Search, Collect, Organize and Publish Video Collections on Your Site with Huzzaz

See on – Content Curation World A new way to collect, organize, discover, and watch the best videos on the web.   Robin Good‘s insight:     Huzzaz is a new free video curation web service which allows you to search, find, collect and publish video clip collections on whataver topic or theme you […]

Selecting a Digital Curation Tool by David Kelly

  In today’s world of ever-growing digital content there is a seemingly infinite amount of information available. Finding what you need, when you need it, is increasingly challenging. Fortunately, there is help: digital curation. Digital curation is a growing need for anyone who routinely uses the Internet, and is especially important for workplace learning professionals, […]

Magnify Teams Up With AOL To Bring Curated, Premium Video Content To Publishers

See on – Social Media Content Curation Excerpted from article: “As the volume of content on the Web continues to explode, with no sign of slowing down, Magnify founder and CEO Steve Rosenbaum says that he thinks consumer content consumption is fundamentally changing. Video curators, which have become critical to discovering, organizing, and contextualizing […]

Curate Large Information Collections Into Navigable Presentation-Maps with Mindomo

See on – Content Curation World Robin Good: If you are looking for a content curation, mindmapping and presentation tool rolled into one, I strongly suggest you give a good road test to Mindomo. I have been a passionate fan of mindmaps since 2007, and have created tons of them to curate my many […]

The Art Of Seducing Google With Great Content

In this comprehensive article Mustafa, outlines various methods to create compelling content to gain targeted traffic that converts. Here is the Table Of Contents that breaks down his recommendations: Table of Contents 1 Content: The Currency to Rank 2 Creating Remarkable Content that Works 2.1 Have a Passion for Giving 2.2 Become a Problem Solver […]

Curation At Work: The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

See on – Content Curation World Robin Good: The David Ramsey Map Collection is an historical collection of thousands of beautiful maps and atlases organized and made freely accessible to the public online in unique and unprecedented ways. This is a stunning example of a visual curated collection, offering thousands of beautiful images at very […]

News Discovery and Topic Monitoring via Hashtags: The Best Twitter Tools

See on – Content Curation World Robin Good: One of the most effective and popular methods to stay abreast of a topic area or to discover new stories about an issue is the use “hashtags” for Twitter seaches.   Here is a bunch of tools that make it easy for you to monitor and  […]

One-Page Builder Makes It Easy To Create Great-Looking Web Pages:

See on – Social Media Tips and News   Robin Good: is a new one-page website builder that picks up on the footsteps of Unbounce (without the fancy techy elements), Smore (while being more elegant and web-like), Jux and Imcreator by offering a very-easy to use one-page builder that makes it hard for […]

Curate Educational Content Discovery and Collection with instaGrok Search

See on – Content Curation World Robin Good: Instagrok is a web-based app that makes it easy to find relevant information on a specific topic, and to collect the bits that are of most value to you.   Instagrok presents itself with a search interface in which the results are represented as a dynamic […]

New Pinterest-Like Service To Curate Your Own Online Fashion Store: Wisemarkit

See on – internetbillboards Robin Good: Wisemarkit is a new web service which allows anyone to create a personal online boutique and to stock it with his/her favorite items while earning a commission on those actually sold. These items need not be from you, though they can, but can be brought in from Amazon […]

10 Key Reasons That Make Content Curation Important for Education And Learning

See on – Social Media Content Curation Excerpted from long but very interesting article by Master Curator Robin Good:   “Content curation will play a major role both in the way we teach and in the way we educate ourselves on any topic. This article, builds up over my recent presentation on Content Curation […]

Curate Your Social Timeline with Timekiwi

See on – Content Curation World Robin Good: Timewiki is a free web app that alows you to automatically create a cool-looking timeline of your social activity across the networks you choose (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram, Overblog – but more are being added).   In horizontal view (click Rotate on the bottom […]

A Curated Video Site Focusing Only on Educating Entrepreneurs: CoFounder TV

See on – internetbillboards Robin Good: Here is a good example of video curation at work. is a video web site curating only the best and most inspiring entrepreneurship video clips. From startuppers, to investors and VCs, the growing collection strives to bring together a variety of viewpoints from those who have been […]

Good Curators May Apply reports: “GOOD magazine, which laid off most of its editorial staff this past June, is seeking “content curators and change-makers,” according to an announcement on its website.”   Key responsibilities include: Writing one 300-word post per day Writing two 150-word posts on topic page per day Curating one post by a relevant voice on […]

Why a Curator’s Work is Never Finished

See on – Latest Social Media News This piece by Adam Schweigert sparked off the idea that when you curate a topic, you can never say “I’m done now”.   Adam’s piece is about news curation but what he says applies across the board.   Talking specifically about news, he asks how it would […]

The Content Curation Conundrum: How To Strike a Balance Between Automated Aggregation and Manual Curation

Robin Good: Many content curation tools promise to make your content publishing job easier, faster and better. But is it really so? Does less work and more automated aggregation/filtering guarantee a higher quality result?   Christa Carone writes on Fast Company: “New content curation tools make automating the job easier–but easy may not always be […]