How To Make Free Phone Calls On Android?

Mobile phones are now a must for the modern civilization but you may not always have money to make free calls and that’s exactly when you will look for different ways to make free phone calls. Thanks to Android! They have definitely made our lives easy. Continue reading How To Make Free Phone Calls On Android?

Get Ready For Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Or Suffer The Consequences

mobile response update

On April 21, 2015 Google has said that they will be making another algorithm change. This time it is centered around whether or not a site has a mobile responsive design. I think it is a good call by Google. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website on my mobile phone and not being able to make heads or tales at what I am looking at.

This article I found really covers this in depth, so no need for me to elaborate to much. The statistics for mobile are increasing year after year, and very soon, not having a mobile responsive site is going to cost you, the question is how much?

So rather than pay the penalty, why not make sure you are a mobile friendly site. You will certainly reap the benefits.


Love Google, or hate it, you have to admit its messages are consistent. Cynical thoughts about advertising revenue aside, the search engine giant repeatedly states that it wants users to have a fantastic online experience. It expects — or perhaps demands — that Web users should be able to easily find relevant, useful content, in response to a clearly defined search term.

The impending update to Google’s algorithm places greater emphasis on users navigating easily on a mobile device. Why? Because Internet use from mobile devices has been rising sharply year on year.

Read the full story here, you will be glad you did.

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Revolutionizing the world of Phablet in 2015 : Samsung Note 5

Hello to all our tech buddies…! We are back with our all time favourite task of updating you with the happening of the tech world. This time we are back with updates about the upcoming , super rumored Samsung Note 5. Samsung is no doubt the ruler of our tech world and this king of smartphone world always comes up with some thing that leaves every one astounded.

Not much time has passed since we experienced Samsung Note 4 and the rumors of Note 5 are already creating so much of ruckus. People were happy with Samsung Note 4 but it is SAMSUNG, it always keeps itself ready for the next battle in this highly competitive tech world.

This time Samsung seems more prepared to take itself to another peak. Although there is yet no official news by the firm itself , the rumors and of course our tech experts are ready with their own set of features. So come , let’s quickly hop on to what tech experts are saying about this upcoming amazement – Samsung Note 5.

Featuring Samsung Note 5 :-

  1. Enhanced Ram This is a feature on which every smart phone manufacturing firm is working really hard so as to make their smart phone impressive and of course, to become the heartthrob of the tech lovers. In Note 5, according to the tech experts, we are likely to experience the RAM of 4GB which will really be helpful for those who have to carry their laptops everywhere to do their official works. With this large RAM , you can do your all important tasks just on the touch of your smart phone.

  1. Better Display A super amoled screen of 5.9 inches with 4K resolution will be there in Note 5. It will be of corning gorilla glass .

  1. Fastened Processor Samsung Note 5 is going to have a 3.2 GHz processor which is considerably a fast processing speed. So now cheer up and get ready for faster funtioning.

  1. More Storage – Our smart phones have become our lifelines these days, isn’t it? Life just can’t be imagined without our phones as we have become so used to of saving up every single thing in our phone, be it your girlfriend’s birthday , your anniversary or your gallery stuff. And for all this you obviously need good size of storage capacity which will be provided to you by Samsung. Samsung Note 5 is going to have two variant memory , 32/64GB which is even further expandable up to 128GB with the help of a SD card.

  1. Fabulous Camera – Samsung Note 5 is going to gift its photography loving tech geeks a 19 MP primary camera and front facing camera of 4.7 MP. Now capture the whole world just by one click of your phone.

  1. Operating System Samsung Note 5 is most likely to have an android version of 6.0.

  1. Battery Note 5 is going to have a nice battery power as well which shall be equal to 3700mAh.

When Will You Be Allowed To Fetch It And In How Much ?

Though its official date is yet to be declared , our great experts have been able to give us a tentative date for the release of Note 5. All the tech geeks know that Samsung releases its Note series at the IFA event. Note 5 is also expected to release in IFA event in the month of September 2015 and it will be out in the different countries by the of October.

And its samsung , you can’t expect to fetch it in a lower price! Its expected price range is 800$-1000$. In India, it would be in the price range of 51,000-60,000 INR. It might sound too much but trust us its worth it. 

7 ways free sms service can be beneficial for your business

Businesses of all types and sizes have been searching for ways and means to consider having SMS to be integrated into their marketing strategy, for the purpose of reaching out to maximum number of consumers and to increase their presence in the market. SMS marketing is regarded to be a wonderful method to reach people directly, since reports have confirmed that almost every 9 out of 10 receiver of sms texts have been reading what comes into their inbox. There are free texts messaging services which can indeed help the business to benefit from it immensely.

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Benefits derived by the business from free texting services

  1. Instant deliverability: The reason for its immense popularity is the lighting speed by which business can send messages to its subscribers. Average time for every mobile carrier and sms services has been stated to be lesser than about 7 seconds right from the time, the message is set, until being received. 
  2. Flexible platform: The business can easily send thousands of messages or handful of them from the targeted list. A wonderful sms service can make it much easier towards having the text message campaigns to be customized for meeting the requirements of the sms subscribers. The free texts can help to update the consumers about the happening in the business and what’s new.
  3. Instant opt-out and opt-in features: With short codes being introduced, opting out and in of the sms stream is similar to other things that are associated with SMS, which is instant. Unlike the other options available, there is just a single step involved. Besides having a mobile number entered, there rarely is any personal information needed up front. When text marketing for the business, there is a need to be simple and quick opt-in and opt-out facility, which can help subscribers to have better satisfaction. 
  4. High open rate: When compared to e-mail marketing, texts are said to enjoy high open rate. Almost every text that is sent gets opened up and read. On hearing that buzz from the mobile device, people have a tendency to open it. In several cases, text messages automatically are opened. 
  5. High conversion rate: Subscriber action is very high with SMS. Whatever the SMS is – contests or promotions, there is plenty of action to be taken, when compared to other forms of promotion and marketing strategies.
  6. Reliable: SMS is not required to battle against email filters and spam. It is more of direct connection to the customer base than other marketing strategies, without any barriers.
  7. Limitless market potentiality: There are plenty of opportunities out there for almost every business. The reason is that mobile phones have become a common sight, with each person using more than one these days. With people getting more used to communicating over mobile phones, across the globe, the potentiality is simply limitless for businesses to benefit from.

Hence, businesses that have been using free funny sms sites and services for promoting its business in the right manner have been benefitting immensely.

The 5 best Android Tablets to buy in 2015

Tablets have become common place over the last few years. They are now capable of doing most of the things that can be completed on a laptop only they’re portable. The average tablet will now let you play games, listen to music, watch a movie, check your emails or social postings and do many work related activities. They’re also small enough to take with you anywhere but have a more usable size screen than the phone you carry.

The difficult part is choosing which one to purchase. It is highly recommended to look at the CPU and the RAM to ensure you are getting a good deal and your tablet will respond quickly enough to the demands placed on it. Below are the top five choices for 2015:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

1.	Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The latest Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet excels in design. It is only 8mm thick and utilizes a feature called ‘multi-window’. This allows you to have four apps open simultaneously. Alongside this, every customer gets an S Pen for writing and additional functions. It comes with a ten inch screen making it an ideal choice for many people. This tablet is not cheap but it does come with every extra possible to build into the specs at this moment in time.  RAM ranges from 3GB to 64GB with a card slot to add an additional 64GB.

2. Sony Xperia Z2

Featuring an OmniBalance design and stunning good looks, the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is bound to draw admiring glasses. It has perfect weight distribution and is just 6.4mm thick, officially the world’s thinnest tablet. Amazingly, the tablet has been given an IP58 certification. This confirms it is resistant to water and dust. Again, it has an impressive specification; nothing has been left out of this tablet. It is equipped with the latest Qualcomm processors making it incredibly fast.  It features a quad core processor with 16GB internal ram and the option to add a microSD card.

3. Sony Z3 Tablet Compact


This tablet has earned the title of “World’s most powerful & lightest tablet”. It has a full HD screen which is bright and has excellent colour depth. The Sony Z3 also has a useful feature for gamers. It can utilize Sony’s PS4 remote play feature, effectively allowing PS4 games to be displayed on the tablet; another device with a quad core, 16GB memory (expandable to 128 GB via a microSD card).

4. The Nvidia Shield

This is a well put together tablet with a high specification list. It works with virtually any app from the Google Play store. Thanks to the quality of this product it has very few real competitors. The system does not stutter or struggle in any way when you are downloading and playing games; definitely the best one for gamers and a very good tablet for anyone looking for one on a budget. Coming with the option of wither 2GB, 16GB or 32GB and a slot for expanding the microSD card to 32GB

5. Google Nexus 9


The Google Nexus 9 features an 8.9 inch LCD display with a ratio of 4:3, amazing speakers and one of the fastest 64 bit processors currently in production.  The camera is fairly poor on this computer and it takes a long time to charge. Equally, the price is considerably lower than the other tablets available on the market. This one comes with 2GB, 32GB or 64GB and a dual core processor; making the speed of this product quite surprising.

A tablet might not be quite as good as a laptop or desktop yet but there are plenty of reasons to buy one. If the specifications of the above are anything to go by it will not be long before they are better than your average laptop.

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Sony Xperia Z5 : Next Flagship Device From Sony

Everyone out there, you must surely be all excited and fascinated to know what specifications does this dreamy phone possess!

From the very beginning, Sony had tried to draw extra attention towards this dream phone series by starring Katrina Kaif in its advertisement. May be there could be comparison drawn between the two beauties, no pun intended! However, chances are the phone is more likely to be worth it! The phone is worth of so much attention, and obviously it has a promising feature up front too!


The Z series was however one reason that everybody fell in love with Sony smartphones. All of the extra attention, and extra shizz wasnt only meant to be restricted to the initial phase, because since the very beginning Sony has drawn enough consumers to itself because of those few models. Everyone is keen enough to invest into Sony phones. Also, Sony has always been a benchmark name when it comes to technology. It has always given us an amazing range of electronic products!

After eulogizing so much about Sony, lets get to the specs and features of the smartphone. Mere predictions based upon previous trends though!

The smartphone Sony Xperia Z5 is expected to be powered by Snapdragon 810 with quad-center 3ghz processor. It will have a very good and capacitive 3 GB RAM. Although to have a look upon it both the up-comers by  Sony .We may get to see something such as am octa-center 3 GHz processor and the breath-taking  4 GB as said before RAM, Touch ID catch, 4k determination show and a lot more added to it.

One thing that has been a concerning feature is the fast charging scheme that 2015 has got for us. Snapdragon is dealing with a chipset, which has progressed cooling unit inside the chipset, and it would help the telephone from the hotness up, which in turn would give us a fast charge process!

We can hope the process to be working in fast motion to help us deal with one major concern that we have always had! *who knows*

However, to cut things shot. There’s no say about when would this phone finally hit the market. And this phone in no way would be less expensive, but surely would hurt your pocket much with such amazing features packed up! Sony Xperia Z5 would be a great launch or even Sony Xperia Z5 Price would be a great point to discuss. !

Samsung Galaxy S7 : Next Galaxy Beast in The Row

Samsung never leaves any stone unturned. Somehow, it has always been the talk of everyone when it comes to smartphones! Not that Samsung was already very much in the good books of everybody with the Galaxy S6 this month! Now here’s more by the company! The Galaxy S7 seems to be the new show biz for Samsung.


Last year April got Samsung S5, and this year around same time S6 is expected, which in turn leads us to the S7. The S series has turned out to be a blessing for Samsung phones. And hence, there’s always more from Samsung.

Now that we are expecting too much from Samsung phones, let us see what Samsung S7 has got in store for its users.

Memory!  A lot of it is required. There’s so much to keep in the phone. A few MB’s of inbuilt memory is of no use these days! It has a LDDR4 8GB memory module, fitted into a 4GB RAM box. however, advanced chips are being created at “lower nano scale” that is LDDR4 only but to fix it in the 6 GB RAM.

RAM! The faster, the better. The phone has 6GB RAM, which seems just too perfect for the device! This would only boast up the phone, and make it work as you blink your eyes!

HMP Technology! Recently used by Apple, this would reduce the instruction cycle to a half, that is 3! As predicted, the technology boast ups the performance cycle into 2x! And so a faster phone!

Processor! True Octa-Core 3.X GHz processor | As, Samsung s6 avrrived with a 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor based on a 14nm process. (Unlike the previous devices, that use a Qualcomm processor) So, we can expect nothing less than the “True Octa-Core 3.X GHz processor“. The frequency will be 3.x+ GHz as Samsung is working hard to make the technology very revolutionary.

Display! One of the most important thing, isn’t it? You can expect 4K showcase that would be awesome from next Galaxy S arrangement smartphone. Only two years prior, in Smartphone industry HTC and LG were two brute to experience the 3D showcase in their smartphone.

S6 arrived with : Super AMOLED screen technology with a 5.1-inch QHD display (that’s 2560×1440, leading to 577 ppi) and having a Software front of Android 5.0.2.    So, S7 can be expected having a SUPER AMOLED 4K display with a 5.5-inch Screen running on a Software front of Android 6.0.x.

Camera! A phone is MEANT to take pictures these days! Selfie’s, groupfies, and so many clicks. S6 arrived with a 16 MP rear and 5.1 MP front end device with F1.9 lenses and high resolution sensors on both front. In addition to this Auto Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR), Smart Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and IR Detect White Balance provide advanced light sensitivities and crisp camera solutions are on the technology enlisted too. Hence, S7 will have a whooping 30 MP rear Camera with ultra low light sensitivity sensor. With it, S7 will have a 7.x MP front end camera.

Expected Release!  The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected no time before February-March 2016. So there’s time enough, for Samsung to surprise us in some way! The Next one in the row will be Galaxy S8.

So this was all about the phone! Though we don’t know for sure about all the rumours on board about the phone, but well, we can always expect for more, isn’t it?

So this was it! Happy reading! And for now, keep waiting!