LinkedIn cheats you don’t want to miss reading

Jan 31 2016 | Written by : Rynoresumes| 14 |

LinkedIn Search Relevance – People Search Last Reviewed: 04/02/2015 By LinkedIn LinkedIn uses proprietary algorithms to rank and order the results you get when you search for people on the site. There’s no single rank for LinkedIn search – Unlike the standard

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5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

Jan 4 2016 | Written by : eWellness Expert| 16 |

eWellness Expert In today’s world, friendships, dates and even marriage partners can be met online. Meeting someone online has many disadvantages, like not knowing how they really are, they may get time to lie or to give a response after a great thought, which means that you do not get to see their

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Time Saving Apps for Social Media

Dec 21 2015 | Written by : Karen Repoli| 3 |

The easy access and availability of social media networks allows entrepreneurs to build highly successful businesses with little or no marketing budget. On the flip side it can be a giant road block to success if you get stuck in the traffic jam at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other platforms.

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Take your Business to the Next Level with Social Media Marketing

Dec 16 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 13 |

Many businesses find the proliferation of social media mind-boggling, especially now that it has become a driving force in marketing and advertising. Print advertising, television ads and radio advertising combined do not reach nearly the numbers of people that social media marketing reaches. Yet many

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Tips For LinkedIn Company Page for B2B & B2C!

Dec 10 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 5 |

LinkedIn is one if not the premier social site to make professional connections. How well are your company pages performing. Here is a great post from to help you navigate setting up your pages to see fantastic results. Your LinkedIn company page is becoming more and more relevant every day.

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Introducing Galene the New Search Architecture on LinkedIn

Nov 25 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 4 |

LinkedIn has put some serious resources into Galene. An interesting post! Around a year ago, we decided to completely redesign our platform given our growth needs and our direction towards realizing the world’s first economic graph. The result was Galene, our new search architecture, which has

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Maximizing Social Media at Events

Jun 10 2015 | Written by : Mandy Edwards| 5 |
maximizing social media at events

I recently attended the Southern C Summit in Charleston. This was a gathering of some of the South’s brightest social media pros, business owners, techies and more! Of course, it 99% women, so you get who I’m talking about I, for one, was really excited. It was my first Summit and being

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Reaping the Rewards of Social Media for Real Estate Pros

Jun 4 2015 | Written by : Tully Rickets| 3 |
Social Media

Social media is obvious to us nowadays. If you aren’t on some form of it, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Pinterest, you’re missing out – but not just in your personal life. For the aspiring real estate professional, social media can no longer be an afterthought, but instead must

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Webinar Recap: Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media

Mar 31 2015 | Written by : Rachel Parker| 0 |
Webinar Recap: Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media

  How do I know what content to share on social media? Do I HAVE to be on Facebook? Can I post the same content on all my social networks? How long should my social posts be? These are just a few of the questions we hear all the time from content marketers trying to make sense of the social

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Content Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn:Podcast

Mar 26 2015 | Written by : Rachel Parker| 2 |

Listen Now: Can’t access the player? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or subscribe to the RSS feed Welcome to Episode 115 of the Content Marketing Podcast! If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we shared the “secret sauce” for content that rocks on Twitter. (Need

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LinkedIn Publishing 101

Mar 24 2015 | Written by : Rachel Parker| 0 |

“Why should I bother with LinkedIn? I’m not looking for a job …” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that from a would-be content marketer, I’d have … well, a whompin’ lot of nickels. Yes, when LinkedIn first came along way back in 2002 (!), it quickly became a

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How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

Mar 20 2015 | Written by : James Alston| 1 |
social media

Whether you’re planning a small event in your local area, or a large conference, social media can help you get the word out about your event in a powerful way.  After all, social media platforms have never been more popular, and everyone from tweens to old grannies log onto social media websites regularly. 

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