9 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers (Ethically)

What’s the best way to get more Twitter followers? (Hint: “Buying them” is not an acceptable answer.) : 9 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers (Ethically) Related articles Are You an Ethical Presenter? Oh, Really? How To Make An Ethical Difference In Your Business 10th Blog Post: Back to Ethics!

Fix Your Profile, Dammit!


It’s amazing how many times you see a connection request from someone on LinkedIn or Facebook or a new follower in Google Plus who have absolutely no information in their profiles at all. How do you know they’re not  a serial killer? You have to wonder why they reached out if they’re not a spammer […]

Are Scheduling Tools Killing Social Media Conversation?


Social media scheduling tools have always been the subject of hot debate – should you or shouldn’t you use them? Are they against everything that social media stands for? And last but not least, are they killing social media conversation?   There’s always been a lot of controversy surrounding scheduling tools. At the end of the […]

Ten Tools For Twitter You Should Know More About


If you use Twitter  as a social media community manager or in a similar capacity, you already know there are dozens of tools out there claiming to make tweeting a better and more efficient experience. Only a few apps actually live up to their claims though. Believe it or not, most of the best tools […]

This week in social media (February 3-7, 2014)

One thing can be said about social media: Things are always changing. This has to be the longest weekly roundup I have had to work on! You will find news for Facebook, Google, Klout, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Swayy, and Twitter, plus some social media stats (About.me, Yelp, Ustream, and WordPress). This week in social media (February 3-7, […]

The Best Social Networks for You

What is your favorite social network? Question looks easy on first sight, but you still need to think about it, at least 30 seconds. Probably you are on several platforms and check all of them regularly in a certain period of time. But there is always just one, the most favorite between all of them. […]

How Social Media Helps Celebrities to Self-Promote

Thanks to those verified blue ticks on Twitter and Facebook, celebrities are legitimately able to engage with fans on a more personal level, whilst advertising their latest projects to the world. Whether it’s to promote a new album, a movie, a fragrance, or clothing line collaboration, you can be certain you’ll hear about it through at least […]

How the CEO of Buffer rocks the Twittersphere

If you are looking for a great case study on how to make Twitter work for you, I have what you need. Belle Beth Cooper is part of the Buffer team, and she has spent quite some time observing the founder of the scheduling app in action. In this article, she reveals the types of […]

Tweet Binder: A tool for journalists

I came across this tool today. I haven’t tried it yet, but have decided to share it here in case you may be interested in testing it. Journalism.co.uk says that, “Users simply sign in with their Twitter account and type in a search term or hashtag. The resulting tweets are automatically sorted by replies, retweets […]

Tutorial: Increase signups to your Mailchimp newsletter in a few easy steps

Twitter generation leads card

The other day, I posted an update about Twitter Lead Generation Cards and a few people asked me how I had implemented mine. Honestly, it’s super easy! In my tutorial, you will learn to create your card and link it to your Mailchimp list in a few minutes. I hope you will enjoy the article! […]

Everything you need to know about #Twitter Advertising


After Twitter finally went public at the beginning on November, the next step for them was to find new ways of getting revenue. So for the first time ever, Twitter recently announced that it will allow small and medium sized enterprises from the UK, Ireland and Canada to buy ad space on the popular micro-blogging website. As Ravi Narasimhan, […]

Guidelines to Build Twitter Hashtags

build twitter hashtag

The use of social media has taken all the world like a storm. Long gone are the days when social media was just for who is who in this globe. Thanks to the introduction of twitter. Many people have come to acknowledge and accept twitter because of its innovative features. Original Source : Guidelines to Build Twitter Hashtags […]

Apple Buys Topsy A Twitter Analytics And Curation Platform


There is a free trial on Topsy Pro and a free version you can use to get relevant up to date information from Twitter on whatever popular search word or phrase you wish to search for. Topsy is a powerful Twitter analytics and curation site. Apple did well to acquire the company. There are numerous […]

Tips to measure your Social Media Campaign success


If you are running a social media campaign, then your goal is to see results such as, how many people are talking about your brand, what they are saying or what they are doing in your pages. With ordinary campaigns it is hard to know who is seeing your message and their reactions towards it. […]

5 ways Twitter can hurt your Business, if not properly used


  Twitter has been around since 2006 and has turned into a massive presence on the web. Most businesses have a Twitter presence, but some have not figured out how to use the service to the company’s advantage. The top five mistakes businesses make on Twitter are outlined here 5 ways Twitter can hurt your […]

21 of the Best #Hashtag Tools


Hashtags are extremely useful social media tools that can help you get more exposure, improve your social media reach and create successful social media campaigns. However, coming up with great hashtags and then tracking them is not always as easy as it seems. Here is a list of some of the best hashtag tools on the market: 1. BundlePost Bundlepost […]