The Space Story : Self Storage and Mini Storage

It is quite surprising to know that the self-storage space in the US is more than three times the size of the Manhattan Island. One out if every ten households in the US rents a storage facility. Whereas individuals are using the self-storage units for storing everything from clothing to home décor items to sporting […]

A Smooth Move Kit

Packing is one of the biggest challenges involved in making a residential move. If you are confused as to how to pack your endless stuff so to get them transported safely and securely to your new home, get yourself the basic moving supplies. You must buy heavy duty packing tape for packing the boxes. Packing […]

Filling In Airtime With Pundits and Props

His reluctant 15 minutes of fame just got an extension. Canadian Pilot Mitchell Casado has had his fair share of air time on CNN these days as the non-stop 24/7 coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues indefinitely. While CNN is calling Casado a “pilot for the people,” one view of any of […]

Sanctions Against Russia Inch Forward After Crimean Vote

  Why can’t we all just get along. A downward development in our relations with Russia. The president announces possibility of sanctions. “If Russia continues to interfere with Ukraine, we stand ready to impose further sanctions.” Obama said in his statement from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. He added, “We’ll continue to make […]

Pros And Cons Of Sandblasting For Your Workplace

Whilst sandblasting is widely used in a variety of industries (thanks to its alleged speed and precision in smoothing, cleaning or even removing surface finishes), there has been some speculation over its effectiveness in recent years. In this article, we have aimed to cover as many of the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking sandblasting as […]

7 Excellent Methods For Cleaning Copper

Even though many people prefer to use copper over other metals because of its beautiful appearance, it can actually be quite frustrating to clean when it becomes dirty or tarnished. The good news is that there are a number of methods that you can use to clean copper, many of them utilising ingredients that you […]

Achieve Recognition as an International Journalist


Presse ausweis being the German for press card, serves as a proof of full time and part time activity to a third party. It is primarily a working tool on the issues of journalistic research. Press cards are issued by organizations and editors, who create criteria for awards, to full-time and part time journalists. They […]

While Obamacare stuns the U.S., Leading from Behind Unravels World Peace

While Obamacare stuns the U.S., Leading from Behind Unravels World Peace (via Tom O’Halloran) By Sol W. Sanders   The U.S. is transfixed by the Obama administration’s massively bungled attempt to nationalize one sixth of the economy, the health welfare system. But the rest of the world watches the slow motion unfolding of another debacle:…

Are US air strikes recklessly killing civilians?

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have issued a joint report accusing the United States of indiscriminately carrying out targeted killings in violation of international human rights law. “Between a Drone and al-Qaeda” documents six strikes in Yemen from between 2009 and 2013, showing a pattern of recklessly endangering civilians and going beyond President Barack […]

Could The United States Find A Diplomatic Solution To Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis

  President Barack Obama told PBS NewsHour co-anchor Gwen Ifill Monday evening that he would prefer a diplomatic solution in Syria and has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about those efforts. President Obama said Monday, a day before his prime-time address to the nation justifying military action in Syria, that he would prefer a […]

Drought and the Coming Climate Wars


The news of Syria is at this point inescapable as the world waits to see what if any response will be taken by the United States for the alleged chemical attack that took place this past August. I say alleged to remain neutral. Although I remain neutral the evidence is pretty compelling that a chemical […]

U.N. inspectors tote evidence out of Syria as Obama weighs options –

  United Nations weapons inspectors departed Syria on Saturday carrying precious cargo — evidence and witness accounts collected from the sites of chemical weapons attacks. With President Barack Obama considering a limited strike on Syrian military installations, many of his allies and critics at home and abroad are beseeching him to wait for the U.N. […]

Miley Cyrus, Syria’s Chemical Weapons, and the Business of News


This has been an interesting news week. Well, maybe interesting isn’t the right word. Troubling, confusing or even downright weird might sum it up better. Whichever you might be feeling, the end result is that we’ve learned (or possibly re-learned) a valuable lesson about the business of news. Let’s use CNN, the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader […]

16-year-old uses Internet to describe captivity

SAN DIEGO AP — Hannah Anderson says a longtime family friend “tricked” her into visiting his house, tied up her mother and younger brother in his garage and kidnapped her, setting off a massive search that stretched across much of the western U.S.And when she later learned they were found dead in her captor’s burning […]

Through a PRISM darkly: Tracking the ongoing NSA surveillance story

It was a relatively quiet week for internet news until Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald dropped a bombshell on Thursday, with a story that showed the National Security Agency was collecting data from Verizon thanks to a secret court order. But that was just the beginning: the Washington Post later revealed an even broader program of […]

Colorado Governor Signs Marijuana Bill Into Law – The Hollywood Gossip

Governor John Hickenlooper made it official on Tuesday: Colorado is the first state in the country to make recreational marijuana use regulated and legal. The politician was an opponent of legalizing the drug when it was up for a vote in November, but residents made their voices heard at the polls. “Recreational marijuana really is […]