The 20 Most Extraordinary Hotel Rooms in the World

Via – internetbillboards For elite adventure travelers only at $30,000 a night, this suite is the “largest undersea luxury dwelling ever built” that comes complete with a private coral garden, push-button controls to feed the fish outside your window and a Triton submarine to get around. Image credit: Luxatic Via

Is Pinterest’s Push-Button + Boards Formula Really Going to ‘Change the Web’?

Via – internetbillboards What makes Pinterest so appealing? Like growing traffic 4000 percent in six months appealing? Betabeat has been struggling with that question. The pretty dresses? The food porn? The lady-centric-ness of it all? But investor and entrepreneur Elad Gil, a Google mobile and AdSense vet, who sold his startup Mixer Labs to […]

Will Pinterest Lead The Way & Transform the Web in 2012?

I selected this post written by Elad Gil because not only was it interesting and timely, but the comments from his readers were equally as valuable. So many different social curation platforms emerging, Pinterest is one to watch……. Excerpt: Social Content Curation As The Next Big Thing The most interesting wave hitting the social web […]