How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

social media

Whether you’re planning a small event in your local area, or a large conference, social media can help you get the word out about your event in a powerful way.  After all, social media platforms have never been more popular, and everyone from tweens to old grannies log onto social media websites regularly.  So, once […]


FTQ: How Long Should My Social Media Posts Be?

What’s the maximum length for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? And what’s the ideal length for driving the most engagement? Check out our latest SlideShare to find out: What’s been your experience in using promoted social posts? Tell us about it in the comments — we’d love to hear from you! Related articles FTQ: […]


Market Your Business With Social Media: 8 Tips

You already know that millions of people are on the Internet each day. At least half of them are checking in with family, friends and businesses they patronize through social media outlets; Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn, Google+ and others. In order to make use of social media sites, your business needs a profile or page. […]


Want to Use Social Media Ads? Read this first.

Want to Use Social Media Ads- Read this first.

I’m going to lay some truth on you… in order for your content to be seen on social media you are going to have to pony up some money and use social media ads. Ah yes, pay to play. That’s what I’m talking about. Calm down, it’s not that bad – trust me. It’s actually […]


Top Social Media News for 2014 and How You Can Take Advantage

Website Magazine recently published it’s Top Social Media News for 2014. You can read the full article to discover news from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and several others.  My takeaways and tips to use in your business are below. Facebook: “Facebook took steps to improve its newsfeed in 2014. For starters, the social network […]


Dear Santa: A Social Media Professional’s Wish List

Dear Santa- A Social Media Professional's Wish List

My daughters have started to make their Christmas wish lists. Actually, they started back during the summer. Christmas is a time of year that evoke feelings of generosity and community, especially in the social media world. We have seen A LOT of changes, both good and bad, this past year and there are more looming […]


Twitter will track what apps you download on your phone

An app update, slated to roll out to iOS users Wednesday and Android users in the next week, will add a setting that allows the social network to keep track of the apps you download, the company announced Wednesday. The goal, Twitter says, is to provide users with a “more tailored experience.” By tracking the […]


Getting more twitter followers the right way!


Why is gaining as many followers as possible important? Well, Twitter is a social network with around 645,750,000 users at this precise moment, with 130.000 new users signing up each day. Any company trying to reach new audience would be foolish not to exploit the growth of Twitter. Twitter is being more commonly used by […]


Buying Twitter Followers In Order To Reach Critical Mass

twitter followers

Open a Twitter account and you can immediately engage with major authority figures in your niche. It happens sometimes, but don’t hold your breath. Most people’s experience is they open a Twitter account and then have very little engagement with others. The big problem is they haven’t reached critical mass with their account.  Critical Mass […]


Can you create quick quality links on Instagram?


Instagram is a popular app through which it is possible to share useful information in the form of photos. Photos of very high quality and theme will be presented by various users so that it is possible to influence others. When you take high quality snaps through iPhone, they can be shared instantly with others. […]


How to Be Successful on Twitter: 9 Surprising Stats to Know


There are 284 million monthly active users on Twitter and chances are, you’re one of them — we’re certainly are. Unfortunately, just because all of us are active on Twitter doesn’t mean we’re using it the right way. And thanks to SocialBro, we have new data from over 200,000 corporate tweets to prove what works on Twitter … and what doesn’t.   While some […]


Why being on Twitter is important for every marketer

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One single tweet can ruin a life, a career, set an unstoppable movement in motion, or it can go the other way around, make a star or even a hero out of someone. Alas, we all know that it takes much less time and less effort for negative consequences to kick in than with the […]


Strategies that determine success on twitter

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As you all know the craze and visibility on twitter is highly increasing worldwide. Even the advertisers, product promoters and media tend to make use of twitter for effective communication. Twitter can be considered as micro blogging platform where one can update information in the form of tweets. Especially people who need to share information […]


Should you repeat your tweets? Facts and figures from 1M tweets

55 percent of Twitter users repeat their tweets … but is it really effective? Should you repeat your tweets? Facts and figures from 1M tweets | Wisemetrics Blog.


23 Good Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists That Are Rarely Used

I researched the topic and found 23 popular and outside-the-box ideas for what to do with your Twitter list. See what I learned in the post below, and add your favorite uses in the comments. Read the full story here Related articles How do you use Twitter “favorites”? Do you ever look at “favorites” lists […]


Top Twitter Chats to Take Part In

Top Tweet Chats

I love Twitter. I love Tweet Chats even more. Tweet Chats allows you to have short, fast and fun conversations with people around a certain topic. Recently, Brian Fanzo of Broadsuite put together a great list of the top 16 Tweet Chats that help to build communities. Building communities takes time and a lot of […]


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