. These 3 basic strategies include the following – Website Creation – In our technology-driven global environment, the fastest and most affordable strategic option is to establish a global presence through the internet. The Internet gives even […]


Why should a business go global?

Failure to be a success in global markets can be a deadly blunder for modern businesses, irrespective of their size. A few years back decades ago, small companies had to concern themselves mainly with competitors. Today, small businesses face tough competition from foreign companies. As a result, entrepreneurs find themselves under greater pressure to expand […]


Venturing into E-Commerce – Will Customers Flock to the Website Once Launched?

Some entrepreneurs believe that once they set up their Websites, their job ends there. However, this is not true. Without promotional support, no Website will attract enough traffic to support a business. With more than 255 million Websites already in existence, getting a site noticed in the crowd has become increasingly difficult. Listing a site […]


Best tips on how to relocate your business

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Every entrepreneur’s dream is to build a business that will need expansion within a couple of years. When you start small and build your way up you learn all about the pros and cons of having your own business, you get aware of all business calculations, money investments, business risks you need to take in […]


Chennai- The new job hub of South India


When we talk about the economy growth in Chennai, then it is not only the information technology (IT) sector, which is creating abundant job opportunities in the city. In fact, there are various other sectors like financial services, automobile, medical, etc; where you can find current job openings in Chennai. This guide has been written […]


Which social media platform does your ideal client use?

All marketers talk about focusing your social media on the platforms your target audience uses most. For many entrepreneurs, the question then becomes how do I find out which platform that is? I’m hoping at this point you have identified your target market. If you haven’t, start by reading this blog post which I wrote […]


Why I Would Give Up Facebook in a Heartbeat

Why I Would Give Up #Facebook in a Heartbeat

Yes you read that right. A social media professional publicly stating she’d give up Facebook. Let me explain… I have been a Facebook user since the fall of 2006. I enjoyed simply because I could keep up with my sister out of state. My mom joined a few years later. Being on Facebook originally was […]


What is the difference between a data analyst and business analyst?

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Data analysts and business analysts are an important asset to the IT industry, as both are required to lower the risk associated with any project, system development or project enhancement. Data analysts and business analysts, though, are different work profiles are often used interchangeably in many organizations. Both have different skill-set, scope and work areas. […]


How you can make awesome videos in 5 mins with @GoAnimate


Have you been struggling to make a kickass video for your product launch, product features, demo or for other purposes? Actually I was in this queue for a long time, there is social media tool that I am working on and will be launching soon. With videos being such a rage, I have been looking […]


Podcast – The Final Push: Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 101 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we commemorated our 100th episode with a look back at some of our best interviews. And if you haven’t […]


How Increasing Staff Motivation and Happiness In The Work Place Can Double Your Sales And Make You A Force To Be Reckoned With In Your Chosen Market

workplace acknowledgement

Have you ever experienced staff members that don’t seem to have pride in the work they do or care about the business at all? If you have these types of employees, then there is something you can do about it. You see the best way to motivate staff and get them working productively, is by […]


3 Ways To Turn Your Property Cash-flow Positive

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What is a Positive Cash-Flow Property? A positive cash flow property is a term used to describe properties, which generate more rental income each week than you pay in expenses. Meaning if your rental income is costing you $400 to own but you’re making $550/week on rental return, that’s $150/week straight in your pocket. So […]


How to become a sales executive?


A well- designed sales & marketing plan is indispensable to the growth of a company. At present, the competition is stiff and consumers have abundant options to choose from. As a result, every company should create an effective policy in order to win the trust of customers. This is where sales team makes an entry. […]