Do You Have Access To LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform?

So do you have access to LinkedIn’s publishing platform? If you are not aware LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out the ability to publish content to some of it’s users. It is a great opportunity to build up your reputation and audience on the busy business social network by showcasing some of your best content. […]


SlideShare and LinkedIn: Made For Each Other

Learn how the professional social network and the content hosting mogul work together to create a powerful marketing opportunity for business. Image courtesy of LinkedIn and SlideShare are perfect compliments and not just because they are owned by the same company. As the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn attracts businesses from every possible […]


Fix Your Profile, Dammit!


It’s amazing how many times you see a connection request from someone on LinkedIn or Facebook or a new follower in Google Plus who have absolutely no information in their profiles at all. How do you know they’re not  a serial killer? You have to wonder why they reached out if they’re not a spammer […]


LinkedIn Marketing: Are You Sophisticated Enough? [Infographic]

How To Make LinkedIn Help Your Lead Generation Efforts

Savvy business owners already know they need to have a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn appeals to professionals since it’s a platform where people are more business-oriented. This makes the platform a great place for people to network and recruit top talent for their companies. LinkedIn has increasingly become a haven for sophisticated marketers. Enhancements, such […]


Groups On LinkedIn For Savvy Marketers


Have you discovered LinkedIn groups yet? If not, you should check into them. I read and retweeted a stat on Twitter recently which stated there are over 2.1 million groups on LinkedIn. Wow! Without a doubt, you should have no trouble finding at least one group which interests you. LinkedIn groups provide opportunities for marketers […]


Tips to measure your Social Media Campaign success


If you are running a social media campaign, then your goal is to see results such as, how many people are talking about your brand, what they are saying or what they are doing in your pages. With ordinary campaigns it is hard to know who is seeing your message and their reactions towards it. […]


Some tools to help you rock LinkedIn


How do you help people find your LinkedIn profile? And is there a way to connect with them beyond the Inbox? TJ McCue answers these questions and more in his article. He has compiled a list of fantastic tools that will help you make the most of the social network. Note that most of the […]


Interview with a Vampire: How Dracula Is Killing it on LinkedIn

  You already know Dracula takes the form of a bat when he wants to, but you probably didn’t know he’s a successful businessman and cutting-edge marketer. Dracula admits he “sucked” at content marketing in the beginning. But then he realized the answer was staring him in the face all along. “Sonar,” he said as […]


LinkedIn Intro’duces Insecurity

The sign up page of is seen in Singapore

LinkedIn released a new product today called Intro.  They call it “doing the impossible”, but some might call it “hijacking email”.  Why do we say this? Consider the following: Intro reconfigures your iOS device e.g. iPhone, iPad so that all of your emails go through LinkedIn’s servers. You read that right. Once you install the […]


The Growing Importance of Social Media for Recruitment (Infographic)

Along with the rapid change in technology in the current years, the way companies and employers recruit employees has also drastically changed. Gone are the days when these employers need to advertise jobs on the local paper and print ads. Today, posting a job is as easy as posting it on the Internet for millions […]


How To Make LinkedIn Help You In Lead Generation

LinkedIn, the unassuming, yet powerful tool in lead generation, can be just the thing you need in social media marketing. Well, it may not have the schmaltz and popularity that Facebook or Twitter enjoys, but its quiet nature of connecting professionals across the globe makes it the social media network of choice when looking for […]


Why Kids Under 13 Shouldn’t Be On Facebook?

Very interesting article from AllFacebook. They provide us five reasons that kids under the age of 13 shouldn’t be on Facebook. I think this is a great article for parents of teenagers to read. Even though if Facebook had been as popular as it is now when I was a teenager I would be furious […]


Kickstart Your LinkedIn Group With These 15 Professional Tips

Image Credit NASA

  A great LinkedIn piece written by Roger Harris who is an independent social communications consultant.The article titled 15 helpful tips to grow your LinkedIn group into thousands, does just that. It lists 15 pointers to get your group on LinkedIn really fired up. You can follow Roger Harris on Twitter @HarrisSocial From his article. […]


Get A Boost In Your LinkedIn Profile Views Expert Tells You How


Here is a great article from Jonathan Duarte titled “How to Increase your LinkedIn Profile Views by 500%” More on Jonathan in a moment. LinkedIn is a great place to do your professional networking. First you must learn how to use the site to take full advantage of it’s networking potential. Here we get some […]


LinkedIn Group Changes: 5 Changes To The Look Of LinkedIn Groups

Are you in any fantastic LinkedIn Groups? I am looking for a few good ones to participate in. I just found this piece from Top Dog Social Media written by Melonie Dodaro on some very recent changes to groups on LinkedIn. You can follow her on Twitter @meloniedodaro. By all means if you have a […]


How To Give a LinkedIn Recommendation

How To Give a LinkedIn Recommendation - YouTube

Endorsements on LinkedIn are great, but for me, they still pale in comparison to old-school, written-out Recommendations. In Shelley Roth’s latest Tipster video, she shows you how to find the Recommendations function on LinkedIn and use it … more often than not, it’ll get you one in return! See the video at How To Give […]