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Worcestershire Wedding Photography


One of the treasured moments of every individual is their wedding day. To make this special moment last for a lifetime, it is necessary that you think about the Photography style that you will have for your wedding. This way, you will end up having the best cherished memories in a more customized way. Have […]


Maternity Photographer – Capturing the Best Moments of Motherhood

Bare Belly Styles photography

Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments of a woman’s life. Despite those sleepless nights, early nausea and food cravings, most women feel so blessed watching their bellies grow, realizing that they are soon going to bring a new life in the world. Capturing these moments is so important. And you should consider […]


How to Take Care of Your Precious Camera

Precious Camera

Well, maybe the reference to Gollum may be a little extreme but all you photography students, professionals and enthusiasts can relate with that crazy look you get when someone wants to touch your precious camera. After all, you did not get it free. Moreover, if it is linked to your career, your bread and butter, […]


Online Photography Significance – Tips To Buy and Sell


In the past, to generate interest and traffic to the website, only text was sufficient, but today’s, generation desires to look at images related to the topic they are seeking. Therefore, the significance of graphics on web pages must not be underestimated. If you are good at photography and are familiar in uploading images then […]


5 Tips to Make a Great Slideshow


We are all making slideshows: for work, University or just personal ones to express ourselves. Some are great, some are even better and some are actual failures. But what makes the difference between a good slideshow (or presentation) and a bad one? There are some tips to increase your slideshow productivity and get as much […]


5 Reasons to Hire Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography

The joys of becoming a parent are unparalleled. Holding a newborn in your arms for the first time, capturing their innocence, looking in its soulful eyes and feeling a number of emotions all the same time are some of the few things that a parent will experience. That’s why, it is important that you capture […]


A Beginner’s Guide To Framing Your Pictures


With digital cameras and smartphones making taking pictures quick, easy and, above all, extremely cheap, it seems rarely does an event go by without it being captured by a waiting camera. However, most of the pleasure of pictures comes from displaying them so instead of just leaving them to languish on a memory card, it […]


Upgrade Your Favorite Home Movies to DVD

Mini DVD

We all have several things that work as a gateway to your old memories. Photographs, scrap books and the old home movies are a few things that are endearing to everyone. As precious these are we must also know that films and photos are fragile and can lose their luster with time. The best way […]


How to Dress for a Family Photograph?


For a Family Photograph clothes, location and photographer are the most important considerations that need preparation, clothes being the most challenging of all. How do you go about preparing for the photo? The following article guides you through the important preparatory steps that need to be taken to prepare. Read on to know. So you’re […]


Create Attractive Photo Mosaics With A Photo Mosaic App


A photo mosaic has a pleasant appearance that catches the eyes directly; the question is what exactly a photo mosaic is? A photo mosaic is normally created from a digital photograph as well as other various types of photo. The photograph is separated into same rectangular sections to make a visual effect which is appealing […]


7 Tips for Effective Marketing Photography


These days, many people are taking photographs for different reasons, may it be for personal or commercial purposes. From commercial photography to art photography, a good photograph can often be used to get a particular message across far more quickly and effectively than the written word. Thus if you want to use photographs in marketing […]


How to Get the Best Photographs with Professional Maternity Photographer


Maternity is a beautiful phase and to capture it as beautifully, you need a professional photographer by your side. And to have the best photographs clicked, you need some ideas. Read this article and get inspired. Pregnancy is a special period that would-be-mothers like to cherish forever. This is why professional photography sessions have become […]


7 Tips for Photographing a Newborn Baby


Babies are like small blossoms who  bring so much  happiness. This article talks about the ways of photographing a newborn baby. Being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings. It’s the only time when being in pain is the sweetest delight of life for a woman. And once you’re finally a parent and […]


Tips For Taking Natural-Looking Portraits Of Children


Photographing children is both fun and difficult. It involves lot of energy on the part of the photographer and the parents as well. Moreover child photography isn’t about taking posed shots in formal settings but more about natural looking pictures. Natural or candid shots of children never hide their individuality or personality rather enhances it. […]


So What’s Your Selfie Worth?

It is the selfie that was heard (seen) around the world and its value has been placed as high as $1 billion. Whether you watched the 2014 Academy Awards or not, if you’re on any social media platform, surf the news feeds, or watch local television, chances are very high that you’ve seen the now-famous […]


5 Outdoor Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Choose a rustic location

Planning an outdoor maternity photo shoot can be fun and challenging. So here are some amazing ideas that any photographer needs to know to organize an outdoor shoot for moms to be. Pregnancy is considered to be the most beautiful time of womanhood. A woman should feel proud of her body and make peace with […]