Sriracha: A Documentary Film | The Cook’s Cook

A mesmerizing review by Jacob Dean of the acclaimed documentary film by Griffin Hammond Srirachi. The Cooks Cook sizzles with great content like this. Can you believe I have never tried Sriracha, I can’t wait to try it out. Perhaps it will go well on a nice Porterhouse Pork Chop, not sure, but I am […]

How to Keep open Wine Bottles Fresh?


Only having a glass tonight or need a cup for cooking? No worries, you can store the rest of that wine and keep it as fresh as the first time you opened it. It is not often that you have to re-cork a wine bottle. When measures need to be made, though, you should do […]

Let’s Enjoy Some Shopping and Dining in Jaipur City

Rajasthan is well known for palaces, colorful culture and wonderful lakes. Jaipur is fondly known as pink city. It has many attractions for the visitors like wonderful hills, palaces and lakes. Jaipur is the most liked and visited place by both domestic and abroad tourists. Apart from number of sightseeing options and architectural wonders, Jaipur […]

Filter Water To Avoid The Travel Bugs

When travelling to countries where the standards for water quality is lower than you are used to, it is a common problem to be struck down with stomach problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea. The water supply can easily be contaminated by virus, bacteria and chemicals or even by dissolved metal solids picked up from […]

Enjoying the Best Drinks in San Diego- The Beer City

San Diego is known as the biggest hub for breweries. The city has always come up with most unique styles of beer for people with indeed boosting flavors available at some of the best San Diego seafood restaurants and pubs while enjoying the splendid coastal view. Two of the city’s popular breweries are AleSmith and […]

4 Blog Finds For Foodies


  The best food bloggers, in my opinion, write more than just a recipe’s ingredients and directions; they also convey the recipe’s qualities with words and visuals. Many of these food bloggers tell a compelling story to go along with their recipes, which further enhances the experiences for their readers. Food bloggers strive to appeal […]

Baking with Your Grill: Cranberries and Jalapeño Corn Muffins


Looking for something easy and festive to prepare for your holiday guests, but your oven is full of other things that need to be baked? These muffins will hit the spot, and you can prepare them using your grill. Yes, really! Adding the cranberries and jalapeños to these muffins gives them a festive appearance, but […]

Grilled Pizza for Fall #Recipe via @jpcooks


Have you ever made pizza on the grill? All you need is a grill and a pizza stone and you’re all set! This recipe is easy to follow and the results are delicious! Ingredients include fig, prosciutto, manchego and arugula. Enjoy!   Get the recipe here: Fig, Prosciutto & Manchego Pizza with Baby Arugula | […]

Mushroom and Veggie Fajitas To Die For – The Flaming Vegan:

Ahh, the mushroom and veggie fajita to die for. There is an art to creating great food. Of course you must first start with the right ingredient’s. This is a simple dish to create and a vegetarians delight. The mushroom and veggie fajita is one of my personal culinary favorites. This is a visually appealing […]

Fettuccine with Porcini, Sausage, and Cream

Fettuccine with Porcini, Sausage, and Cream Ingredients - For 2 servings 20 grams (.7 oz) dried porcini mushrooms 200 grams (7 oz) pork sausage (preferably sweet Italian) 30 grams (2 Tbsp) butter 125 ml (1/2 cup) dry white wine 125 ml (1/2 cup) cream (35% fat) 1 Tbsp chopped fresh flat leaf parsley pinch of powdered […]

Caiola’s Restaurant Portland: Pecorino Wine is arrived in Maine

Zara Edwards, beverage manager at Caiola’s, loves the San Savino Offida Ciprea Pecorino 2010 ($22, Wicked), a wine from the Marche region of central eastern Italy that benefits from proximity to the Adriatic Sea. She writes, “What is so remarkable about this bottle is the vast changes it goes through, both in aroma and flavor […]

Le Marche Industry | Resto Italia, Canavaccio di Urbino

Resto Italia è un’azienda che produce macchine Alimentari – Sita in Canavaccio di Urbino Mariano Pallottini‘s insight: “Resto Italia” is a leading company in the production of machines for the Preparation of Food. Resto Italia since 1961 produces machines for food: electric and gas pizza ovens, spiral mixers, stretch pizza machines, vegetable cutters, mozzarella cutters, […]

La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica 2009

Name: La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica 2009 Grapes: At least 85% Verdicchio grape but this DOC allows Malvasia and Trebbiano in the blend. The last vintages I tasted of this wine were 100% Verdicchio although there is no mention of other grapes on the label… so we guess 100% Verdicchio. Alcohol: 13.5% Region: Matelica DOC […]

Le Marche Inspired Recipe | Apple Fennel Bruschetta

This recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Italy. Eddie and I were in this tiny town in the hills of Le Marche, called Apechio. They just so happened to be having their annual Truffle Festival (amazing!). On a rainy Sunday we were wondering around the town center, through an old castle made of […]

Sartarelli: Classic Verdicchio

Towards the middle of December I visited this lovely winery in the Marche region that produces excellent classic Verdicchio wines as well as one that is very special, Balciana. This was not the first time I had been there and so I already new how beautiful it was, with a splendid natural amphitheater that surrounds […]

Le Marche Chef in Wales | Blaenavon cook school hopes to win top award

A BLAENAVON cooking school is hoping to win a top award after being shortlisted for the prize. The Chef’s Room Fish and Cookery School in Blaenavon has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Welsh category of the 2013 British Cookery School Awards. Founder Lindy Wildsmith said: ” We are thrilled to be short […]