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Dream of a Holiday?


It’s a Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for the end of the day.  It is times like this when my mind begins to wander. It is amazing that your body can be in the office, but… your mind is thousands of miles away in a tropical destination.  Which, you ask, is your reality, the office […]


Delightful, Delicious, Decadent – Mexico


Shopping is America’s past time.  South of the Border the shopping past time translates to Tianguis. A Tianguis is a gathering of vendors with items that are handmade, home baked and locally grown.  The Riviera Nayarit boosts a number of Tianguis locations on different days of the week. Some people come to eat their way […]


Shopping Mexican Style


In Mexico there is a unique was to shop.  It is called a Tianguis.  Some may understand the concept as a Farmers Market. The best of these events includes Homemade, Home-baked and Homegrown items.  This way each Tianguis has a flavor of the local areas. For those that love the coast, especially the west coast […]


Galvan Real Estate and Services Newsletter – October Edition 2014 | Galván Real Estate and Services

Mexico Life

  Galvan Real Estate and Services Newsletter – October Edition 2014 | Galván Real Estate and Services. Here the link to our Galvan Real Estate and Services Monthly Newsletter, October 2014 Edition Our Newsletter is produced in Spanish and English.  Scroll down to see the Spanish version. This month we cover: Rental Spotlight Real Estate […]


Facing our Fears!


Sometimes when we don’t face our fears then our fears face us.  Such is the case when it comes to spiders and in Mexico with have plenty of them. Why is it that we have such a fear for some critters whose skeletons are on the outside.  A turtle has an exoskeleton and yet we […]


Girly Camping® – Safety Tips


There is a growing trend in Mexico.  It’s camping and it’s amazing that it hasn’t been more prevalent before. With the advent of camping comes the need for all the related information regarding camping.  Especially true is safety. The following Link is to a an article on safety in camping.  It’s just a couple of […]


Welcome – Bienvenidos a Camp México – Lo De Marcos

Gate to Campground

Something that can seem so regular at home can be rare in another country.  Such is the case with camping.  Rare to find and a joy to behold. Oh sure… there are plenty of RV parks and hostels, but… where can you can to find a place to prop your tent and stil have electricity […]


Villa Rentals Vs. Hotel Stay, What to Do’

Villa Gaviotas

Vacations are supposed to be a treat from regular Life.  The goal is to work hard, safe money and treat yourself Like royalty. For those in the know there is a better way than vacation hotels.  It is vacation rentals. What even fewer people know is that a Villa in Mexico can cost much Less […]


Mexico to London for a Rebozo


Sometimes the most simple things have the most enchanting histories.  The Rebozo which is a grand scarf has just that history. Fashion has always been a way to attract attention.  When that fashion includes celebrities, the attraction multiplies. Here is an article on fashion, history and notoriety.  Of course it comes from Mexico. ‘Made in […]


10 Swimming Pools to Dive For

Casa !ido

Most vacations are about fun and sun.  Those two words translate into swimming. For sun we suggest traveling south of the border to Mexico.  For fun we offer elaborate swimming delights. Check out the foreknowing article about 10 sweet spots to swim.  Man made in heaven made locations. 10 piscinas en el área de Puerto […]


Shhhh… Keep it a Secret: Mexico’s Unspoiled Beaches

Beach View

You’ve seen the pictures of Mexico’s beaches crowded with tourist with barely a piece of sand to sit on.  And… you’ve seen pictures of Tranquil beaches with barely a person to be found.  Which, you may ask, are the Mexico beaches of today? Both beaches exist in our modern day world.  The hustle and the […]


Choo Choo Link Mexican Pacific Coast to New Mexico Border


At a time when the United States is toughening border controls to Mexico it looks like International Business has a different idea.  Connecting countries seems like a good idea. Mexico is a growing country and the United State could use some support.  In a long standing tradition the railroad is looking to bind two points. […]


Hey Portland, this Winter, when it gets Cold…

flock of migrating canada geese birds

When it gets cold in Portland, it’s cold!  I should know and now I know some really good news. Not only is it going to be easier to get some heat, it’s gonna be cheap.  Make a reservation, jump on the plane and end up in sunny Puerto Vallarta! If not for your sanity, at […]


From Curring Hangovers to Celebrating Death

Top 10

From Curing Hangovers to Celebrating Death, Mexico does 10 things better than anyone else in the world.  Mexico deals with situations that other people shy away from or ignore completely. If you are going to live, take it to the max!  Otherwise you might as well lay down and wait for the grim weeper.  Mexico […]


5 Reasons You Must Experience the Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta – Simply-Vallarta


Rain usually elicits feelings of depression and sayings like “Oh nuts, now we can’t go outside!”  We are here to tell you that not only should you go outside, but… you should travel to Mexico and experience tropical rain. Rain in the tropics is different.  In the similar way that the tropics offer a different […]


Basic Mexico Wheels (BMW) is Coming…


BMW which stands for quality, luxury and prestige is making it’s way around Mexico.  It must be working because the demand for the vehicle is expanding. With that fact in mind BMW is looking to invest One Billion into a plant in Mexico.  As with any venture this represents more jobs and more money in […]