Why I Would Give Up Facebook in a Heartbeat

Why I Would Give Up #Facebook in a Heartbeat

Yes you read that right. A social media professional publicly stating she’d give up Facebook. Let me explain… I have been a Facebook user since the fall of 2006. I enjoyed simply because I could keep up with my sister out of state. My mom joined a few years later. Being on Facebook originally was […]


iPhone 6 Cover Cases

iPhone 6 Cover Cases

No one competes much in the market when it comes to Apple’s fan following in the industry of gadgets. An Apple fan settles in for no less than an Apple product and it is indeed an expensive choice which doesn’t fit the pockets of all. iPhone 6 is the new big launch from Apple. It […]


A New Must-Read: The Art of Social Media

A New Must-Read- The Art of Social Media

I love a good book. I love a good, relevant social media book even more. I’ve read many titles from various social media professionals, but Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick’s The Art of Social Media is a new one to the must-read list. I was fortunate to be one of the beta readers for this book so […]


7 Social Media Tools Razor Social is Reviewing in Q4 2014


You can then join the community and start chatting with other members. This is an interesting concept but you do have to have a moderator who checks all the content because, without moderation, anyone can say anything through this widget. If you have a good community of loyal supporters, it could be useful. But a […]


Top Advantages of the PC Monitoring Software You Just Cannot Miss Out

PC Monitoring

Workplace privacy is one of the top controversial issues that has come up in recent times. With the technological innovation, employees are being monitored not only at the workplace but also outside their premises. Maintain workplace monitoring is important to avoid low work ethics at the workplace. Issues arising from unmonitored internet use at the […]


Instagram Marketing Is Quickly Catching Up to Facebook


How close is Instagram to Facebook when it comes to brand activity? Probably closer than you think. Social media shop Shareablee pulled the following numbers, which illustrate that marketers—while most of them cannot run ads yet on Instagram—are highly active on the social-mobile phone app. The intriguing stats below are for United States brand pages […]


Self destructing posts coming to Facebook


Hey guys, just a short update to let you know in case you haven’t already heard about the new self-destructing posts from Facebook. At the moment it seems to be just a limited test so only a few people experienced it. It shows only on the IOS app for Facebook. What this means is that […]


How to make the most of location based dating app?

Tinder is an innovative mobile app which can be accessed through iOS, Android and Blackberry. The app can be downloaded free of cost from the official website. The dating app will find potential matches based on the proximity. The app works on the simple principle. It finds your location based on the GPS. Your information […]


Slotomania FREE Slots Games – A Detailed Review


Slotomania is a perfect choice for all those who love to play free slots games. Ardent gamers can join this game on popular social media page Facebook and Android. The free slot games are enjoyed by millions of people all across the globe. It ensures unlimited FREE entertainment to ensure double fun for gamers. It […]


Getting more twitter followers the right way!


Why is gaining as many followers as possible important? Well, Twitter is a social network with around 645,750,000 users at this precise moment, with 130.000 new users signing up each day. Any company trying to reach new audience would be foolish not to exploit the growth of Twitter. Twitter is being more commonly used by […]


10 Mobile Apps that Improve your Productivity at Work


Imagine taking down notes with a pen and paper in this mobile world? Most people who seem to be attending meetings throughout the day, have their minutes of the meeting recorded on their mobile or other smart devices. With smart devices, the minutes of meeting get recorded faster, and the overall productivity of the person […]


The Content Strategist: 7 Creative Ways Of Defining and Expanding Your Brand Identity in 2015

So yes you have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and for that matter are on just about all of the social media networks. When it comes to a great content strategy, it’s hard not to include social media, because for a killer content marketing strategy to happen, you also must have a great social […]


Improve Customer Experience With Online Self-Service Software

Seamless communication is important for overall customer satisfaction. It is due to the fact that whenever a particular customer uses a service or a product, they require flawless assistance and hassle free transaction. Therefore, several online businesses have started online customer service to ensure that regular connectivity is maintained between the companies and their customers. […]


Jobs in Hyderabad for Freshers that Mould Your Career

Some major metros in the India are prominent tourists destinations as well as business hubs. Influx of tourists does give a boost to their economy, also facilitates its standing as a business destination. One such city is Hyderabad, which has emerged as a commercial capital in the last one decade. Hyderabad, was earlier known for […]


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