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How The People Of Punjab Celebrate Diwali

Diwali – the festival of lights – is celebrated in different ways across the world, but it’s also celebrated in numerous fashions across India; something that is usually down to the traditions of a particular region. This beautifully represents the country’s rich and vibrant cultural diversity. Punjab is known for its exuberance and prosperity, so […]


China Media Campaign Backing Genetically Modified Crops


The Chinese Government is launching a new media campaign that is focused on backing genetically modified crops. This is due to the influx of negative publicity that has plagued the Chinese government and its lack of food security. This technology of genetically modified food has not been met with much fanfare, but the new media […]


Your Indian Food Bucket List

There are certain things in life that everyone should experience before it’s too late. These goals are often gathered on a bucket list. Items that regularly appear on these bucket lists include travelling the world, swimming with dolphins and being an extra in a film. The problem with bucket lists is that while they are […]


The Secret to The Perfect Samosa


When it comes to deep-fried savory snacks, there is one that reigns supreme:the samosa is a pastry parcel that many of us simply adore. With its crispy crust and spicy mix of potatoes, onions and peas, the perfect samosa has just the right amount of spice, is bursting with flavor and served piping hot. If […]


Top 4 Benefit of Using Backyard Pizza Oven at Your Parties

backyard pizza oven Melbourne

Many people think that the best pizzas in the world are made in the restaurant chains, but the fact of the matter is that the best pizzas anywhere are made at the homes of people using a backyard pizza oven. These are the original ovens used to make the pizzas and other breads, making them […]


Get Rid Of Breakfast Blues?

Bored Adult Man At Breakfast Table

Ever wondered what would make your family smile before they head out to follow their busy schedule for the day? Is it the delicious breakfast you serve or the smile with which you do it? ‘What’s there for breakfast?’ is a common household dilemma every woman faces. Being the most important meal of the day, […]


Types of Coffee Makers and Their Benefits

Coffee Machines

Since coffee is available of different types, coffee makers also come in different types. The market is flooded with different types of coffee machines, with different price brackets and they all are made to brew coffee. Some run on electricity while others need human force to run. Here are some specific types of coffee makers […]


Domino’s Pizza Suits Everyone’s Palate and Pocket

Dominos Pizza

Before we were blessed with Dominos in India, the yummy pizza was considered a food for the rich and upper class and was mostly served in five-star hotels and expensive restaurants where the chefs had been trained for the international flavors and cuisines. However, ever since the most adored pizza chain called Dominos entered the […]


Few important things to consider before booking your wedding venue in Melbourne

If you have just got engaged, chances are that your friends and family would have started asking you questions as to where and when the wedding is going to be. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time in selecting the wedding venue as the venue can make or break your day. Here are […]


Lifestyle Of Dubai- Traditions And Aspects

So you want to enjoy and hangout with your friends at night. You have an excellent choice of bars and clubs in Dubai. Dubai experiences a very enjoyable nightlife. Most of the bars which are licensed are in Hotels but there are some exceptions. The minimum age for buying alcohol is 21 and the closing […]


How To Make Birthday Special With Almond Brittle?

Birthdays are clearly incomplete without cakes. But, if one is turning twenty five, forty or eighty, then the birthday cake has to be really very special. There are hundreds of recipes where we bake a birthday cake with innovative new flavors and ingredients to make it absolutely delectable and very special. A clear stand-out would […]


The 6 Most Effective Ways to Prepare For a Hen Party at Home

Hen Party at Home

For some women, the idea of holding their hen party at home would be an extremely attractive one. An intimate night in with the girls could prove to be every bit as much fun as a night out on the town. All that would be needed, to prevent it being just like any other night […]


Wine Recommendation Services Can Help You Enjoy Each and Every Sip of Your Wine


In a winery tasting room, what is inside your glass is as important as what is outside it? Wine taste is largely related to the environment. For example – Rosé in paper cup tastes fantastic on your honeymoon, but the same rosé sipped from crystal glass tastes like crap when you get divorced. This idea […]


How to Convert a Closet to a Wine Storage?


Wine lockers have been in fashion for some years now, but what about people whose homes were not naturally designed to hold a wine cellar? This article teaches you how to create one where none existed. When buying a house, we often worry about the doors, windows, size of the rooms, condition of bathrooms, drawers […]


Five Fun Frozen Desserts

Have a blast staying cool this summer, with five fun frozen treat that come straight out of your freezer. Chilly Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Total Time: 4 hours 25 minutes Prep Time 4 hours 25 minutes Yield: 8 servings Ingredients 10 – 3 .5-ounce vanilla ice cream sandwiches 1 pint softened strawberry ice cream […]


Sriracha: A Documentary Film | The Cook’s Cook

A mesmerizing review by Jacob Dean of the acclaimed documentary film by Griffin Hammond Srirachi. The Cooks Cook sizzles with great content like this. Can you believe I have never tried Sriracha, I can’t wait to try it out. Perhaps it will go well on a nice Porterhouse Pork Chop, not sure, but I am […]