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Best Le Marche Accommodations: Hotel Leone Montelparo


In a historic palazzo, Hotel Leone is a small, independently run 8 bed-roomed luxury boutique hotel and restaurant situated in the medieval hilltop town of Montelparo in Central Italy offering luxury accommodation coupled with personal and friendly service. All 8 well appointed rooms are individually designed, en-suite and include antique furniture along with all the modern facilities you would […]


Why Le Marche? 5 Reasons to visit Mount Conero


The East Coast of Italy – or Adriatic is straight and flat, all the way from Venice in the north to Gargano, the spur of the boot, in the south. It’s a long, sandy beach. Mount Conero? it’s a rocky promontory that rises apparently our of nowhere. Seemingly a geological oddity, it’s in fact the […]


From Le Marche the Smartest bag; Piezo and Photovotaic Bag – charging 24 hours on 24


It recharges various battery devices such as; mobile, MP3, GPS, camera, netbook and many others while you are in trip away from home. A new system integrates three sources: solar energy, energy from diffuse light (indoor lighting such as neon etc.) and movement (piezo). Personal computer, Tablet, Smartphone, Navigatore, Mp3, camera, Mobile… How many times […]


5 Places To Try An Exclusive Cuisine In Rome!


Take your friends because we’ve found something special in Rome…! Pack your suitcases and be ready to have fantastic holidays in the capital of Italy! The city is full of ancient secrets, remnants of the Roman Empire, beautiful architectural styles, old churches and monuments, marvelous and luxurious gardens, well-known Trevi Fountain, bridges, museums, outstanding paintings […]


Sicily: The Gorgeous Island of Italy..!!


Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in Italy, albeit the world. As the largest island in the Mediterranean it can offer you its own flavor of what life has to offer, Sicily is also known to offer well-loved and easily accessible destinations which cater to a wide array of tourist preferences. Sicily is […]


David Parish and His Love for the Marche

These are the words of David Parish, partner with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, and owner of Vinci Properties. Though of English origin (an English father and an Italian mother), he has lived in the Marche region for about twenty years. We are talking with him about his great love for his profession […]


WWII Camp 59 Servigliano | Inside and Out – More Views of the Camp

A photograph of Camp 59 shot when the camp was occupied by Allied prisoners during World War II This photo was taken from near the main gate (perhaps from the top of a building or a sentry hut), looking southwestward through the full length of the camp. Rows of prisoner’s barracks are to the left […]


Rafting in Tuscany

There is a funny way to discover Tuscany from a different point of view: it’s rafting! Rafting is an outdoor activity that requires an inflatable raft to navigate on a river with white water or different degrees of rough water. There is an International Scale of River Difficulty with six grades of difficulty in white water […]


The Nine Castles Marathon – La Maratona dei Nove Castelli

The Nine Castles Marathon – La Maratona dei Nove Castelli will be held in April 4-6, 2014 that is being organized in co-operation with the Marche Region Tourism Office and the Mayor of Arcevia, Italy. The Marche Region Tourism Office and the Mayor of Arcevia are very happy to say that the event is on. […]


A Walk Around Cesena, Italy | The Biblioteca Malatestiana

Cesena, a city between the Apennines and the Adriatic sea, a prosperous city that loves art and culture, and is proud of its heritage. Cesena is a treasure of architectural and historical interest, and the monuments and buildings are well preserved. Piazza del Popolo Palazzo Vecchio La Rocca, the old Malatestiana fortress Fontana Masini Teatro […]


La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica 2009

Name: La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica 2009 Grapes: At least 85% Verdicchio grape but this DOC allows Malvasia and Trebbiano in the blend. The last vintages I tasted of this wine were 100% Verdicchio although there is no mention of other grapes on the label… so we guess 100% Verdicchio. Alcohol: 13.5% Region: Matelica DOC […]


Le Marche Inspired Recipe | Apple Fennel Bruschetta

This recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Italy. Eddie and I were in this tiny town in the hills of Le Marche, called Apechio. They just so happened to be having their annual Truffle Festival (amazing!). On a rainy Sunday we were wondering around the town center, through an old castle made of […]


Rome Vespa Tour


Mickela visits in the ancient city of Rome seeing the historical, culinary, and musical side of the area, all with the help of the talented tour guides of Walks of Italy. She gets a quick view of the city on a Vespa, gets a local food tour which includes making home made pizza, and ends […]


Road map to success, Italian style-Telegraph

What does the label “Made in Italy” signify today? Behind the glamour of the catwalk, how have Italy’s star brands weathered the financial crisis? Luke Leitch set off to find out Mariano Pallottini‘s insight: What began as areas of artisan tradition hundreds of years ago have evolved into highly localised industrial power bases Telegraph See […]


Tuscany is not the only place in Italy people come to escape | Marvelous Marche part one

This area of Italy traverses both mountain and sea with my trip focusing on the mysterious and luscious green oasis that is Mount Sibillini with its peak at Mt. Vettore, 2,476 meters above sea level. The area surrounding the mountains is full of legends, and when we first arrived at Montemonaco we breathed in the […]


Moving in Le marche | Cupramarittima

Not content with life in Veneto, I have moved southwards to the Adriatic coast of the Marche region. Cupra Marittima is my new home, with sandy beaches, and large round pebbles where the water from the hills meets the sea. The promenade stretches from my apartment along the shore-line to the centre of the town, […]