Facebook Adds Four New APIs To Help Media Companies Know What’s Popular

We all love to know what developments and stories are trending and hot. Interesting stories and hot topics make us excited. Twitter has been a great tool for media companies to use to track engagement and shares. Well Facebook is finally opening up the social utopian walled garden to allow for media companies to be […]


Some Super Tips To Increase Facebook Organic Reach

If you are like everyone else you have steadily noticed your organic reach on your Facebook posts going down. It’s a little disheartening I know, but let’s face the facts. Facebook for business has basically become pay to play.  I got a great email today from Ian Cleary of Razor Social with a great post […]


Another Change in Facebook’s Algorithm

facebook screen

Advertisers are well aware that Facebook’s algorithm is every-changing. Although this is supposed to make it easier for advertisers, it usually tends to work the opposite way. Without looking at the individual changes themselves, the simple fact that they are always changing makes it difficult for marketers to gauge how effective their efforts will be. […]


Facebook Finally Settles On A News Feed Design


If you’re one of the billions of people on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the ever-changing design of the news feed. Recently, you noticed that it changed again. Whether you think this latest change is for better or worse, there is good news – Facebook says this is what they’ve settled on. That’s right. Facebook claims […]


5 Effective Ways To Promote New Facebook Business Pages


After you have created a Facebook page to help you in marketing your business, you need to ensure that it is effective enough to deliver desired results. There is no platform that can be effective without an audience. This means that the next step is to take your page where your customers are. They need […]


Facebook And Your Business


Facebook has more than one billion users,; that is 1 and 9 zeros. What this means is that a lot of people are using this platform to communicate and know what is hot and what’s not. Consumers like to buy products and services depending on what others are saying about them. You should therefore ensure […]


Facebook Aquires Fitness App ProtoGeo To Get Ready For Wearable Tech

Facebook has just recently acquired the fitness app Moves from ProtoGeo in a shift to get ready for wearable tech, and the Internet of Things. It is always interesting to see what moves Facebook is making and what the possible market ramifications will be. Interesting article. With Moves, Facebook is staking its claim in the […]


Facebook: Connections, Information, and Emotions


First used to make connections between and among students of Harvard University, Facebook now has many users and uses than ever. Some people check their accounts every so often to do some catching up with their friends and family, while some enjoy Facebook slots and other games. Truly, Facebook changes a number of aspects in […]


Facebook Cracks Down on News Feed Spam From Brand Pages

Just came across an important News Feed update from Facebook, courtesy of our friends at HubSpot. Bottom line: If you’re just saying no to seamy tricks like click-baiting and recirculating your own content, you have nothing to worry about. Get more details at Facebook Cracks Down on News Feed Spam From Brand Pages. Related articles Facebook: […]


The Facebook Purchase of Oculus Creates A Stir In The Gaming Community

At what point does a company like Facebook crossover into a monopoly? Facebook continues to spend billions on technology companies and is in full business mode. The leading social network has created quite a stir with its latest acquisition of Oculus.  Oculus has some new technology that will be great for the gaming community, but […]


I Want My Facebook Messenger for Windows :(

A few weeks ago, I noticed my Facebook Messenger on my desktop stopped working. When I clicked the icon, it said Facebook no longer supports it. I’m veklempt. I found this to be a very useful tool. It meant I didn’t have to have Facebook open in order to communicate. I could tell immediately when […]


New Program DeepFace Will Allow Facebook Amazingly Accurate Facial Recognition

As you might well know, Facebook has the largest stockpile of photos in the world. Soon they will be able to find and identify a photo with remarkable accuracy with a new program called DeepFace. What do you think about the ability for Facebook to use facial recognition to identify users? Are we crossing into […]


7 Common Status Update Fails By Facebook Pages

status update fails

status update fails Many companies jump into Facebook without a clear social media strategy, focusing on ‘fluffy’ goals like getting more followers than their competitors. Most of the time they just replicate what other Facebook pages are doing, without understanding the reasons behind those activities or the desired outcome. This is very dangerous, as some […]


Fix Your Profile, Dammit!


It’s amazing how many times you see a connection request from someone on LinkedIn or Facebook or a new follower in Google Plus who have absolutely no information in their profiles at all. How do you know they’re not  a serial killer? You have to wonder why they reached out if they’re not a spammer […]


Are Scheduling Tools Killing Social Media Conversation?


Social media scheduling tools have always been the subject of hot debate – should you or shouldn’t you use them? Are they against everything that social media stands for? And last but not least, are they killing social media conversation?   There’s always been a lot of controversy surrounding scheduling tools. At the end of the […]


This Man’s $600,000 Facebook Disaster Is A Warning For All Small Businesses


If Shakespeare was still alive today, he might have rewritten Marcellus’ famous Hamlet speech into “Something is rotten in the state of Facebook.”  Joke aside, since the publication of Veritasium’s video, which shows evidence that Facebook’s revenue is based on fake likes, a lot of experts have started calling out the company’s flawed advertising model. This article […]


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