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Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and a regular contributor to Technivorz.

What You Need to Know About Starting a Storage Business

Sep 20 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 4 | Share

  Did you know that investing into a storage unit is considered to be a better investment than any other type of real estate? That is exactly what Joshua Rogers wrote for Forbes (Forbes, April 2016). People need a place to store their stuff and they are willing to pay a monthly fee. That allows

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Winning Strategies for Success in Sales

Sep 20 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 14 | Share

Your wonderful product is nothing more than trapped money if you are not selling it. Everything about a business stops if the sales are not doing their job. Therefore, it is important to develop that aspect of your business the best you can. You need a good tactic and here are some of the winning strategies

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Contemporary Broadband vs. Dial-Up

Sep 2 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 14 | Share

  Kids born after the year 2000 will never know the struggle of the dial-up internet. Muffling the modem, taking forever to load a single picture and downloading a movie for a month are just some of the features of this era. There are probably still some exceptions, since in the year 2010, it was

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What is Enterprise Release Management and What It Does for Your ROI?

Aug 26 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 25 | Share

Change can be good, but change can be frightening.  Also, it can cost a lot. This is true when it comes to moving your business from one venue to another, and it’s equally true when it comes to software change. Enterprise Release Management (ERM) deals with that sort of software migration among other

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Exchanging Data With Group Companies Securely

Aug 23 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 7 | Share

Data is the brand-new medium of exchange of the digital economy. Like currency, it can run with ease through boundaries and it commands an inherent purpose – the acumen produced from the data aids in distributing advantages to people, organizations and public institutions alike.  The value that

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Using Ads to Fight for Social Issues

Aug 15 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 10 | Share

The world we live in suffers from serious prioritizing problems. While the internet breaks every time Taylor Swift finds a new boyfriend, it seems that, in 2016, people no longer care about world hunger or war casualties. Even the dangerous illnesses become relevant only when they start threatening you

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Business Leading 101: Having What It Takes

Jul 11 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 11 | Share

People around the world are searching day and night for some secret ingredient that will enable them to succeed in the business world. This search is quite absurd since they’ve had it in them all along. Although it may sound like a motivational speech, it is 100 percent true. There are no secret recipes

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5 Major Technical Aspects of a Successful Business Event

Jul 7 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 9 | Share
Business Event

Organizing an annual business event is usually the peak of the business year for every business. While one could ask why we should organize those live events when everything can be done online, the most logical answer is that meeting people in person is something completely different. So, if you want

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How to Push Stress out of That Office Door

Jul 6 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 8 | Share

Stress is the most common cause of emotional and physical strain for employees worldwide. Although the state of an increased mental tension has always been a part of the human race, today it can be considered a real epidemic of the modern corporate world. The greatest problem is that coping with stress

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Alternatives to Corporate Loan

Jun 30 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 9 | Share

As a business owner, there’s a good chance you will run short of funds sooner rather than later. In most cases, this won’t mean that your company is underperforming. What this means is that, at the moment, you need a small capital injection. When this happens, most businesses turn to taking a loan

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5 Must-Dos for Your Business to Grow on the Web

Jun 7 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 7 | Share

As of December 2015, the number of Internet users worldwide surpassed 3,3 billion [source]. There has never been such a well-connected global market. Naturally, this rapid development of the Internet is the main cause of such a large number of online businesses, as well. However, many successful business

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How to Surpass Common Obstacles for SMBs

Jun 3 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 10 | Share

Taking the position of an SMB manager includes sorting out dozens of different assignments and facing some serious challenges. Limited budgets, harsh situation in the market, new employees – all these can be pretty serious obstacles that can curb your business growth. Still, if you are a good learner

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Leading your business back on the right path

May 26 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 9 | Share

Having your own business opens up a lot of different possibilities. First, you are your own boss. Second, the chances of profit are greater and third, it looks much better on your resume. However, there are no gains without risks and things don’t always run smoothly. Unskilled management, unexpected

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Online Payment Gateways to Consider

May 15 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 8 | Share

Even though just a few decades ago no one saw this coming, online payments are quickly replacing credit cards as the ultimate payment method. The thing about these payment gateways however is that there is simply too many of them and sometimes having too much of a choice can be as restricting as not

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5 Ways New Technologies Changed School

May 12 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 8 | Share

Chalk, blackboard and a piece of sponge just do not cut it anymore today. The technology changes and advances at an amazing pace and it influences the way things are done. Children and older students do not perceive information on the same way they used to and that influences the way school needs to

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A Foundation to Good MLM Online Business

May 8 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 14 | Share

If there is one thing that can be said about multi-level marketing (MLM) it is that, this is a business model that definitely stands a test of time. There are some companies (like Avon) that use this system for over a century now and are amongst the top performers in the industry. In 2016, many companies

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How to Redecorate a House Wisely before Selling

May 8 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 6 | Share

When you start thinking about selling a house, the major decision you need to make is how much you would like to invest in it before the sole act of selling. Everybody is looking for the most balanced way that will not empty your budget, but that will be sufficient to bring the place into a fine condition.

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What Makes a Successful Retailer of the 21st Century

Apr 5 2016 | By: Dan Radak| 3 | Share

In a world in which online commerce represents a serious rival to retail trade, owners of retail stores need to be more creative than ever before to keep their customers. However, there are still some features that give advantage to real-world stores. Also, some products, like groceries you use every

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