How a great hospitality marketing agency can help increase hotel bookings and profits

Sep 2 2016 | Written by : Fergus Brandon| 6 | Share

A hotel business can only be successful if it finds the best way to get ahead through a solid marketing strategy. The diligent workers at World Hotel Marketing are great at sharing their advice and expert knowledge to propel a firm to the top. An amazing hospitality marketing agency such as this realises

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B2B Marketing On Facebook – Does It Work? – Interview w/ Guru Jon Loomer

Aug 23 2016 | Written by : David Reimherr| 17 | Share
B2B Marketing - Facebook

  I always love having Jon Loomer on a podcast, not only can listeners learn so much, but my team and I always get so much out of our conversations. was recognized as one of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013, 2014 & 2015.  It is simply the complete

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Top Reasons Why Digital Marketers Should Retain Focus On Email

Aug 4 2016 | Written by : Jack Dawson| 9 | Share

Among the very first challenges marketers face is to decide the ways that they will use to reach out to existing and potential customers. This is easier said than done, considering the multiple ways that can be utilized, for example, print advertising, television advertising, SEO, PPC, social media,

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Guide to Writing a Killer Digital Marketing Plan

Jul 21 2016 | Written by : Janet_| 14 | Share

Finding your place in the world of digital marketing can seem daunting. A growing competition in online and digital marketing has made it somewhat difficult for new marketers to break through. From this reason, careful planning is necessary when establishing your digital marketing strategy. In business,

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Digital Marketing Success – How To Achieve It

Jul 12 2016 | Written by : James Smith| 16 | Share
Digital marketing trends

What are the important parts of digital marketing that you wouldn’t have any desire to miss? Digital marketing can be easy to complex, contingent upon how the company plans it. The company can figure out if they have to include or evacuate a few methodologies ought to the need emerges. In any case,

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Tips to Trade better Through Twitter

May 31 2016 | Written by : Vaishnavi Agrawal| 4 | Share
Tips to Trade better Through Twitter

Businesses have always faced better results due to social media marketing. Marketing through different social media networks is the trending marketing tool in this digital marketing era. Your business can be even enhanced by using your Twitter account. Through this, I am sharing few tips to improve

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Marketing and Digital Marketing Workshop at Microsoft Ventures – YouTube

May 24 2016 | Written by : Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi| 5 | Share

A part of the Marketing and Digital Marketing Workshop at Microsoft Ventures part of the Microsoft Accelerator from This is just a part of the full presentation that includes tips, tricks and methods of achieving better results in digital. Sadly the recording is not amazing

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Dynamic Content Optimisation – Why It’s Amazing

May 6 2016 | Written by : Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi| 3 | Share

Dynamic content optimization (DCO) is a process where your content creatives are partly or totally changed and optimized based on the advert performance. If you’re selling shoes, your creative ad will dynamically change to feature red shoes, green shoes or purple shoes while maintaining the rest of

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HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast ignition approach

Apr 21 2016 | Written by : Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi| 16 | Share

HiPER Digital Marketing – The fast ignition approach is a digital marketing process that slightly mirrors the HiPER laser operation. For those of you who don’t know – HiPER – is the acronym for the High Power laser Energy Research facility. This is a proposed experimental laser-driven device

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Social Media is about Quality NOT Quantity!

Apr 1 2016 | Written by : Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi| 19 | Share - Quality-vs.-Quantity

I thought I would write a quick post as I’ve noticed a couple of trends emerging in the social media spectrum that need to be addressed. If you’re using social media from a business or personal point of view – the below post will disrupt and fundamentally change the way you look at

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SMB’s In Need Of Enterprise Level Campaigns, See Our Short List

Mar 9 2016 | Written by : Sophorn Chhay| 6 | Share

We are in the age of adoption. Competitive research proves that today’s marketing methods are adopting practices that Enterprise level campaigns installed one two or in some cases three years back. It has now become evident that digital marketing is not as it once was ie: simple meat and potato

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How Can Digital Marketing Increase Your Sales?

Feb 24 2016 | Written by : Ethan Dunwill| 8 | Share

The very core of any business’s successful marketing plan is to know where to find new customers meaning it needs to have a valuable presence online.  The Internet has changed the way people look at purchasing services and products.  They do a lot of research and turn to social media before making

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4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your SEO Strategy

Feb 12 2016 | Written by : Kimberly Erskine| 16 | Share

It’s amazing to think about how much Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing has changed over the past 5 years. 5 years ago it all seemed so easy. Marketers would submit one article to as many directories as they could find and obtain links by posting generic, spammy comments on other people’s

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Some Suggestions to Become a Good Marketer

Feb 8 2016 | Written by : Alicia Jones| 4 | Share

A start-up should always be cautious about spending money and especially on marketing. You need to understand what marketing is and what you want to do in it. Below are few suggestions which might help you figure out what you need to do to become a good marketer. Hire a marketing person: If you see

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7 Brands that are Getting the Most Social Shares and Why

Jan 4 2016 | Written by : Shariq Toor| 13 | Share

Social media marketing can be a tricky game to play. With so many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the possibilities for posting engaging content are endless.  Many factors are involved in developing a social media strategy such as, determining which platform your audience actively

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5 Insightful Digital Marketing Posts You Have Got To Read And Share

Dec 23 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 5 | Share

As we round out the year for 2015, we are all looking forward to a new and prosperous 2016 right! 2016 is the year of choices. Marketers will have their work cut out for them. We have rounded up five fantastic marketing posts for you to learn and grow your personal brand or business. From 50 influential

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3 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Dec 18 2015 | Written by : Shariq Toor| 4 | Share
Women are presented in front of the boss

Outsourcing gets a bad rep because there were a lot of companies who forgot about customer service while they were searching for the lowest bidder. Now outsourcing is a bit of a dirty word in some circles. In certain situations, outsourcing still makes sense. If your outsourced group isn’t customer-facing

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Big Data and the Big World: Three trends to watch for in 2016

Dec 1 2015 | Written by : James Jones| 9 | Share
Big Data and the Big World

If giant corporations like Amazon and Netflix have thrived past the competition with their ultra-precise predictive algorithms and customer targeting, the credit goes to their acumen in handling the big data. With time, every B2B and B2C company are learning how to improve their business models by shifting

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