The Story of Logo Evolution from Ancient Era to Modern Times

Feb 5 2016 | Written by : Gaurav Kumar| 10 |
History of Logo Design

If you are logo designer, you must take an active interest in knowing more about how logos evolved over the decades. The logos that you craft have a really fascinating history that dates back to 1800. The colors, typefaces, shapes and other elements that you use to make your logo look appealing are a

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5 Basics You Should Never Forget While Designing Restaurant Logos

Feb 2 2016 | Written by : Gaurav Kumar| 2 |

You may be a graphic designer looking for creating a restaurant logo as per your client’s specifications, or a restaurant owner who wish to win customers’ loyalty by placing a nice logo on your marketing materials. While you understand the importance of logo for your restaurant business, make sure

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Four Ways to Test Expansion Joints

Jan 24 2016 | Written by : Larry Alton| 3 |
expansion joints

Expansion joints are used to make sure that industrial processes in high-pressure work seamlessly. By helping to release the pressure caused by large temperature changes, expansion joints keep industrial architecture from cracking or breaking. But how do you know that your expansion joints are tested

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Pinterest Announces the Hottest Home Trends of 2016

Jan 17 2016 | Written by : Tom George| 10 |

Pinterest has examined the pinning habits of more than 100 million users to create the annual Pinterest 100, a highly anticipated list of the trends that will dominate in 2016. If you have a bathroom reno on the horizon or if you just want some ideas for Sourced through from: See

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The Story of Architectural Rendering Evolution: Then and Now

Jan 8 2016 | Written by : Albert Smith| 15 |

Architectural visualisation has evolved from simple pencil sketches to complete 3D renderings as well as interactive experience to show the owners and the potential buyers what the design will appear like. The usage of 3D animation programs in visualisation has helped to come up with more sophisticated

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World Architecture Festival Winners

Dec 21 2015 | Written by : Luke| 5 |

Image Credits Schristia, CC BY-SA 2.0 The World Architecture Festival 2015 was held on November 4-6 at the Marine Bay Sands resort in Singapore. This venue provided a picturesque riverside setting for more than two thousand architects and designers from around the world. This is one of the grandest

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15 Finest Home Designs of 2015

Dec 19 2015 | Written by : kelvindron| 12 |
Art Deco Furniture

Yet another year is coming to an end really soon. Like how they have award ceremonies for songs and movies, we believe there are a bunch of exceptionally awesome interiors that deserve some limelight. We always hope to give you some inspiration and ideas in case you’re thinking of redecorating your

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How To Get Great App UI From Android App Developers?

Dec 18 2015 | Written by : JakeMoses| 12 |

Mobile apps help companies to set their first impression on public very quickly. The first impression is important as even if the app is useful, user will not try it if it isn’t pleasing and interesting. Thus, there are apps on which investing time is always fruitful. You can get great app UI with

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Benefits of 3D Architectural Visualization

Dec 10 2015 | Written by : Albert Smith| 4 |

Visualization helps in assigning an identity to abstract ideas and, therefore, has been one of the most sought-after techniques for architects to demonstrate their designs. Designs sketched on paper paved the way for better understanding of the structures. As technology advancements took over in rapid

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What Every Sydney CEO Should Have: Office Furniture

Oct 12 2015 | Written by : Zoey Summers| 4 |
sydney CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company is surely stressful and challenging as you have to be in the loop in every movement of the business. Aside from managing the company, you also have to be well aware of the industry’s trend both inside and outside the country. Needless to say, your

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How Designers Can Stay Healthy

Sep 22 2015 | Written by : Anthony Ash| 9 |

You spend your entire days being glued down to your tablet and computer, but you still haven’t experienced the consequences upon your back? Don’t worry; the uncomfortable position will show its long-term effects sooner or later. Your body is giving you signs. After a long session in front of the

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What Are The Jobs Opportunities In Digital India Once It Becomes Reality?

Sep 18 2015 | Written by : Shalini Dixit| 8 |
Digital India

Digital India is one of the flagship programs of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He dreams of making India a digital hub of the world. The first step in this direction was taken with the launch of portal and a few weeks back it got strengthened with the launch of its mobile app to better

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