Want to enhance your SEO? Google+ to the Rescue!

Want to enhance your SEO? Google+ to the Rescue!

Coming out of the shadows of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ seems to have promised itself a rare distinction as not just a social media site, but a tool for online marketing altogether. This is obviously because Google+ is the brainchild of the people who gave the gift of Google to the world, so that makes […]

The Ongoing Battle for Relevancy

If someone from a Tuam, Ireland coffee shop can access your Wausau, Wisconsin website to order specialty paper products, it’s hard to think of any business as being exclusively local these days. While there seems to be an abundance of shoppers frequenting the local food market and other establishments, when one works almost exclusively online […]

Fix Your Profile, Dammit!


It’s amazing how many times you see a connection request from someone on LinkedIn or Facebook or a new follower in Google Plus who have absolutely no information in their profiles at all. How do you know they’re not  a serial killer? You have to wonder why they reached out if they’re not a spammer […]

Tips and resources to understand and use Google Authorship


Despite being in its third year of existence, Google+ is still a mystery to many. Google Authorship, in particular, puzzles even more people. Ally Greer, Community Manager at Scoop.it, has curated a series of tips and resources to help people figure everything out. Experts featured include Joe Rizzo, Leo Widrich, Jayson DeMers, Martin Shervington, and […]

Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide

See on Scoop.it – The Content Marketing Hat Whether for your personal profile or your brand page, the desire and question of how to schedule Google Plus posts is one that comes up daily, yet the answers aren’t obvious. Here are ALL of your options. Mike Allton‘s insight: How to Schedule Google+ Posts, The Complete […]

This week in social media (February 3-7, 2014)

One thing can be said about social media: Things are always changing. This has to be the longest weekly roundup I have had to work on! You will find news for Facebook, Google, Klout, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Swayy, and Twitter, plus some social media stats (About.me, Yelp, Ustream, and WordPress). This week in social media (February 3-7, […]

The Best Social Networks for You

What is your favorite social network? Question looks easy on first sight, but you still need to think about it, at least 30 seconds. Probably you are on several platforms and check all of them regularly in a certain period of time. But there is always just one, the most favorite between all of them. […]

A New & First WP Plugin for Google Glass

WordPress Plugin For Google Glass

Today, Google Glass is one of the trendiest technologies with an optical head-mounted display, which is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project. Across the world, lots of people have appreciated this product because of its incredible features. Read Full Story Here: wpForGlass – A New & First WP Plugin […]

53 Tips To Make Your Google On Air Hangout A Smashing Success

  Andy Nathan has written a super article listing 53 amazing tips and ideas to market your next Google On Air Hangout. This is out of the box thinking at it’s best. It looks like a guest post on Jeffbullas.com Once you find this site, you are going to want to go back to it […]

Google+ tip: Learn to track who shares your content

Monitoring mentions on Google+

  Monitoring conversations around your brand or name is very important. It does not only allow you to know your audience better, but it also helps build stronger relationships. The Google+ Search functionality is very powerful for that particular purpose. To help you leverage it, I have created a short tutorial on my blog. I […]

You must have a quality authorship profile in 2014

This statement can be found in Kristi Hines’ excellent article on how to build authority through blogging and Google Plus. We are entering an era of context. Search is no longer just about keywords; it is now about ideas. Creating content that matters has never been more important. Quality is finally going to be rewarded! […]

How Social Media Helps Celebrities to Self-Promote

Thanks to those verified blue ticks on Twitter and Facebook, celebrities are legitimately able to engage with fans on a more personal level, whilst advertising their latest projects to the world. Whether it’s to promote a new album, a movie, a fragrance, or clothing line collaboration, you can be certain you’ll hear about it through at least […]

Have you heard of CircleCount?


Google+ is awesome. Unfortunately, there not many free tools available to help businesses understand metrics. That is unless you use CircleCount. This third-party service has some very solid features, including the ability to keep an eye on publicly shared Circles where your profile has been added. CircleCount helps you make the most of Google+ | […]

Every Business should have Google+ Brand Page now

Google Plus has been described as a not-so-effective social networking site. But Google has countered this notion by displaying the rapid growth of Google+, at the rate of 540 million active users per month having Google accounts, interact with the platform in some way or other.. Google+ has an edge over other social networking websites, because it […]

Email notification spam is increasing on Google+. Here is how to avoid it

google+ tip

I don’t know about you, but I receive a lot of spam notifications from complete strangers on Google+. These can get very annoying, especially if the culprits continue hitting you up after you have explained that they shouldn’t use the platform like they use Facebook. So, how can one get rid of those notifications? And […]

Display Your Google+ Posts as Ads Throughout Google’s Display Network

See on Scoop.it – B2B Content Marketing Daily Today, Google announced that Brands who are actively using their Google+ Pages will soon be able to use their status updates to generate display ads which will be displayed across the Google network.   Mike Allton‘s insight: BREAKING: Google+ Posts As Dynamic Ads for Businesses In a […]

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