The Ongoing Battle for Relevancy

If someone from a Tuam, Ireland coffee shop can access your Wausau, Wisconsin website to order specialty paper products, it’s hard to think of any business as being exclusively local these days. While there seems to be an abundance of shoppers frequenting the local food market and other establishments, when one works almost exclusively online […]

This week in social media (February 3-7, 2014)

One thing can be said about social media: Things are always changing. This has to be the longest weekly roundup I have had to work on! You will find news for Facebook, Google, Klout, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Swayy, and Twitter, plus some social media stats (, Yelp, Ustream, and WordPress). This week in social media (February 3-7, […]

Expert Tips To Get More Followers for Your Business On Pinterest

Dorien Morin-van Dam has written an excellent article on how to get more Pinterest followers for your business. You can follow Dorin @moreinmedia, she is a social media expert and one of the founding members of the Social Solutions Collective, which is an amazing group of savvy professional marketers and business woman. In her Pinterest […]

Use Pinwoot To Get More Followers and Pins On Pinterest


Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat said he was getting far more Pinterest traffic using Pinwoot, so I took his advice and went ahead and registered. Now I see why Mike’s Pinterest traffic is up over 50% in the last four months. Pinwoot is a pinners dream. First you can simply connect with your […]

Infographic: The State of Pinterest in 2013

Interested in learning more about Pinterest and how it could help your business? Check out the infographic below for mind-boggling stats. And if you are looking for more numbers, including Pinterest’s valuation and growth in international traffic, you can always read Craig Smith’s article. by DashBurst. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest […]

Tips to measure your Social Media Campaign success


If you are running a social media campaign, then your goal is to see results such as, how many people are talking about your brand, what they are saying or what they are doing in your pages. With ordinary campaigns it is hard to know who is seeing your message and their reactions towards it. […]

21 of the Best #Hashtag Tools


Hashtags are extremely useful social media tools that can help you get more exposure, improve your social media reach and create successful social media campaigns. However, coming up with great hashtags and then tracking them is not always as easy as it seems. Here is a list of some of the best hashtag tools on the market: 1. BundlePost Bundlepost […]

Pinterest Refers More Traffic to Retail Sites Than Reddit, Twitter and YouTube Combined – SocialTimes

Well here you have it, the data is in. Sites that put a keen emphasis on video and images refer more traffic. Pinterest is apparently driving more traffic to retail sites than Twitter, YouTube and Reddit combined. It’s high time to get on the visual bandwagon. From the article: Since the early days of social […]

Four Seasons Launches Pinterest Trip Planning Service


Four Seasons Launches Pinterest Trip Planning Service (via Nevistas Hospitality and Travel Network) Pin.Pack.Go leverages the power and popularity of Pinterest to connect guests with Four Seasons local experts worldwide. As more and more travellers take to Pinterest to plan their next adventure, Four Seasons introduces Pin.Pack.Go, a new trip…

Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That’ll Make You a Pro

See on – Latest Social Media News Excerpt from article on HubSpot: “Pinterest users spend the most money of users on popular social networks — nearly double the amount of money spent from Facebook users and triple the amount from Twitter users. This means that there’s lots of potential leads and customers just waiting […]

How 10 non profits are using Pinterest To Promote Their Causes

This is a great article on a few different levels. First if you are like me, you are down to support a great cause, and if you are also like me, you are always on the lookout for creative ways to use Pinterest to help promote both great causes and great content. This piece titled […]

The Magic Formula in creating the “Perfect” Social Media Post

The Magic Formula in creating the “Perfect” Social Media Post

So your business had decided that it would maintain an active presence on social networking sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Moreover, it’s also been decided that your marketing team will just create one or two content items per day and post it simultaneously on all the platforms. Great. It’s fast and efficient, right? Not […]

Pinterest Article Pins A Clear Path To Higher Visibility For Your Content

Pinterest is a powerhouse of a social platform. As the third largest of the social platforms, Pinterest has done an outstanding job garnering attention. Pinterest has really been dubbed a visual curation site, but wait not so fast. As you will learn from this article, Pinning content, as in article content just became important. Now […]

How to implement and use Pinterest Article Cards

See on – B2B Content Marketing Daily Pinterest announced today in a blog post that much like their recipes and products, now articles will include information specific to the article like title and author and more.   Mike Allton‘s insight: Draw Attention to Articles on Pinterest Pinterest has released “rich pin” capability for Articles, […]

Why Kids Under 13 Shouldn’t Be On Facebook?

Very interesting article from AllFacebook. They provide us five reasons that kids under the age of 13 shouldn’t be on Facebook. I think this is a great article for parents of teenagers to read. Even though if Facebook had been as popular as it is now when I was a teenager I would be furious […]

How to Add HTML Embed Codes to Your Website


Looking for a useful tutorial to take advantage of the embeddable feature on major social media platforms? You are in luck, because I found the perfect article for you! Ginny Soskey covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and SlideShare in her article. I am sure you will find the screenshots very helpful! How to Add […]

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