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Tricks to finding the right pricing strategy for your Airbnb listing

Feb 1 2016 | Written by : Bedspoke| 7 |

Before anything you need to understand what you are up against The short-term property rental market and the hotel industry have been in constant flux ever since sites such as Airbnb have disrupted and transformed the way guests and hosts interact. Airbnb itself has become increasingly popular

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What to look for in an estate agent

Feb 1 2016 | Written by : Jack Dawson| 3 |

When it comes to buying property these days, websites and property listing portals are doing a fair job of actually making buyers aware of the properties available in their price range. However the other part of the transaction between buyer and seller is left to either party. This ‘other’ part is

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New Tricks to Boost The Resale Value of Your House

Jan 29 2016 | Written by : Manish Kumar| 13 |

Anything in this living world is valuable until it is compelling and easy to attract. No matter what it is? It should be absolute and captivating to tempt throughout and increases its value. Likewise, home is also that irreplaceable gift which is a foremost desire for all and also investment in residential

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3 Tips on How To Sell Your Home Faster and Easier

Jan 22 2016 | Written by : Evie Coles| 4 |
Cash Home buyer

Selling a home can be an exciting time as you think about moving on from your old place and getting a whole, new home, but the process of selling your home can be a long, tedious and drawn out one. Many sellers wait months with their house on the market, all the while the chances of the house actually

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To Build or To Buy: 5 Questions Every Homebuyer Needs To Ask

Jan 22 2016 | Written by : Evie Coles| 3 |
Land for Sale Mackay

If your family home is getting too small, too old, or just not fitting your needs anymore, you might be thinking about moving into a new place. When the time has come to choose a new house the question that needs to be answered is should you buy a house, or build your own new home? There are benefits

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Heed to These Vital Questions and Make Happy Investment

Jan 21 2016 | Written by : Manish Kumar| 35 |

Get your own investment story with the latest bang on commercial project in Gurgaon which has re-created an excitement among the investors and buyers to put money in a captivating property that can give them what they have speculated before. Is the name of the builder is enough to trust? Probably,

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Budgeting For Your New Home

Jan 17 2016 | Written by : Tom George| 8 |

If you’re planning to buy a new home, make sure you find one that won’t bust your budget. Whether you prefer the city or the country, a cozy fixer-upper, or a brand new two-story, don’t buy something that you can’t really afford. Take a look at five important tips.   Add

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Real Estate Expectations from 2016!

Jan 11 2016 | Written by : Manish Kumar| 11 |

These days’ world looks towards India as an only hope for business and investment. As stated by RBI Head Raghuram Rajan “India emerges to be an isle of relative calm in an ocean of turmoil”. Improving diplomatic and trade relations from Western Countries have helped India magnetize additional

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3 Types of Recreational Retreats in Canada

Dec 3 2015 | Written by : Paul| 5 |
3 Types of Recreational Retreats in Canada

The Canadian countryside is well known for its acreage properties because no other place in the world offers the same rich, natural landscape within reasonable proximity of the city. From hillside terrain, rocky highlands to sweeping nature reserve parks, the countryside stretching from Northern to Southern

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Finding that Perfect Home as a Single Mother

Nov 22 2015 | Written by : Jack Dawson| 2 |
Elmore, VT real estate

Elmore has in recent years grown into a very popular town. It is one of the oldest towns in Vermont’s Lamoille County. The town was named after Colonel Samuel Elmore, famed for his vast wealth in real estate because he owned extensive tracts of land. At some point in time the land was probably large

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500 Million Dollar Mansion in L.A. Poised To Break Current World Record

Nov 15 2015 | Written by : Tom George| 6 |
big mansions

When the house’s asking price was announced last May, some people figured it was an absurd marketing ploy, since if the property fetches anything close to $500 million, it will obliterate the current world-record price of $221 million, for a London penthouse. But absurdity is all relative in today’s

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Tips for Renting a Vacation House

Nov 4 2015 | Written by : Will Norquay| 9 |

Renting a vacation house is quite a large investment. While a vacation house has many benefits over your standard hotel room, the process isn’t nearly as simple. Renting a vacation house may even be more complicated than renting a house you plan to live in, as the stipulations in the contract are

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