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5 Reasons You Must Experience the Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta – Simply-Vallarta


Rain usually elicits feelings of depression and sayings like “Oh nuts, now we can’t go outside!”  We are here to tell you that not only should you go outside, but… you should travel to Mexico and experience tropical rain. Rain in the tropics is different.  In the similar way that the tropics offer a different […]


Basic Mexico Wheels (BMW) is Coming…


BMW which stands for quality, luxury and prestige is making it’s way around Mexico.  It must be working because the demand for the vehicle is expanding. With that fact in mind BMW is looking to invest One Billion into a plant in Mexico.  As with any venture this represents more jobs and more money in […]



Beach Front

July is a hot month in Mexico.  The rains have started, but… it is still humid every day. There is a house to buy for $69,000 usd.  Mexico continues to be affordable. For those not ready to buy there are fabulous places to stay on the water.  You can choose from a number of options. […]


7 Easiest Places To Retire on a Budget, South of the Border


When the thought of retirement finally seeps into your brain you will probably need some anxiety medication.  In today’s economic world retirement is not in the budget for many people. Life has been hard enough and what you need now is some ease.  Relax, take a deep breath and check out this article about the […]


Puerto Vallarta Mexico News on Banderas Bay’s Liveliest Website


When on a vacation you want to bring home souvenirs that are really from the place you visit.  In Mexico that means buying at a Tianguis. Many pueblos have a Tianguis and now the coastal village of Lo de Marcos on the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico is among the places to buy a real souvenir.  This […]


Good News! The Pacific Alliance Leaders are to Meet June 19-20

Enrique Peña Nieto smile

The Pacific Alliance is a powerful group that has a goal to increase trade within its group of countries.  The leaders of these emerging countries and working together to forge a strong union for the future of business. Mexico is not only a powerful partner in this goal orientated group but the host for its […]


Vacaciones de Verano 2014 / Summer Vacation 2014 | Galván Real Estate and Services

San Pancho 15 Sep 08 041

April Showers bring May Flowers and time to think about Summer Vacation.  You deserve a good vacation this year. So… why not consider a trip south of the border?  The price is right and the weather is Hot! Come to the tropical destination on the mainland.  No sea to cross, just a trip by plane […]


Feliz Cinco de Mayo

It is the Spanish word for May 5, but Cinco de Mayo has a much deeper meaning. The celebration is a commemoration to the out-numbered Mexican Army, which battled against French occupation in the state of Puebla back in 1862. Since then, there has been no subsequent takeover by Europeans in the Americas. In the […]


Mother´s Day! / Sea creativo este año para el Día de las Madres! | Galván Real Estate and Services

mommy and me

When I became an adult, I became busy.  On one particular Mother’s Day I realized I had purchased no gift for my mom! So… on my way to my Mom’s house I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a couple of kitchen accessories.  When my Mom looked in the grocery bag and saw […]


April in Mexico – Fiesta!

April is the month for many a Fiesta in Mexico.  There are a number of holidays that coincide to create and incredible festive atmosphere. Check out the following newsletter for event news, places to stay, things to do and places to eat.  There is even the perspective of a local. So… if you like to […]


Judy Garland said it so well, There is no place…

It is a pleasure to see pride in a person.  When that pride extends outside themselves the pleasure is multiplied. Here is a post of a man that is proud of his home.  He eloquently tells of the positive aspects of his home town. Not only is this a good article about a pleasant destination. […]


For the Love of Food!

The following article is for the Lovers of food.  Those that enjoy the taste of delicious dishes will find there home here. If this post doesn’t make your mouth water then you are definitely full.  As the saying goes “This is not a good place for a diet” There are vacations to go on to […]


Puerto Vallarta to Host MEXorc and San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Race Mar 23-29

MEXORC San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Mar 23-29, 2014

World-Class Event Showcases Maritime Adventures in the Pacific Coast Destination MEXORC San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Mar 23-29, 2014 MEXORC San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Mar 23-29, 2014 New York – March 5, 2014 – Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit, or MEXorc , the international that began in the 60’s, will return to Puerto Vallarta on March 23 to 29, […]


March in Mexico with Much to Do!

March is upon us with much to do in Mexico: Mardi Gras 2014 falls on Tuesday, March 4. ASH Wednesday will be March 5. Easter is Sunday April 20th. So… from party to pain there is an event often south of the border.  This is an ideal time to travel.  The weather is still warm, […]


Next 4 Day Holiday in Mexico, Time to Take a Break!

In similar International form Mexico is taking to celebrating Holidays on Monday.  Then people take off Friday and create a 4 Day Holiday. Such is the case with the Birthday Celebration of Benito Juárez.  It will be celebrated on Monday, the 17th of March.  So… many people will take Friday, the 14th of March off […]


African Keyhole Gardens in Lo de Marcos, Mexico

Have you heard of African Keyhole Gardens?  They are wonderful mini-gardens that receive their nutrients from compost. These gardens are a renewable, sustainable source of vegetables and more.  The gardens can be created with simple materials and placed in small areas. In Lo de Marcos, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico there is compost making center that is […]