Time Magazine Names Pope Francis as its’ Person of the Year 2013

Yes Time magazine has just named Pope Francis as its’ person of the year for 2013. I always look forward to this issue. Although I have to admit, it was a little disappointing to see a few of the names that made the Top Ten list, I myself am happy with it. What do you […]

One Pastor Who Has The Courage And Faith To Go On The Tech Offensive

  Pastor Duke Taber is a remarkable guy. He is a man of deep faith and many convictions. He was also one of the first sites that we curated in religion on Internet Billboards and we have hit it off ever since. In the time that I have been following his site Taber’s Truths which […]

EXCLUSIVE: Newly Published Images of the Shroud of Turin

(Austin, TX) Ronald Stewart, PhD, ThD, has just released 3 digital images of the controversial Shroud of Turin (or “Shroud of Jesus”) which may shed some additional light on the centuries-old question: “Is this fabric the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ?”. The Shroud is, still today, one of the most researched and controversial artifacts […]

Bible Verses About Love | My Top 10 Scripture Passages on Love

  Pastor Duke Taber has faithfully posted scripture and uplifting messages on his very popular Christian blog Taber’s Truths. This caught my eye today, and well I just had to curate it, for I believe we are nothing without Love.   There are thousands of Bible verses about love in the Bible. I am sharing […]

What Are The Signs Of Jesus Return?

When the disciples of Jesus asked Him in Matthew’s gospel chapter 24 concerning what would be the signs of His return, they had in the back of their mind the biblical teaching of the eternal kingdom of the offspring of David. They wanted to know when Jesus would be placed upon that throne and when […]

Overcoming Obstacles – You Can Have a Victorious Spiritual Life.

Learn how to overcome obstacles in your life and have a victorious spiritual life.   None of us in life are immune to trials. We face obstacles everyday in our lives. Whether it is family issues, church issues, addictions, or problems at work. We all face tests to our faith. I don’t know about you, […]

Discover Hope

There are times in my life that I am just hurting. I can’t find the words to say how I’m feeling. So I just yell out to God and beg Him to hear without the words. And you know what, He always does. If there is something that you are struggling with, something that you […]

Aurora Batman Shooting Miracle Survivor Story – God’s Grace In The Midst Of Tragedy

This is an amazing story of God’s grace in the midst of the Aurora Colorado Batman shootings. Here is the story of Petra Anderson.   I received a tip from a Taber’s Truths fan today on a story of God’s amazing grace in the midst of this horrible tragedy that happened in Aurora Colorado. It […]

Being a Nun in Le Marche

This video explores the life of nuns in the city of Urbino, Italy. Sister Angelina unwraps raw meat as she prepares dinner for the house. After retiring as an expert sewer the petite nun can be found in the kitchen of Sisters of Charity a few times a day preparing meals for the house. Read […]

Christian Bloggers and Facebook – Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page

If you are like I was, then you may be hesitating about actually having a Facebook fan page for your Christian blog. I seriously struggle at times with the issue of self promotion. Where is the balance between walking in humility as a Christian blogger and doing the things necessary to promote and use your […]

Inspiration from the Departure Lounge of Life

When the terminally ill enter the departure lounge of life, initially they may feel anything from denial, fear, anger, and remorse but eventually they reach a place of acceptance. At this point they can see things with great clarity; they can step outside of life and take a long hard look. The dying are more […]

New Christian Social Networking Website Could Rival Facebook For Christians

See on Scoop.it – internetbillboards Today I caught wind of a brand new Christian social networking website that was just launched on Tuesday. Heavenup.com is truly the first top notched Christian social networking website that has a chance to rival Facebook for Christians. It has a great user interface and a clean design that reminds […]

The Didache – a MUST-Read for Every Christian

See on Scoop.it – internetbillboards Today’s Christian has many options as they seek ways to learn and gain a deeper and stronger Faith. There are so many titles to read, so many Bible studies, and so on. In a lifestyle with limited time, what should your priorities be in this righteous effort? As far as […]

Christian Quotes About Mothers – God Bless Mom!

See on Scoop.it – internetbillboards As Mother’s Day approaches it would be remiss of me if I didn’t start giving you some resources to bless your mom. These Christian quotes about mothers will be a great way to show your mom how much you love her. I have a great mom. She has been my […]

Christian Quotes About Hope – 21 Famous Sayings For Hope

Via Scoop.it – internetbillboards There are 3 things that will last forever. They are faith, hope, and love. I have done articles on quotes about faith, and quotes about love, and now I want to do one on quotes about hope. When I was young in my Christian life, I heard a lot of preachers […]

Falling From Grace – Oh Foolish Christians

Via Scoop.it – internetbillboards I will be honest. I am frustrated this morning. I am frustrated with all the foolish Christians who are falling from grace to rely on their own strength, their own righteousness, their own abilty and forsaking the one thing that brought them into fellowship with God in the first place. It […]