How to Create a Micro-business Online: Robin Good, Part 1 | The People Behind the Paper.lis

Sep 3 2012 | Written by : Cendrine Marrouat| 0 | Share

See on – Social Media Tips and News Do you want to start your own online micro-business? Or have you tried, but maybe it’s not going as well as you hoped? More and more of us are freelancing, creating portfolios of work rather than relying on one job. We wear marketing, sales and customer

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Here’s Someone Really Excited About Content Curation: Martin Smith (Upcoming Curation Contest)

Dec 11 2011 | Written by : Tom George| 0 | Share

Martin Smith is a really passionate “curation” ambassador, exploring, testing, writing and reporting on his discoveries and findings. In this article dating back now almost one year, he shares his take on curation and the path that has taken him to embrace so fully the idea is the Internet

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Introduction To Content Curation: What Is It and Why It Is So Important

Oct 3 2011 | Written by : Tom George| 0 | Share

Via – Contentmarketing A curated introduction to content curation, with several video clips from thought leaders and a few pointers to relevant tools.   I found this on Robin Good’s topic “RealTime News Curation” – it’s originally from Alistar Cameron’s

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Social Content Curation Shifts from Traditional

Aug 15 2011 | Written by : janlgordon| 0 | Share

Via – Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond This article delivers, lots of great info, graphic and amazing interview with Howard Rhinegold and Robin Good, worth listening to more than once!   Here’s an excerpt:   Social networking has definitely provided us with main channels

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How To Quickly Add Value As Content Curators & Information Marketers

Aug 14 2011 | Written by : janlgordon| 0 | Share

Via – Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond I selected this piece written in March of 2011 because it’s worthy of your attention once more, if you’re serious about becoming a trusted source in this space. It has great information, answers the question what makes content

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