LinkedIn has a paid version. Is it worth putting out the $$?

Is your number one consideration cost? If you are still close to your start-up, you may find that the paid version of LinkedIn does not generate enough returns for what you might find a fairly steep monthly investment. There are also some free methods to accomplish the same tasks and access information without making the […]


Finding the RIGHT people to connect with on LinkedIn: 3 Tips

If you know the name of a specific person to search for, finding the top people is easy. But you also want to check out more than just the people you know. Start with Alumni Click on “Connections” and choose “Find Alumni” from the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to enter your university or […]


Time for a check up on your LinkedIn Profile?

People are re-discovering LinkedIn®, so you may find you need to re-visit this professional social platform too, since it’s a safe bet this group includes your current and potential clients. As Facebook grows ever more disjointed in what it arbitrarily chooses to share, employers, clients and B2B service seekers are turning back to LinkedIn® in […]


The 10 Keys Leaders Can Use To Unlock Innovation

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the Zenger Folkman organization described what we believe is a somewhat unique study to answer the question of what successful leaders do to create more innovative teams. We began by collaborating with a highly respected organization in the telecommunications industry whose leaders scored well above average on most […]


How To Generate More Blog Traffic: My 140k Case Study


There was no SEO campaign. No advertising campaign. No serious social media campaign. Just solid foundations and some basic promotional strategies. Here’s a quick run-through of how I’ve used content marketing to generate blog traffic over the past 12 months… Plan To Succeed It’s near impossible to write and publish content that produces results without […]


A New Must-Read: The Art of Social Media

A New Must-Read- The Art of Social Media

I love a good book. I love a good, relevant social media book even more. I’ve read many titles from various social media professionals, but Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick’s The Art of Social Media is a new one to the must-read list. I was fortunate to be one of the beta readers for this book so […]


7 Social Media Tools Razor Social is Reviewing in Q4 2014


You can then join the community and start chatting with other members. This is an interesting concept but you do have to have a moderator who checks all the content because, without moderation, anyone can say anything through this widget. If you have a good community of loyal supporters, it could be useful. But a […]


10 Mobile Apps that Improve your Productivity at Work


Imagine taking down notes with a pen and paper in this mobile world? Most people who seem to be attending meetings throughout the day, have their minutes of the meeting recorded on their mobile or other smart devices. With smart devices, the minutes of meeting get recorded faster, and the overall productivity of the person […]


Does Guest Blogging Benefit the Host?

As with many of my post ideas, this post evolved from a client question.  It was “What are your thoughts on accepting guest contributors?” After answering the email, I decided to share with my blog readers who may have the same question.  Naturally, I did a quick Google search to see what others were saying […]


How to Be Successful on Twitter: 9 Surprising Stats to Know


There are 284 million monthly active users on Twitter and chances are, you’re one of them — we’re certainly are. Unfortunately, just because all of us are active on Twitter doesn’t mean we’re using it the right way. And thanks to SocialBro, we have new data from over 200,000 corporate tweets to prove what works on Twitter … and what doesn’t.   While some […]


How to make the most of a conference on SEO?

seo professionals

SEO is vital to the success of online money making business. The optimization should be done as per the rules and regulations. Consultants should adapt to changes very quickly so that there will be positive impact on the website. The money making is made simple and effortless when you address the complex issues in a […]


What’s the Big Deal With Storytelling?

If you’re wondering why storytelling has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the content marketing world, check out our latest FTQ (Frequently Tweeted Question): What’s the Big Deal With Storytelling? from Resonance Content Marketing Got a question for an upcoming FTQ? Hit me up on Twitter at @resonancecont! Related articles FTQ: Are E-Newsletters Even […]


5-Step Formula to Substantially Boost Google Plus Engagement


While there are many aspects that drive Google Plus engagement, my focus within this article is this: my winning formula to the perfect Google Plus post. It’s a five-step formula that I’ve proven time and again not only works, but works extremely well. Ready to increase your Google Plus engagement and boost awareness around your […]


Inside The Facebook News Feed: A List Of Algorithm Factors – Social Media Week


Does this sound familiar: People have liked your Facebook page or followed your profile, and when you post a new update, less than 10 percent of your fans and followers ever see it. It’s a challenge that . How do you get your content seen on Facebook? The secret is in understanding the Facebook News […]


Marketing Through the Eyes of the Customer


Marketing through social media, content marketing or even email marketing requires a sense of creativity. Even if you’re not exactly the creative type, marketing to your target audience is easy because you imagine what they would want or what kinds of ads they would like to see and you create them, or so you think. […]


Canva Design School — Tutorials


No design experience?   No problem! Let’s start from scratch and get familiar with the basic Canva tools that will help you create amazing designs.   Design Essentials will guide you through simple tools and techniques that will help you create designs you can proudly share with the world.   Fonts bring your words to […]