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CEO Gary Vaynerchuk On Why Facebook Is Winning All Your Attention

Jan 28 2016 | Written by : Tom George| 8 |
gary vaynerchuk

Embed from Getty Images Gary Vaynerchuk has been enormously successful on social media. He has become a master of understanding the not so subtle details and nuances of the medium. Gary has used social media to launch his companies into the stratosphere.  This video series gives some of his

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5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

Jan 4 2016 | Written by : eWellness Expert| 16 |

eWellness Expert In today’s world, friendships, dates and even marriage partners can be met online. Meeting someone online has many disadvantages, like not knowing how they really are, they may get time to lie or to give a response after a great thought, which means that you do not get to see their

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How Should Marketer’s Use Facebook Instant Articles

Dec 23 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 5 |
facebook instant articles

This is a  handy guide for marketers on Facebook Instant Articles. It’s official. Facebook has officially become a potential competitor to Google when it comes to the information market. In addition to introducing the “buy now” feature which essentially transformed the social platform into

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Time Saving Apps for Social Media

Dec 21 2015 | Written by : Karen Repoli| 3 |

The easy access and availability of social media networks allows entrepreneurs to build highly successful businesses with little or no marketing budget. On the flip side it can be a giant road block to success if you get stuck in the traffic jam at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other platforms.

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Take your Business to the Next Level with Social Media Marketing

Dec 16 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 13 |

Many businesses find the proliferation of social media mind-boggling, especially now that it has become a driving force in marketing and advertising. Print advertising, television ads and radio advertising combined do not reach nearly the numbers of people that social media marketing reaches. Yet many

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Social Media Security Concerns and Defences

Dec 10 2015 | Written by : Ernest Thompson| 8 |
social media security

Social media isn’t all fun and games. There are real concerns out there and you need to know what they are, and how to defend against them. This applies equally to those who use social media for business and personal reasons. Everyone can be hacked as everyone has something a hacker wants. It really

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Facebook’s Rating System Is Seriously Flawed

Dec 6 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 11 |
facebook paid reviews

A Competitor Bought 200 1-Star Reviews For Our Facebook Page – Here’s Our Story Yes. Facebook’s rating system is flawed. And They Aren’t Willing To Help Unless You Put Up a Fight! Imagine a business that has been around for well over a century with a stellar reputation such

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Facebook Launches Notify App In The US That Pushes Publisher Content to Lock Screen

Nov 11 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 7 |
facebook notify

Have you heard of yet another app being released in the US this week called Notify? You might be rolling your eyes thinking another app. But hold on. This app has been launched by Facebook. You know the social networking giant with 1.5 billion users. As the CEO of Internet Billboards part of my job

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Why to use Facebook to maximize business exposure?

Sep 10 2015 | Written by : Christiana Antiga| 6 |

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. Its popularity is increasing with every passing day. All thanks to the amazing services that it offers to not just individuals but businesses as well. It is a great forum to communicate with others around the globe, share information with them

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Write “Smart” on Your Forehead – You’re Re-Targeting on Facebook

Sep 9 2015 | Written by : John Unger| 5 |

You are looking for some new shoes, and you have checked a few sites for styles and prices. You have not yet made a purchase, because you want to think about it and maybe visit a local shoe store first. Later that day, you get on Facebook, just to see who has posted what. There on the right rail of your

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5 Tips to Start the Conversation on your Facebook Business Page

Aug 28 2015 | Written by : Karen Repoli| 8 |
HIT Virtual

When you post status after status on your Facebook business page, with no likes or comments do you feel like you’re in a deserted town with crickets chirping?  Even with over 500 fans on your page, it can be oh so quiet, empty and lonely there.  You know all of those people exist.  You can see the

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Make your Facebook Posting More Efficient On Social Media

Aug 5 2015 | Written by : Stuart Clock| 6 |

I think we can all agree that maintaining a successful Facebook page is not easy nowadays. Although Facebook has over one billion users, reaching out to them (preferably without having to pay up for exposure) is not easy at all. The overcrowded news feed and the migration of users and brands toward other

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