The Court of Anonymous

  Is it vigilante justice or making things right when our system fails us? To say that Anonymous is a controversial group is an understatement. Chris Parker of the Huffington Post calls them an anarchist collective. But whether you agree or disagree with the group’s politics, it is not going away any time soon, even […]

While Obamacare stuns the U.S., Leading from Behind Unravels World Peace

While Obamacare stuns the U.S., Leading from Behind Unravels World Peace (via Tom O’Halloran) By Sol W. Sanders   The U.S. is transfixed by the Obama administration’s massively bungled attempt to nationalize one sixth of the economy, the health welfare system. But the rest of the world watches the slow motion unfolding of another debacle:…

How social media elected an unpopular President

Many experts and non-experts alike are asking themselves the same question – how did U.S. president Barack Obama get reelected? No other president in the U.S. history has managed to get reelected with the country in such a bad economic state and with such high unemployment rates. So how did he do it? How did […]

Obama Wins: How Quants and Data Crunchers Made It Possible

  In late spring, the backroom number crunchers who had powered Barack Obama’s campaign to victory noticed that George Clooney had an almost gravitational tug on West Coast females ages 40 to 49. The women were far and away the single demographic group most likely to hand over cash, for a chance to dine in […]

Ohio Secretary Of State Acknowledges Loss Of Thousands Of Voter Registration Records | Roland Martin Reports

With the presidential election happening in just four days, the battleground state of Ohio is once again a major piece of the election puzzle. See on

Our American endorsement: Which one? | The Economist

  FOUR years ago, The Economist endorsed Barack Obama for the White House with enthusiasm. So did millions of voters. Next week Americans will trudge to the polls far less hopefully. So (in spirit at least) will this London-based newspaper. Having endured a miserably negative campaign, the world’s most powerful country now has a much […]

The Electoral Tie: What a 269-269 Vote Would Do to Our Country

Imagine what the political climate of our country would be if a 269-269 tie occurs — especially if the House chooses the candidate who lost the popular vote to become president.  According to Rachel Maddow, we could end up with the Senate choosing VP Joe Biden as VP again….(that’s not so bad)….but the House of […]

A message from Bruce Springstein on the Election….

(click on photo to read entire message) October 17, 2012 A MESSAGE FROM BRUCE Dear Friends: The election is coming up on all of us and we all have strong feelings about it. I’ve been getting asked a lot about where I stand, so for those who are interested, here goes. This presidential election is […]

Presidential debate: 10 best lines from Romney, Obama

See on – Educating Voters and Promoting the Vote GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney went head-to-head with President Barack Obama at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Tuesday for the second, town hall–style presidential debate. Here are some of their most memorable lines:ROMNEY:1. See on

Are you tuning in tonight for the 2nd Presidential Debate at 9pm EDT?!! I am….and you should, too!

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Campaigns Use Social Media to Lure Younger Voters


photo credit Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times Social media campaigns are in full swing. It’s hard to imagine a time not long ago when we were without social media. As we get ready for the Presidential election in just a few short weeks, the buzz of social media continues about the candidates.   […]

and we still got to 7.8% :) No thanks to the republicans in government that call themselves “Congressmen”

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Unemployment rate falls to 7.8% as economy creates 114,000 jobs

See on – Educating Voters and Promoting the Vote The nation’s unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been in almost four years in September, giving President Barack Obama a potential upbeat talking point as the presidential race heads into the final innings.   Republican doubters could produce no proof that the numbers were not valid. See […]

Feds charge 91 in massive Medicare fraud scheme–THIS is how you save $$$ for Medicare: Go after the cheats

See on – Educating Voters and Promoting the Vote Doctors, nurses and others accused of participating in various schemes that add up to more than $429 million in false billing… See on

Obama Up Over Romney in Three More Swing-State Polls

See on – Educating Voters and Promoting the Vote President Barack Obama polls 50 percent among likely voters in three swing states, according to the latest survey that shows him pulling ahead of Republican nominee Mitt Romney in many of the election’s battlegrounds. See on

HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Mitt Romney’s RNC Speech

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