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5 Tips to Start the Conversation on your Facebook Business Page

Aug 28 2015 | Written by : Karen Repoli| 0 |
HIT Virtual

When you post status after status on your Facebook business page, with no likes or comments do you feel like you’re in a deserted town with crickets chirping?  Even with over 500 fans on your page, it can be oh so quiet, empty and lonely there.  You know all of those people exist.  You can see the

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How Your Business Could Benefit From a Programmatic Campaign

Aug 28 2015 | Written by : Pandey| 10 |

A programmatic campaign involves turning over part of your marketing process to a piece of software. There are two ways that a programmatic campaign is perceived. Firstly, there are people that think it is a way of passing the responsibility of their marketing off to a piece of software to the point

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What To Look For In A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Aug 27 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 3 |
Carpet Aerial

When the carpet in your business gets dirty, it makes it look dull and can shorten its life. If your carpet is exposed to high traffic, you need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service with the expertise to get your carpets as clean as possible and keep them that way. What is important to know is

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6 Primary Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Aug 27 2015 | Written by : Chowdhury Russel| 4 |
Primary Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Investor

Some of the methods of benefiting from real estate (RE) include property management, joint ventures and wholesaling. However, it takes significant insight to succeed in this profitable enterprise. Some institutions of higher learning offer programs and coursework that specifically targets RE investors.

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Getting the Best Conveyancing Guidance when Buying a Business

Aug 27 2015 | Written by : Jack Dawson| 3 |

Buying a business or property for your business is a huge investment; you need to have professional guidance. There are many laws, regulations and guidelines relating to the purchase of businesses or business premises. As a layperson, it is essential to get the right assistance so that you can understand

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Jeffrey Hayzlett on “Think Big, Act Bigger!” on the Content Marketing Podcast

Aug 27 2015 | Written by : Rachel Parker| 3 |

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed   Welcome to Episode 137 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we shared some strategies for segmenting your B2B blog audience. (Need to get

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5 Tech skills your business can’t live without

Aug 27 2015 | Written by : Olivia Grey| 6 |
internet business strategy

To stay relevant in your industry, your staff should master the skills behind this year’s hottest technology innovation. But hey, it’s important to strive for innovation and make your business evolve amidst technological advances – not just once a year. That aside, there is value in using the year’s

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Why a Professional Sounding Mail Address Can Do Wonders for Your Home Business’ Corporate Image

Aug 26 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 8 |

If you are planning to start up a business you want to run from home, it can be quite easy with all of the technology we have available these days to make your operation successful and work well with the people you need to without ever having to set up a business location with an office of your own.

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Warning – Do not make these fatal errors of new product development

Aug 25 2015 | Written by : Supriya Nigam| 5 |
Warning – Do not make these fatal errors of new product development

The product development industry is always changing in an attempt to meet tastes and the demands of consumers. Thus, it presents an enormous challenge in the section of designers and programmers to match the newest product development game. The rules are always changing. Thus, the old system strategy

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Choosing The Best Natural Shower Gel For You

Aug 25 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 3 |
Choosing The Best Natural Shower Gel For You

With so many different types of shower gels on the market today, finding the best one for you can be quite a challenge. It can be especially difficult if you have any skin sensitivities, because a lot of these products contain chemicals which can be extremely harsh on sensitive skin. One thing to keep

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How To Send Rakhi To India Next Day Delivery

Aug 25 2015 | Written by : Rob Jackson| 3 |
How To Send Rakhi To India Next Day Delivery

Significance of RakshaBandhan The festival of RakshaBandhan is celebrated with joy and pleasure majorly in India, Mauritius, Nepal and some parts of Pakistan in Hindu and Sikh traditions. On this festival, the sister ties a pious thread on her brother’s wrist and the brother gives her a promise that

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5 Design Challenges Of Critical Environment Control Solutions

Aug 25 2015 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 0 |

When designing or considering a new critical environment for which a control system is required, there are certain key areas of concern which must be addressed early on or otherwise costly overruns and difficulties could derail any such project. By its very definition, a critical environment is considered

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