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Content Marketing Strategy: Getting the most of old content

Sep 9 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 4 | Share
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It is no secret that in this business, information, tips, and tricks evolve and change, quite literally, faster than one can convert a quality lead into a sale. What may be a novel idea now will be reduced to an afterthought in a matter of months. That’s why every content marketer strives to make

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Is it Worth to Invest in Customer Profiling?

Sep 5 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 4 | Share

What is Customer Profiling? You have a business, and chances are, your business offers various products and/or services that cater to different kinds of customers. Now, it’s convenient to just use the blanket marketing plan, the one-size-fits-all approach, where all marketing efforts are directed

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A Match Made in Marketing Heaven: Marrying Inbound And Outbound Strategies

Aug 23 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 11 | Share
inbound and outbound marketing

I read an article that tried to differentiate Inbound Marketing from Outbound Marketing by oversimplifying it to this definition, which I paraphrase: Outbound is for those with money; Inbound is for those with brains. Yet, more than a handful articles have this to say: Inbound marketing is permission

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Keep Prospects Glued on the Phone Like Bees to Honey

Aug 16 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 10 | Share

Research says the longer a caller is able to hold a business prospect on the phone, the better his or her chances are in getting a positive result. Okay, research didn’t say that. Common sense says every conversation with a prospect is a chance to establish a connection, build rapport, and eventually,

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What Are The Outbound Marketing Strategies That Drive Sales And Earn Marketers Just A Pat On The Back

Aug 12 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 16 | Share

  “If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” In sibling analogy, Inbound Marketing is the long-awaited newborn, the baby everybody in the family is enthusiastic about. He’s the apple

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What Are The Biggest Blind Spots Of CEOs And Sales Managers In IT And Software Industry?

Aug 4 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 2 | Share
Top-sales-blind-spots-in-the-IT-and-Software-Industry (1)

“Is your sales process be considered an asset or a liability when it comes to closing deals? Most of the time, it’s easier to see the blind spots of others than our own. In sales, ignorance is a disadvantage. In order to become effective in sales, you must learn to recognize the things you don’t

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Factors That Contribute To The Pokemon Go Phenomenon

Aug 4 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 15 | Share

You know you’ve hit big time when your app has been installed on twice as many phones (and counting) as that phenomenal dating app Tinder, doubled (and will probably rival) the engagement of Snapchat, and has more daily active users than Twitter. That’s how huge this Niantic-developed free-to-play

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How Will You Know If You’re Dealing With A ‘Snake Oil Salesman’?

Jul 29 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 8 | Share

According to history, between 1849 and 1882, around 180,000 Chinese immigrants moved to United States. They were offered to sign a 5-year contract with very low wages. When the Chinese workers moved in, they brought different medicines – including “snake oil”. This snake oil was made from the oil

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Important Digital Downloads In Sales Outsourcing And Lead Generation

Jul 26 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 5 | Share

A Quora member would like to find out the important digital downloads in sales outsourcing and lead generation that most salespeople and marketers include when sending information about their products or services. Digital downloadable files can used texts and images to provide detailed information about

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Some Ways To Be A Major Market Player in the Global Merchant Industry

Jul 25 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 12 | Share

In this super-fast paced world, sometimes it doesn’t matter so much whether your business is big or small. What matters more is how fast you do business or how convenient your delivery of goods or services is. Clients realize the advantages and are always on the lookout for the best provider to emerge,

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What Are The Questions That A Salesperson Must Ask To Better Qualify Leads And Close Sales

Jul 20 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 11 | Share
Callbox-Champ-Methodology-Spot-on-Sales-Ready-Leads-with-These-Questions (1)

In sales and marketing, it is important to clearly define a good qualified lead. And most Sales Reps used to follow BANT; Budget, Authority, Need and Timing to qualify their sales leads. However, in modern B2B, where sales and marketing teams found out that there are other factors to consider first

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CEO’s: What to Learn from Dumb Ways to Die?

Jul 6 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 11 | Share

With great power comes great responsibility, so when the company is in the red and heads have to roll, the members of the board almost always look at the CEO first. Then again, there are times when everything just seems to click, such as when a campaign’s results exceed expectations. Or when an ad

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The 2 Of The Most Important Rules In Start-Up Marketing That Beat The Giants

Jun 24 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 2 | Share

It doesn’t matter where you learned your marketing tip from or how many you have on the list if you do not know the two of the most important rules in startup marketing: Rules #1: A great product alone does not spell success Rules #2: No amount of marketing will make a lousy product gain a following. That

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Social Influencers: The world of Marketing’s Powers-That-Be

Jun 1 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 14 | Share
social influencers - callbox

Just for fun, I wanted to list some of the more popular social media influencers and thought leaders and find their nearest superhero counterparts. While I found it exciting and would allow me to stray – even just for a bit – from the usually serious stuff, I was faced with a conundrum: which superhero

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Provide Effective Customer Service Via Twitter

May 16 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 16 | Share

Twitter is an essential tool for customer service, and the two newest features added by the micro-blogging platform have pushed its potential in this direction even further. Some of the aspects that make it an ideal platform for interacting with customers are the character limit and the promptness

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What Are The Solution For Database Decay Problem?

May 14 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 9 | Share

Lead quality needs to be built on the best foundation; but a lead generation campaign is only as good as its data. Therefore, the best foundation for quality leads is accurate, updated data. Very simple logic. Businesses also rely increasingly on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems –

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Multi Channel Marketing Key Statistics That You Should Invest

May 5 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 4 | Share

Does a name really affect a personality or determine one’s success? If it does, then marketing experts did a great job on multi channel marketing. Marketers never cease to amaze us. They fused two marketing technologies together: traditional (publications, broadcast, outdoor media, phone, postal, direct)

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Promoting B2B Webinars For IT Solution

Apr 29 2016 | By: Judy Caroll| 2 | Share

Callbox Blog.Marketers are giving out freebies – blogs, videos, infographics and more! You read it right. There’s a lot of shopping going on in the marketing world and I’m taking advantage of some good stuff, like answers to Quora’s question “How to promote B2B webinars for an IT solution?” Just

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