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Big Data Implementation Challenges & Best Practices

Dec 5 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 1 | Share
big data implementation challenges

While some companies are in dilemma of implementing big data, others are leaping into big data with a vengeance. HR executives already have enough on their plate, now the arrival of Big Data and disruptive HR tools scares them off. To overcome the big data implementation challenges require customised

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SaaS Dominated Workforce Management – How To Deal With Innovation?

Sep 13 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 18 | Share
SaaS Hr Software

Adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS HR software) has become one of the hottest trends in Human Capital Management. In a recent survey and reports published by industry speculators, there is a significant number of organizations that have already implemented or are currently implementing the cloud-based

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4 Most Creative Talent Acquisition Campaigns

Aug 29 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 8 | Share
Most Creative Talent Acqusition Strategies

Each year, hiring managers and recruiters think of new, innovative talent acquisition strategies to inspire the best and the brightest people to join their organisation. It is no secret that with the increased use of the mobile devices and social media employers have to adapt their recruitment tactics

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5 Ways To Stop The Blame Game At Workplace

Aug 19 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 14 | Share

The “Blame Game” is one of the root causes of developing unhealthy work culture. Since the dawn of the time, we have entrusted unnoticed causes to effects that we cannot describe. All too often, something goes erroneous at a workplace, and the finger pointing begins. It does not matter who the players

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7 Simple Things Leaders Will Do To Bring Out Talent In Their Team

Aug 2 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 17 | Share
How to bring out best talent in your team

When it comes to attracting and hiring talent, two simple approaches work. The one is to source and recruit the best quality talent available on the market. The second is to hire the “decent” (or second best available) talent and bring out the best in them. If you are opting for “decent talent”,

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5 Trends In HR Technology – Ignore Them At Your Peril

Jul 22 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 18 | Share

We are keen deep in a digital era surrounded by terminologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). It is the world which will radically change the way we manage. Every industry is leveraging the transformational technologies of today to achieve the competitive advantage. Above

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Recruiter’s Checklist – 5 Must-Haves On Social Hiring Through Twitter

Jun 8 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 11 | Share

Today, Twitter is one of the demanding social media platforms in use. On an average, it generates more than 40 million tweets per day. It is a free, fast and fun medium for broadcasting any message to any audience, with several other marketing and business applications that make it a useful tool in social

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17 Fascinating Big Data Facts & Predictions

Jun 6 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 11 | Share

A growing number of companies are waking up to the significance of data as a strategic resource. They know, Big Data drives big benefits. There is no deny that big data is swiftly becoming one of the driving forces behind the global economy. There is a vast number of untold nuggets of information and

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7 Dont’s Of Conducting Candidate Background Checks

May 31 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 14 | Share
Background Checks

When it comes to selecting the best candidates to work for your organization, going deeper than just a face value must be regular run-through. For most recruiters, the completion of pre-employment background checks is the part of the onboarding process. Why is the background check essential? In a more

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These 12 companies Offer Paid Time Off From Work

May 27 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 11 | Share

Did you know that there are more than 200 companies ready to pay you to take time off? And, it is called Sabbatical, which is kind of interesting leave policy implemented by some major brands throughout the world. Sabbaticals are being presented to employees in an ever-increasing variability of styles

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11 Most Critical Recruiting Trends of 2016

May 26 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 12 | Share
11 Most Important Recruiting Trends of 2016

To accurately influence business choices, it is imperative to realize where the industry is going. Unfortunately, many in recruiting are so busy that they forget to set aside time to act or follow on these crucial emerging trends. In this article. Let’s cover 11 hiring trends of 2016 that will keep

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6 Exit Interview Questions That Every HR Manager Must Ask

May 16 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 15 | Share

Employee exit interview is a significant part of Human Capital management and monitoring employee satisfaction & retention. It is imperative to understand why an employee leaves the organization and what information you can use to prevent future employee losses. Moreover, one of the best methods

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Top 3 Reasons To Evaluate Your Transactional Recruiting Metrics

Apr 28 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 8 | Share

Let’s take a look at top 3 reasons recruitment industry must shift their emphasis on RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) transactional metrics. In Human capital management, “Transactional Metrics” are significant. They empower organizations to understand where the starting line is and establish

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The Unquestionable Role Of Gamification In Recruitment

Apr 21 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 15 | Share
Role of Gamification in HR

To date, progressive HR leaders are looking beyond conventional recruitment tools to source and engage talent. In the context, Gamification is a recent buzzword – everyone talks about, but handful people know how to pull the benefits of gamified strategies applied to recruitment. What exactly is

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Workforce Analytics – Why & What Matters To Progressive HR Leaders?

Apr 20 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 25 | Share
Why Workforce Analytics is needed?

Today, we see that several organizations are struggling to address a host of strategic human capital concerns. Additionally, these problems are being exaggerated in an economic turbulence, which is pushing organizations to make tough choices about every aspect of their operation. Despite the promise

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Big 5 Salary Negotiation Secrets

Apr 18 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 20 | Share

You would not take the first offer when buying a house or from a car dealer, so why would you accept the first offer (salary package) from your employer? Do you know nearly 1/5th of all employees never negotiate salary when they take a job? If you are one of them, then do not read this article. If you

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3 Best Methods To Find Relevant Data From Your Candidate Resumes

Apr 17 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 10 | Share
Talentstream Resume Parsing

Even if you find the right Talent, parsing all the respective fields in an organised database is a difficult task. With Talentstream Resume parsing you can Search, Sort, and Select Candidates… All from the Same Screen”. It is a pit stop to cater to all your Parsing requisites. Success in the

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5 Ways Organizations Drive Away Brilliant People

Mar 21 2016 | By: Supriya Nigam| 20 | Share
5 Ways Organizations Drive Away Brilliant People

Today, organizations of every size love to talk about talent management. And to one’s surprise, they can talk about the talent all day long. It is simple to talk about “talent” in a recruiting brochure or a corporate website.  It is relatively easy to say than realizing “we value talent more

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