Facebook Shenanigans, and Wrapping Up 2013: Content Marketing Podcast 51

(This post originally appeared on the Resonance Content Marketing Blog. Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 51 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we gave you 5 last-minute content gift ideas for the holidays […]


Facebook To Publicize News Feed Algorithm Changes, Starting With New “Story Bumping” | TechCrunch

I can only speak for myself, but I have had many a very smart people try to explain EdgeRank to me. It is one of those concepts that I understand for a fleeting moment, and then blammo its gone. Today Facebook announced it would start publishing blog updates to show us how the feed will […]


Is Facebook A Time Suck And Digital Fools Gold?

    Here’s why we decided to stop wasting our time on Facebook I have an MBA but not an MFA (Master of Facebook Administration). The platform is just too damn complex at this point. Between 3rd party apps getting penalized, trying to understand Edgerank, keeping up with Facebook’s newest advertising opportunity, and the undeniable […]


How People See, or Don’t See Your Posts on Social

Not quite sure how people are viewing your information that you post on Social Media? Social Media Today has a great post that explains how posts and tweets are seen, or not seen on three big players: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have to say I am still learning about EdgeRank for Facebook, so this […]


What Your Business Needs to Know About Facebook’s EdgeRank


If there is one thing small businesses will remember from 2012, it is what Facebook did with the EdgeRank algorithm. Brian Solis offers some very interesting insights on the whole issue. He contends that the decrease in reach is actually a good thing, that it has allowed to cut spam. “Did Facebook purposefully change its EdgeRank […]


The Simple Reason Facebook Pages Are Losing Reach: Negative Feedback


From the article: “Over the past month or so, everyone has been complaining about getting less reach on Facebook. That the algorithm has changed. And that Facebook is now a pay to play system. Changes have definitely taken place. And as the dust settles we learn more and more about what has really happened, both from […]


New opt-in feature would allow fans to see all updates from Facebook Pages – Canada Social Media | Examiner.com

new Facebook feature

The recent changes in the EdgeRank algorithm and the push for promoted posts have been a major bone of contention for business owners trying to get traction on Facebook. Some big names, including George Takei and Mark Cuban, have even started voicing their concerns over the situation. Well, here is some news that should put many minds at ease. According […]


As page reach decreases, is Facebook starting to screw brand pages?

  We’ve always been told that one of the best things about building a large Facebook fan base is that you can build a community around your brand and share content with them rather than constantly having to pay for media. Brands have spent a fortune building up huge amounts of followers on their pages, […]


Has Facebook tweaked EdgeRank?


“Has Facebook updated EdgeRank or not?” The debate has been fierce over the last few days. Without some official announcement from the social network, it is hard to tell for sure. However, some bloggers have stirred the pot… Has Facebook tweaked EdgeRank?


5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Engagement

Via Scoop.it – Marketing Strategy and Business Even if you’re active on your Facebook page’s wall by posting regular status updates, interacting with fans and answering questions, you’re still missing out if you aren’t using calls to action. A call to action encourages or even incentivizes fans’ responses to your content, and it can be […]