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5 Style Tips to Tie Skinny Ties

Half Windsor Knot

The skinny ties are known to come and go in fashion, but for some people, it’s a staple element of the daily outfits. They love to buy skinny ties online and tie them in different styles. Below are the 5 Style tips to tie skinny ties: Half Windsor Knots Half Windsor Knot, modest version of […]


Ancient Queens and Princesses style statements- try and get Indian origin personalities.

The Indian heritage gives a lot of importance to jewelry.  The history of Indian jewelry goes back to almost 5000 years. Since pre-historic times, people in India have had a desire for decorating themselves with jewelry. Gold, silver, gems  stones etc. were the significant aspects of Indian jewelry. With changing customs and tradition, even the […]


Changing the Stereotype of Chinese Watches

First Chinese Watch

Everyone knows that Chinese watches are cheap, knock-offs and basically low quality timepieces. Well almost everyone. Wayne Burgess is a man on a mission to challenge this stereotype and bring quality Chinese watches to the forefront through his website Fine Watches of China. The website focuses on three Chinese brands with a combined 140 years […]


Wholesale Memory Lockets


What is a memory locket? For those who do not already know, a memory locket is a piece of jewellery which you tend to wear around your neck. A memory locket can come in all different shapes and sizes, for example love hearts (big or small), squares, circles…. You catch my drift, most sizes and […]


Top Five Recommendations For Locating The Best Offers Online


Everyone in the world wishes to save money while doing online shopping. But, with loads of options available, it is sometimes difficult to locate the best suited offer. This doesn’t mean that there are no ideas left on the internet, rather following simple recommendations can help you in saving your pocket. Here are the top […]


Things to Be Kept in Mind While Buying Online Ties

buy online ties

Internet is a dynamic world where rules keep changing every second. It’s a giant hut in which the entire globe lives and thrives. Today it is has become more than a just a tool of innocuous personal exchange. It has certainly evolved into a channel of communication, business, and commercial transaction. It is no co-incidence […]


How to Shop for Quality Wedding necktie sets?

Necktie sets are an indispensable addition to a man’s wardrobe. Therefore, when it comes to neckties, make sure that you choose wisely, especially if you are purchasing them online. Here are some of the tips that you can try while buying quality wedding neckties- Go Online When it comes to accessories such as neckties, offline […]


How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a great way to extend the length of your eyelashes. Many people want longer eyelashes so that they can achieve a look that they will not otherwise be able to achieve. Longer eyelashes accentuate your eyes and can create a beautiful and elegant look. Unfortunately, we cannot control the length of our […]


The 6 Most Effective Ways to Prepare For a Hen Party at Home

Hen Party at Home

For some women, the idea of holding their hen party at home would be an extremely attractive one. An intimate night in with the girls could prove to be every bit as much fun as a night out on the town. All that would be needed, to prevent it being just like any other night […]


SwimWear Trends For Summer 2014 – Fashion Illuminati

What is your absolute favorite beach? Do you have one, if so, it’s important to look great this summer. Take a look at some of the best looks in 2014. The long sleeve bikini trend is fresh for Summer 2014 Resort Wear, but what do you think about this fashion fad. Logically, it makes no […]


Top Bloggers Now Making $1 Million a Year | StyleCaster

Are you getting paid? At the end of the day we all need a paycheck. Just look at what some of these top fashion bloggers are pulling down. Between writing, appearances and affiliate sales some top bloggers are making over $1 million dollars per year. It’s no secret that certain fashion bloggers are making big […]


How to Choose the Right Beauty and Hair Academy?

Hairstylist combing client blond girl in hairdressing salon

To properly get educated and trained as a beautician it’s necessary to takes courses. Before one gets started it’s important to first choose the right academy. This is because, only the right academy can train students in the proper way to become skilled professionals in the industry. It is not only just the investment of […]


Buying cheap watches online

cheap watches

Since decades, watches have been an important asset – it is one of the prime accessories that every man, woman or even kids like to sport. In the beginning days, one would opt for a single type of watch and wear it on all their dresses. However, as time has passed by and we have […]


Bring Smile in Your Closed One’s Face by Giving a Unique Gift

unique gift

The famous line of Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” clears the idea that giving gifts to the closed ones makes the life more beautiful. Do you want to give a unique gift to your special person? If ‘yes’, then go through […]


How to Choose The Right Hairpiece Tape?

Hairpiece Tapes

People who use a hair system on a daily basis need to use the right kind of hair piece adhesive. Generally hair system adhesives are of two types namely wig tapes and wig glues. Both of these agents help to hold the hair piece in place for 1-2 days or several weeks. But while selecting […]


Creative Ideas to Make Your Own Jewelry Set

Polymer Clay Jewelry

Women largely, have always harboured a liking for embellishments, as they like to adorn themselves with all that is beautiful. Ornaments, over the years, therefore have always been a special area of interest to women, and men too. Nowadays, ornaments can also be customized according to one’s preferences or tailor-made for occasions. If you are […]