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10th Annual Intelligent Tire Technology Conference 2014


During the days from 21st to 23rd October, 2014, you could have visited the 10th Conference about intelligent tires. The event was organized and held in Nurtingen, Germany; it was hosted by the very leading engineers in tire technology. The event was about the breakthroughs and new technologies that were developed for tires and how […]


The Trucker’s Guide to Fuel Efficiency

Truck Locator Infographic

The overheads in a trucking business are ever increasing and a large percentage of that comes down to fuel costs. How much of a difference would it make to the viability of your business therefore, if you could improve fuel efficiency and in the process make substantial savings? The infographic below outlines four key areas […]


Tips on Finding The Right Insurance for Your Motorcycle

One of the biggest struggles for any motorcycle owner is finding the right insurance for their bike. Many people find it hard to find a comprehensive insurance policy that covers a wide range of problems. When you own a motorcycle, it is your pride and joy. You want to make sure that nothing bad happens […]


Top 10 Tools Used By Auto-Locksmith

TitleCaptionAlt Text

Whenever you encounter situations like car lockouts or accidently lose your house keys, it is always best to consider the services of an experienced locksmith. A locksmith uses both his lock picking skills that he has acquired from years of experience and his trusty lock picking kit, to open the most, tough as nails locks […]


Repair Shop Reviews: How to Get Them and Their Importance

As has been the custom for decades, almost all auto repair shops rely on word of mouth to generate new business and great customer service to keep their customers loyal. However, with today’s technology, more and more people are looking to the internet to determine which repair shops are the best option for them. Although […]


The Latest Garage Technology

Let’s face it: garages tend to get left out during remodeling. While the kitchen gets a new modern table and the living room is fitted for stylish, comfy couches, the garage often sits lonely and cluttered. The concrete floors continue to look dull and gray, and the garage door goes on slowly opening and closing […]


Four Most Attractive Car Driving Destinations in UK


There is no better way to unveil the nature’s beauty of United Kingdom than car driving. Driving a car gives you a pleasure of having direct contact with nature. It helps you to be close to nature and experience the thrill of driving at the same time. You are free to stop at your desired […]


Ask For Help For Your Car Improvements

A driver must contact us the moment that they think they are stuck in the middle of a repair. There are many repairs and improvements that drivers can do on their own, but they must be willing to ask for help before their trucks or cars are destroyed. The steps below will help the driver […]


Why Your Business Needs Chauffeur Cars?

Melbourne Chauffeur cars

The search for chauffeur cars can be quite intimidating. It might be because of the presence of the various companies who are eager to deal with your needs, your financial requirements and the utter lack of information about the aspects that rightly affect your final decision. Here are some tips that can help you to […]


What Makes You Shop At Car Supermarkets?

car supermarkets

Are you in a predicament in deciding which car to purchase? Well, if the choice is between a pristine model and a second-hand one, then no doubt you are in a tight spot. Also, you might be in a situation where you want to substitute your worn out car with an upgraded one. Here, you […]


Top 5 Motorbiking Destinations; Or the Roads that Get You There.

motorbiking destinations

Do you want rolling hills in the background with slow steeped corners – or do you want winding twisted country lanes, whipping past cows in their fields? Here’s a small compilation of some of the best roads or destinations for you and your bike, whether you ride solo or in a fleet of bikers. 1. […]


Why Alfa 4C Is The King Of Supercars?

Alfa Romeo 4C

It would be a bold statement to call any vehicle the king of its class, and it would take a bold vehicle to back it up. In this case, Alfa Romeo lets the quality of the Alfa Romeo 4C speak for itself. With a line of previous excellent vehicles (Alfa Mito, Alfa Disco Volante, Alfa […]


Best Reasons You Need a Car Phone Mount


It is difficult to imagine life minus a cell phone. Phones are used play music, surf the Internet, take pictures and send emails. For all its helpfulness, however, a cell phone can become a source of accidents, especially when one is driving. It is considered a good practice to pull over when texting or taking […]


How to find Car Service Log Book from a Reliable Service Station?

Car Service Log Book

Log Book service is referred to the general services that are performed on the car after stipulated intervals. With the help of the log book the customer can understand the type of services that are carried by the garage along with that, how these services can help in the proper functioning of the car. The […]


Flying Colors? How Google Self-Driving Car Passed the Driving Test


Google’s efforts to introduce self-driving cars to our roads are obviously heading in the right direction, but is the entire process of their promotion transparent as it should be? Mark Harris, in his article for Spectrum, the internet magazine of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, reports on one of the newest breakthrough this […]


Nissan Micra Active – Big Surprise in Small Package


When Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motors introduced a much improved and refurbished version of their premium hatchback, Micra, auto enthusiasts were dazed. Not only was the new car carrying a fresh appeal to it, but also it was priced very competitively. As a result, the Nissan Micra Active, which was launched in 2013, has become […]