Cheap China Tours For a Celebratory Chinese New Year 2015


Christmas has the monopoly on holidays in the Americas and Europe, but in China , there’s no bigger occasion than Chinese New Year, which, is now commonly referred to as Spring Festival. It’s also called Lunar New Year. The 4,000-year-old holiday is designed to honour household and heavenly deities, and ancestors. In 1912, China adopted […]


Should Bullying Be A Criminal Law?


From fraternities down to preschools, bullying has always been a problem when kids are left on their own to socialize. Sometimes it is hard for adults and other guardians to monitor what kids do to each other when they are left alone. This has become an especially difficult task with the introduction of the Internet […]


The world’s most viewed sporting events


Sports have the power to bring humanity together. The competitiveness, drive and zeal that athletes show towards perfecting their craft and competing at the highest level, often leads to spectacles that can only be seen, to be believed. Watching live sport is the ultimate viewing experience and cannot, not matter how hard one tries, be […]


Hollywood Outraged at Sony’s Decision to Dump ‘The Interview’ – TheWrap

  Rob Lowe, Judd Apatow and Michael Moore take to Twitter to express their outrage Hollywood’s creative community was outraged at Sony’s decision to yank the release of “The Interview” as actors, directors, writers and other celebrities took to social media to express themselves. “Damn. Bad guys won,” tweeted Mia Farrow in a comment virtually […]


What advantages do diet feeders present farmers with? Find out all you need to know!


There is little denying that machinery can make or break a farm. This is one of the most machine intensive industries there is. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing machines for a farm, from threshers and fertilizer spreaders, to harvesters and cultivators, the list is endless. Nonetheless, […]


Putney Bridge Opens After £1.5m Repairs

putney bridge

It’s wonderful to see one of London’s many icons repaired and reopened, Lawsons & daughters, an estate agents in Putney have seen it all, especially with what has happened with Putney Bridge. As a Grade II listed Victorian era structure, the bridge now looks better than ever.  What Refurbishment Work Was Undertaken? The bridge’s ornate […]


Powerful images emerge from shooting at Florida State University

Curated from Storify, which is an excellent curation tool. This social network service lets users create stories or timelines by collecting and publishing content from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One such curator has captured some images at the Florida State University. [View the story “Powerful images emerge from shooting at […]


Space: The Final Frontier


“I think millions of people in the world would love one day to have the chance to go to space, and this is the start of a long program,” Richard Branson. It has not been a good week for space travel. In Virginia, an unmanned Antares rocket broke apart just after it launched. A few days […]


Canada Strong


While it is still my goal to work and live inside the United States, I am Canadian. We’re hearty and resilient people. We wear t-shirts when it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Alberta roads are smoother to drive in the winter because the snow covers up the potholes. Our beer has a bigger buzz. While much of […]


Tips on Choosing A Family Lawyer

Tips on Choosing A Family Lawyer Family law includes several different practice areas. Divorce, guardianship, adoption, pre-nuptial, child custody and visitation are all considered part of family law. When a family attorney is needed, you need to interview several attorneys to find the one that will do the best job possible for your particular case. […]


ABC Guide to the 2014 FIFA World Cup – ABC News

Have you been watching the World Cup? What a great series so far, and if you have been watching the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil then you might have scene the latest stunner as the USA defeats Ghana yes, a stunning victory indeed. Here is the schedule of the event from ABC. The quadrennial […]


Is it right to jail someone for being offensive on Facebook or Twitter? | Law | The Guardian

I really had no idea how offensive some of the comments can be on social media. But do you think people should be jailed for them? If like me you were unaware of recent developments on this topic, you will find this article both interesting and a little unsettling. So here it is the article, […]


The Heartbreak of a Broken City: Detroit

How does the corrupt leadership of a city go unchecked for so long, that by the time there is hope, it’s almost too late? It’s infuriating that a major city — one that created an industry that helped bankroll a country — could file for bankruptcy. What killed Detroit? Let’s not forget who. The Detroit […]


God Bless Our Troops, Until They Need Healthcare

My memory is haunted with thought about a veteran I met on the streets of Phoenix. After getting off the #41 bus along Indian School Road to transfer to the #7 bus stop on the corner of 7th Avenue East in Phoenix, Arizona, because I had just missed the connection, I settled in for the long wait. […]


Journalism Is Not A Crime


Those of us who live in North America, while there are exceptions (Edward Snowden and a handful of jailed j0urnalists) to the free speech rule, for the most part, we are all blessed with the ability to post and say what we want, both privately and publicly, using any medium. Not so in a place […]


The Space Story : Self Storage and Mini Storage

It is quite surprising to know that the self-storage space in the US is more than three times the size of the Manhattan Island. One out if every ten households in the US rents a storage facility. Whereas individuals are using the self-storage units for storing everything from clothing to home décor items to sporting […]