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Pick a topic of interest… Business, Social Media, Technology, Entertainment, Health,Travel or Society. We currently have over 95 subtopics and new topics added all the time.   Register for free and set up your profile.   Top reasons to become a curator and curate content on your Internet Billboards. With curation you can… Build an […]


The Core Strengths Of Content Curation are Consumption Context and Collaboration

We are well into 2014 and there continues to be an abundance of great posts about content curation. If you are not familiar with the term, as it relates to digital content (not a museum curator) it’s when an actual person finds, organizes and shares the best content they can find on a topic with […]


What’s The Difference Between Content Discovery Sites and Apps, and True Curation Platforms?

2014 will certainly be the year that content curation goes mainstream. Some will call it social curation, and others will call it something else. What is the difference between social curation, content discovery sites and apps, and true curation platforms? Inherently one might think that they are one in the same, but they are not. […]


Why Content Curation Will Truthfully Democratize The Web


Content curation is the means to the end. What that end will be, has yet to be determined. In the grand scheme of things we are all in life together. Search is basically not enough anymore. Much in the same way directories became obsolete. Even the most resilient and and self sufficient of people need […]


Contemporary Art exibit comes to Crystal Bridges

A wonderful Art exhibit will be opening next fall at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in BENTONVILLE, Ark. I am really excited because curators visited 400 artists in their studios across the United States to select artworks for the collection. This is significant because the art will show us a unique look at […]


Companies Revitalizing Their Brands through Killer Content Marketing Strategies


So what exactly is killer content marketing? The new book from Joe Pulizzi titled, “Epic Content Marketing“, weaves a great story on the topic, and can help you create a winning content marketing strategy. Many companies are totally revitalizing their brands through unleashing killer content marketing strategies, but like a professional athlete, if you want […]


Some Key Ways For Brands To Use Content Curation


  Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute describes the process of content curation rather well in his following statement: Your job, like that of a museum curator, is to unearth the best content on the planet in your niche, so that your museum doesn’t close down for a lack of visitors. Mike Murray demonstrates excellent content […]


The Five Laws of The Content Curation Economy by Steve Rosenbaum


See on – Content Curation World I am curating fellow curator Robin Good here in this post. Robin is one of the world’s foremost experts on curation. Robin Good‘s insight:     Steve Rosenbaum (the author of Curation Nation) strikes some pretty powerful chords that fully resonate with my vision and expectations about the […]


So Where is the Collaboration In Your Content Curation?


Content curation is a buzz word which has been hugely popular the last couple of years. If you are new to the concept, the definition of curating changes a little depending on who you ask. There is however, little doubt left that content curation has become a significant part of the future of the Internet. […]


Why More Annotation In Your Curation Is Vital To Establish Your Thought Leadership


An annotation is metadata (e.g. a comment, explanation, presentational markup) attached to text, image, or other data. Often annotations refer to a specific part of the original data. Content curation has many definitions as a matter of fact here are 19 of them. Source: 5. My favorite definition of content curation is by Rohit […]


Curation Is Here To Stay So Content Marketers Need To Drink The Kool-Aid: 8 Tips for Content Curation

I took Pawan Deshpande’s advice, which you will see is actually one of his tips which is renaming an article you curate. This was primarily done out of respect. I doubt Internet Billboards would usurp Hootsuite in the rankings in the SEO rat race, but hey stranger things have happened. I can see why an […]


Rethinking content curation’s ROI

Sara Palmieri

Sara Palmieri has over 12 years’ marketing experience in the IT industry and is currently Senior Marketing Manager for Lenovo A/NZ, the world’s number one PC manufacturer. Marketers need to view content curation as a mechanism to generate leads and sales in its own right, not just a tool for creating brand awareness. But to do so, the content curator must strike a fine balance between hard conversion metrics and a structured, dynamic approach to storytelling. That’s because content curation only reaches its full potential when it evolves alongside the audience member – it’s a process, rather than the static collection which marketers sometimes assume it to be.

How can marketers ensure their content curation delivers its full return on investment? First, they need to abide by the commandment of know thy user – not just from a general perspective, but through in-depth analysis that identifies who the target audience [...]


Content Curation Tips and Tricks


Content curation is all the rage these days, even though the practice has been around for quite a while. A lot of people wonder what it means, how to do it and why they should do it. This article is a great source of information for those who are looking for answers to these questions. […]


Happy To Have Such A Great Friend And Fellow Content Curator Giuseppe Mauriello

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to take a minute to pause to give thanks and to reflect. I am so happy to have made so many wonderful connections online. It amazes me how close intellectually I feel with so many wonderful people in the curation community, and I want to take a quick post to […]


Web Curation And New Professions: The Content Curator


See on – Social Media, Curation, Content Today Excerpted from article on Mashable: “Today, however, curation encompasses a whole new catalog of professions, brands and tools — and most revolve around the web. A curator ingests, analyzes and contextualizes web content and information of a particular nature onto a platform or into a format […]


3 Essential Content Curation Best Practices to Boost Content Marketing Performance via @toprank


Creating original content is resource intensive and while some companies that have all the copywriting resources they need (that’s an exception not the rule) it makes sense to curate content in addition to publishing original articles and media. Curation is the cornerstone of being useful on the social web by finding, filtering and adding insight […]