Pinterest Announces the Hottest Home Trends of 2016

Jan 17 2016 | Written by : Tom George| 10 |

Pinterest has examined the pinning habits of more than 100 million users to create the annual Pinterest 100, a highly anticipated list of the trends that will dominate in 2016. If you have a bathroom reno on the horizon or if you just want some ideas for Sourced through from: See

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5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

Jan 4 2016 | Written by : eWellness Expert| 16 |

eWellness Expert In today’s world, friendships, dates and even marriage partners can be met online. Meeting someone online has many disadvantages, like not knowing how they really are, they may get time to lie or to give a response after a great thought, which means that you do not get to see their

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Take your Business to the Next Level with Social Media Marketing

Dec 16 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 13 |

Many businesses find the proliferation of social media mind-boggling, especially now that it has become a driving force in marketing and advertising. Print advertising, television ads and radio advertising combined do not reach nearly the numbers of people that social media marketing reaches. Yet many

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Social Media Security Concerns and Defences

Dec 10 2015 | Written by : Ernest Thompson| 8 |
social media security

Social media isn’t all fun and games. There are real concerns out there and you need to know what they are, and how to defend against them. This applies equally to those who use social media for business and personal reasons. Everyone can be hacked as everyone has something a hacker wants. It really

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Pinterest Is Better Positioned Than Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) to Win at Social Commerce

Nov 3 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 6 |

This is an interesting article at Have you purchased anything lately while browsing Pinterest? Apparently they have the buy button. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are also following or leading (depending on who you ask), this trend, and now we have social commerce. “Pinterest

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Pinterest Continues To Improve Pinning With Latest Update To  iOS App Being a Native Share Button

Jul 24 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 5 |

Pinterest has vastly improved their IOS app, making pinning with one of these mobile devices a snap. You can edit descriptions of pins, create new boards, and choose from multiple images in a new grid format. Get the full story via VentureBeat! Source: Pinterest speeds up pinning on iOS with a native

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Maximizing Social Media at Events

Jun 10 2015 | Written by : Mandy Edwards| 5 |
maximizing social media at events

I recently attended the Southern C Summit in Charleston. This was a gathering of some of the South’s brightest social media pros, business owners, techies and more! Of course, it 99% women, so you get who I’m talking about I, for one, was really excited. It was my first Summit and being

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Reaping the Rewards of Social Media for Real Estate Pros

Jun 4 2015 | Written by : Tully Rickets| 3 |
Social Media

Social media is obvious to us nowadays. If you aren’t on some form of it, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Pinterest, you’re missing out – but not just in your personal life. For the aspiring real estate professional, social media can no longer be an afterthought, but instead must

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Pinterest as a Marketing Tool? Are you Kidding Me? Nope, We’re Not!

May 12 2015 | Written by : Tabitha Naylor| 2 |
Pinterest as a Marketing Tool? Are you Kidding Me? Nope, We’re Not!

Many people think Pinterest is just a great place for posting recipes, family photos and DIY projects. But Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool many different types of businesses can use to drive traffic to their websites. The good news is that it is not difficult to tap into the marketing power

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How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

Mar 20 2015 | Written by : James Alston| 1 |
social media

Whether you’re planning a small event in your local area, or a large conference, social media can help you get the word out about your event in a powerful way.  After all, social media platforms have never been more popular, and everyone from tweens to old grannies log onto social media websites regularly. 

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Pinterest Opens Promoted Pins to All US Marketers for 2015

Jan 7 2015 | Written by : Johnny Plan| 0 |
Pinterest Opens Promoted Pins to All US Marketers for 2015

Social network Pinterest has given US advertisers a new advertising tool to kick off the New Year. As of January 1st, the Promoted Pins ads first launched in September 2013 and available only to select brand partners in 2015 has been open to all advertisers. Early Pinterest brand partners including

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Want to Use Social Media Ads? Read this first.

Jan 7 2015 | Written by : Mandy Edwards| 0 |
Want to Use Social Media Ads- Read this first.

I’m going to lay some truth on you… in order for your content to be seen on social media you are going to have to pony up some money and use social media ads. Ah yes, pay to play. That’s what I’m talking about. Calm down, it’s not that bad – trust me. It’s actually

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