6 Mobile App Trends That Will Rule In 2016

Jan 31 2016 | Written by : Ashfaq| 6 |
mobile app trends 2016

mobile app trends 2016 In the year 2015, the average number of app submitted on Apple’s App Store was consistently been above 1000-per-day count. And, peak stats were found in May, when 1798 apps were approved on in-total 53942 total submissions. As compared to previous year number of smartphone users

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What Makes You Remove Apps From Your Devices?

Jan 29 2016 | Written by : Arun Goyal| 3 |

A recent study revealed that more than two thousand apps are being published per day in the world and it is getting challenging for the apps to acquire and sustain the space in the devices of users. Once you overcome the obstruction of being unnoticed, your next challenge would be to prevent your app

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Invest in Ecommerce Mobile App to expand product base business

Jan 28 2016 | Written by : Deepak Patel| 8 |
Ecommerce mobile app is worth for your retail product based business - Copy

A small product base business can even have the globalized customers through the handy and easy to access Ecommerce Mobile apps. If you are still not having an app to sell your products, it’s not late to get it from the prominent developers. Folks have been addicted to search any lifestyle requirements

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Top 7 Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

Jan 20 2016 | Written by : Mehul Rajput| 14 |
Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

Of late, the popularity of hybrid mobile apps has increased dramatically owing to the fact that such mobile applications support several mobile platforms. Additionally, you only have to write a single application, which runs unmodified on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This makes hybrid mobile app development

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What Works – Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding?

Jan 20 2016 | Written by : Robert Walsh| 7 |
Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

These days, having a good electromagnetic radiation shielding is a necessity and not a luxury, considering the vast amounts of electromagnetic field radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Electromagnetic radiation has been shown to be a major cause of migraines, fatigue, chronic stress and

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Targeting the conversion rate for mobile app success

Jan 19 2016 | Written by : Deepak Patel| 12 |
Targeting the conversion rate for mobile app success

Conversion rate is actually the parameter which makes clear that how your app is performing. Knowing the excellent ways for app marketing and app development that directly affect your conversion rate is beneficial for professionals. Companies or individuals hiring mobile app developers only expect a

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Step By Step Tutorial Guide to Get Started With Android

Jan 12 2016 | Written by : annie Lizstan| 7 |
android operating sytem

It is an undeniable fact that Android is an amazing and fun platform to work on. It allows its users to create good products from their unique ideas and make them available for the other customers. There are so many android phones in the market with different hardware and software features. The newest

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Cutting Edge Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 

Jan 11 2016 | Written by : Rohan Mahndiratta| 7 |

When it comes to specifications, Samsung has always surprised us with cutting edge specs on all its phones. Be it the budget phones or high end flagship phones, they have always been feature rich and come loaded with heavy specs. Every year, Samsung comes up with an interesting new phone under its sub

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Samsung galaxy A9 vs s6

Jan 7 2016 | Written by : abhishek babyal| 5 |
Samsung galaxy A9 vs s6

After a dull Galaxy S5, Samsung had a lot to prove in the year 2015. The company washighly criticized on the design front, and a powerful flagship launch was the only way to deal with it. Well we all know what happened next. Samsung answered and it answered strongly with its beautifully crafted flagship

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Adobe envisages 2016 as the year of wearables

Dec 23 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 10 |

‘The year of…’ is a much-derided term among many in the digital industry. But statistics published recently by enterprise software giant Adobe indicate 2016 will be the year wearables become a mainstream concern for marketers, as over half of all smartphone owners have already used

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How To Cheat On An Exam

Dec 23 2015 | Written by : rookydave| 7 |

Tests and exams can be extremely difficult and confusing, and everyone has just had that one exam that they absolutely did not study for. One that you were just completely unprepared for, and just knew you were going to flunk, right? Tests are definitely not going away any time soon, so we might as

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How To Get Great App UI From Android App Developers?

Dec 18 2015 | Written by : JakeMoses| 12 |

Mobile apps help companies to set their first impression on public very quickly. The first impression is important as even if the app is useful, user will not try it if it isn’t pleasing and interesting. Thus, there are apps on which investing time is always fruitful. You can get great app UI with

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