Content Marketing Podcast Episode 27: What Is Content Curation?

Podcast Episode 027: What Is Content Curation?

Put down that bagel and check out today’s Content Marketing Podcast, where our guest is none other than Internet Billboards CEO Tom George! Give it a listen to get Tom’s views on content curation and the important role curators play in today’s information-overloaded environment: Podcast Episode 027: What Is Content Curation? Related articles Why Content […]


7 Content Curation Tools That You Should Start Using Today

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If you are involved in social media, chances are that you have heard of content curation. The phrase has amassed a huge amount of publicity, as well as strong advocates and ennemies. The latter often contend that curation violates copyright laws and provides curators with an unethical way to draw attention to their own content. […]


Pinterest Spotlight On Internet Billboards Pinners Beware

Pinterest is fun and highly addictive, I know first hand because I can easily spend an hour looking and licking my lips at all the eye candy. This is why I have created this page. A Pinterest spotlight on Internet Billboards. I will be hand picking and adding the Pinterest selections myself so get ready […]


10 Steps To Finding The Influencers In Your Market

Why is an influencer strategy so important? 1.It can help drive your social media execution. 2.It can be a core part of your search engine optimization strategy. 3.Ultimately, if done correctly, it will drive sales and position your organization as one of the leading experts in the field. There is no right way to developing […]


Curation Inside Of Content Curated About Content Curation Only On Internet Billboards

Content curation An interesting aspect of the culture of sharing on social networks is that of content curation. This is the act of pointing your followers to content from other people. Anyone who sometimes uses Twitter to send people to an interesting blog post or news article or video that they did not create is […]


Scoop It On Internet Billboards Digital Curating Content Is The New Technological Goldmine

Welcome to Internet Billboards, thank you for visiting. Your eyeballs mean a lot to us, although I am sure they mean more to you in your head. Content curation tools are a hot and spicy topic right now. Take a look inside a digital content curators toolbox, to see a few of the curation tools […]


10 Important SEO Content Writing Strategies You Need To Know

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Content is king and by far the most important aspect in a highly effective inbound advertising campaign.  Without well written content and a well thought out content writing strategy you are kind of throwing darts in the dark.  Here are 10 important SEO content writing strategies you need to know. If you write content on a regular […]


Internet Billboards Advertising Why Every Business Should Have An Internet Billboard

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Internet Billboards Advertising; Why Every Business Should Have An Internet Billboard. Thomas here, More and more businesses today are starting to understand the concept of inbound marketing and inbound advertising. Remember the key is social media networking, and then marketing, in that order. What you are looking for is not ROI, although that is nice, […]


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You Can Stop Looking For Customers Now We Are Going To Have Them Find You An Internet Billboard is the beginning of a powerful social marketing initiative. WOW this guy won’t stop yapping yap yap yap… I just want to see what this company has to offer and maybe this guy will shut up. Start […]


Blogging The Ultimate In Relationship Marketing And Key In An Inbound Advertising Strategy

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Welcome to Internet Billboards “The Power of Content Management Inbound Advertising” One of the most effective inbound advertising and marketing strategies available for businesses, online and offline, both in terms of cost of implementation and in overall return on investment (ROI), is blogging. Imagine if you will being told a fascinating and compelling story full […]