Alternative Cancer Treatments – A New Way to Reduce the Pain

Alternative treatments of cancer are not aimed at curing the disease but helping patients handle the symptoms that are caused due to cancer treatments. Cancer patients often witness treatment symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, stress, sleeping disorder and pain. Alternative treatments like aromatherapy, hypnosis, etc. are used in coordination with traditional treatments like chemotherapy […]

The Importance of a Routine Visit to a Gynecologist

Women are a boon to the universe. They play a world of roles;a daughter, sister, mother, wife, professional; most of them, at one time. A women’s life is therefore very demanding, leading her to putting herself last on her list of priorities; often leading to ignoring her heath. It’s surprising that even after the man […]

Mobile Phones: Lifeline for the Homeless

How many of us have old cellphones and downgraded smartphones lying around in a drawer? Imagine that phone being able to change someone’s life. Once we junkpile our electronic equipment, if everyone took the effort to donate it to the local homeless shelter, imagine how we can change the world, one upgrade at a time. […]

Psoriasis: Treat It at The Earliest


There are myriads of skin diseases or conditions. Some are contagious while others are not. Most often skin diseases are not taken up with the doctor unless the impact is considerable. While for some, ignorance may be the sole reason, for others it’s just not important enough. One such skin condition is Psoriasis. Are you […]

Filter Water To Avoid The Travel Bugs

When travelling to countries where the standards for water quality is lower than you are used to, it is a common problem to be struck down with stomach problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea. The water supply can easily be contaminated by virus, bacteria and chemicals or even by dissolved metal solids picked up from […]

Preparing for Baby’s Drive Home from Hospital

New parents can be completely overwhelmed following the birth of their first child. They have barely gotten comfortable holding, changing and feeding their baby when they find it is time to leave the hospital and head home. It is very important to be properly prepared with the right equipment, clothes and mindset on the day […]

How Fine Hand Tools Work To Deep Clean Your Teeth?

Hand Tools

We are supposed to have our teeth cleaned after every six months. Usually, your regular dentist will give you a date when you will have to come back and get your teeth cleaned properly but mostly it is up to you. However, it is essential for you to get your teeth deeply cleaned twice a […]

Disrupt The Status Quo | Make The Critical Shift Forward

See on – 21st Century Learning and Teaching   The imperative for leaders and managers to optimize their potential and the potential of others has never been greater.  Disrupt the status quo by using change and challenges to build your greatest potential and results!     Gust MEES‘s insight:   The imperative for leaders […]

What Negative Effects Does Facebook Have Psychologically on People?

So what negative effects does Facebook have psychologically on people? This Facebook study casts a light on some of the more shadowy aspects of the giant social network. From the article. This is a powerful statement Dr. Kross and Dr. Verduyn therefore conclude that, rather than enhancing well-being, Facebook undermines it. THOSE who have resisted […]

Why Ditch the Plastic Water Bottle?

There are many reasons to switch to filtered tap water including some scary health reasons! Save Money: You can save a lot of money not drinking bottled water! Even if you are buying it on sale or with coupons. “Last year, we spent more on Poland Spring, Fiji Water, Evian, Aquafina, and Dasani than we […]

Dark undercurrents of teenage girls’ selfies

If social media only caused narcissism, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Instagram and Facebook are social networks that not only breed narcissistic tendencies but transform relations into a sexual rat race. On these ubiquitous portals, the popularity of girls is hotly contested over one big deal: how sexy can I appear and bring it […]

Dangers of Perfectionism | FreelanceFolder

Happy Monday everyone. Now let’s take a minute to remember that we are human and we make mistakes, and we are NOT perfect! I found this perfectionism article today by  Laura Spencer, and I appreciate reading that other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners feel the urge to compete with others online. I do not think enough people […]

Be Happy: How to Spark Positive Thoughts

be positive

A recent study showed that Twitter followers enjoy following people who tweet positively.  “Expressing negative sentiments in tweets is the second most harmful factor to growing a Twitter audience,” say researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They speculate about why: “This might be because Twitter is a medium dominated by very weak social ties, and […]

50 Ways To Be AWESOME

Tony and I just completed our trip around the world and as we are reconnecting with friends and family from home, I keep getting asked the same question: “Did travel change you?” In short: Nope! I am still the whacky girl that left on a jet plane last January to explore the world with my […]

Heal Your Hamstrings With Yoga


See on – Yoga for Men When dealing with hamstring injuries, it’s best to be proactive and avoid the desire to sit back and “let them heal”. See on Related articles 5 Ways to Engage More Fully With Happiness Yoga and Meditation for Back Pain Three Great Methods for Meditation In The Office […]

Limbic Revision: How Love Rewires the Brain

:: by Maria Popova On the capacity for transformation and its prerequisite of letting go. “Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love.” A General Theory of Love is one of 5 favorite books on the psychology of love and the kind of read you keep coming back to […]