Latest Trends in Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management systems are not static systems. These are data gathering systems as well as a subset of project management software. In many ways, it is like a feed formulation software, but with feedback on actual weight of the livestock being fed. The first generation fleet management software took care of scheduling drivers, trucks, loads, […]


Key components of a scanning electron microscope

A scanning electron microscope or SEM is an electron microscope that is used for producing images of a sample by virtue of scanning it with a focussed beam of electrons. The electrons interact with the atoms present in the sample and produce signals that provide information about the surface topography and composition of the sample. SEMs […]


iBeacon – The New Star of Technological Advancement


About iBeacon Of late iBeacon has emerged as a trendy technological topic and is being discussed widely across the globe. The advent of iBeacons, which is basically an ‘indoor positioning tool’, is generally considered as a great advantage to big commercial establishments such as large-scale retail outlets, museums, education departments, etc., and also, to the […]


3 Ways Assistive Technology Benefits Humankind

Some may argue that the advancement of technology takes work away from the person. While this may be true in some situations, technology can also give work back to those that are unable to do so without assistance. Developing electronics as a tool can improve upon the efficiency of a person. Although automated systems have […]


Los Angeles: Data Center Selection Considerations


When considering a colocation data center in Los Angeles, there are several factors that should play into your decision. What’s The Upside? There are several reasons for colocating your data infrastructure in a LA data center. Here are just a few to consider: Los Angeles is a great place to enjoy your time after you’ve […]


Space: The Final Frontier


“I think millions of people in the world would love one day to have the chance to go to space, and this is the start of a long program,” Richard Branson. It has not been a good week for space travel. In Virginia, an unmanned Antares rocket broke apart just after it launched. A few days […]


Proposing a Big Project? Know Everything about Environmental Impact Assessment First


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important procedure carried out to ascertain the effects, both negative and positive, on the environment of the proposed development. The procedure is carried out to make sure that no adverse effect of the development is neglected and initiatives are taken to reduce it from the beginning stage. Planning authority […]


Working of a Gas Turbine

gas turbine installed base

You’ve heard and read quiet enough about gas turbines. Just a little brushing about a gas turbine is before we begin with the gas turbine installed base. Gas turbines are used not just by those power plants you see on the outskirts of the city, but at some of the most unusual places, where you […]


Advantages of Diesel Fuel Polishing


Diesel fuel polishing can help restore the quality of stored fuel and help increase the longevity of your equipment. This article discusses the advantages of this procedure. Are you constantly worried about the quality of fuel you use for your equipment and generators? Does the longevity of your engines concern you?  Over a period of […]


Soda Ash Market In 2014

The worldwide markets for soda ash in thousand metric tons can be analysed through thorough research. Basically there are several end-use segments that can determine the analysis of soda ash in the market today. These include the following elements: Glass (Container Glass, Flat Glass, Fiber Glass, & Others) Chemicals Soaps & Detergents Pulp & Paper […]


Finding Helpful Oxidizer Specialists Online


People who want to find a thermal oxidizer specialist here must remember that they need to work with someone who is licensed to handle the work. HVAC contractors are licensed professionals who can handle the repair and replacement of HVAC systems in large buildings and homes. These systems are integrated into the operation of the […]


Experience the Power of Solar Energy

LAnco A1

Over the years, Solar Module Manufacturers have increased in India. Do you know why? Because India is one of the perfect locations for solar energy production! The country has abundance of solar energy, with sunlight available throughout the year in most regions. And with the rising electricity demands, solar energy can prove to be a […]


Attapulgite: Knowing Its Chemical Properties and User Industries

Attapulgite is a mineral which is used for both industrial and medicinal purposes. It was named after Attapulgus, a place in southwest Georgia where large quantities of the mineral are found. This mineral which is also known as, fuller’s earth, gets its needle-like Physiology from its 3-dimentional crystallized structure. The size and the shape of […]


Sodium Lamp – How it Works and History

Sodium lamps work, when the electrical current is run through any ionized gas, which in-turn vaporizes the sodium. The electric currents some electrons to strike the metal and gas ions, which causes the ions to absorb the resulting energy and to progress to a higher state of energy. Then the ions come back to their […]


Various Uses of Solar Modules

Solar Modules or Solar cells can be an answer to variety of day to day problems. From ventilation to water heating and using power pumps, these modules can help transform lives. Derived through the use of solar modules or panels, solar energy can be your ‘green,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘economic’ and ‘renewable’ alternative for energy needs. And […]


7 Excellent Methods For Cleaning Copper

Even though many people prefer to use copper over other metals because of its beautiful appearance, it can actually be quite frustrating to clean when it becomes dirty or tarnished. The good news is that there are a number of methods that you can use to clean copper, many of them utilising ingredients that you […]