Empowering Women Empowers An Empire

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” Gloria Steinem A great post by Upworthy has circulated social media this week: Feminist History Lesson: Who Gloria Steinem Is And Why She Is An Awesome Role Model. I was 12 years old when 1970 hit, which means I grew up with Gloria […]

Mobile Phones: Lifeline for the Homeless

How many of us have old cellphones and downgraded smartphones lying around in a drawer? Imagine that phone being able to change someone’s life. Once we junkpile our electronic equipment, if everyone took the effort to donate it to the local homeless shelter, imagine how we can change the world, one upgrade at a time. […]

Understanding The Importance Of Scientific Equipment

It seems as if new inventions and discoveries are being made every day, allowing us to cure a disease that was previously fatal or to travel in a new and improved way. But how do the scientists behind these finds do it? With the assistance of scientific equipment. These are the instruments and devices that […]

The Sum of a Man (Woman) Cannot Be Made from One Tweet

    Even if you didn’t watch it live or see the replay on YouTube, you’ve probably heard about cornerback Richard Sherman’s post-game interview after his Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers for a berth in the 2014 Super Bowl. It didn’t show a lot of class. The league took notice, too, but that’s […]

What Are You Thankful For?

Years back, Oprah Winfrey began talking about gratitude. By expressing it, it would open the door to good things. To this day, she still preaches us to live in gratitude. It makes sense. Think about it. If you focused solely on what you are thankful for all the time, those negative niggles, the ones that bring […]

8 Great Tech CEO Blogs You Would Be Crazy Not To Follow


It’s a dog eat dog world, some might say survival of the fittest. In life you have to develop wisdom. Intelligence without wisdom, is like a bright light leading you nowhere. The internet is full of narcissists. Perhaps not intentionally, but none the less a fact yes, shameless self promoters and people full of false […]

Make the Decision To Be Happy By Controlling Negative Emotions


We all have are good days and bad days. As a personal trainer who has made a living helping others achieve great result’s with their body’s, one thing is for sure, the mind plays a huge role in our overall well being. Experience has taught me that there is true power in positive thinking. Some […]

8 Habits of Successful People and Why They Work


8 Habits of Successful People and Why They Work (via The Cultureist) In order to continue to develop your business and take it to the next level, it’s important to understand what innovative entrepreneurs do and what has contributed to their success. Interestingly, the habits of successful people tend to be consistent…

Work Less to Get More Done | Lifehacker

Working less to get more done. That’s the title Lifehacker contributor Scott Young used for his blog post that covers his productivity method that involves keeping two lists: one for the things you need to get done for the day, and another for the things you need to get done for the week. While at […]

The Creative Mindset: People Motivated To Create Something From Nothing

Happy Monday, if you are like most people, the alarm clock has awakened you, and you probably have hit the snooze button, once or twice. If you couldn’t sleep because you had the wheels of creativity turning in your head, you are also not alone. This is a great article titled “The crazy people that […]

Transformative Behavior Begins When You Stop Following the Masses


The world and the internet are full of sycophants and megalomaniacs. I get it, oh know not another cliche. No wait I get it. I have never read any one of Seth Godin’s books, but I admit after visiting his blog today, I was a little jealous. Is that bad? Perhaps, but I don’t think […]

Will Your College Major Payoff?

college major

Have kids in college or are you starting college soon? Ever wonder if the major you are choosing is the right one? With the cost of college lots of people are struggling with what to major in. What’s your major? It’s not just a good icebreaker at college parties – it also could be a […]

How to Get Whatever You Want!

How to get what you want

By Lillian Leon I’m so buzzing with excitement right now. Because the topic we’re going to talk about today is something I’ve always been passionate about. You see, I’m a huge believer that anyone can get what they want – if they really want it. Because if you want something badly enough, the possibilities are endless! So […]

Is Peer Pressure Putting A Damper Perceived Success?


We’ve all faced it at one point or another. The idea, right or wrong, that we don’t stack up well against the competition, that we don’t stand out amongst our peer group. This can be a debilitating attitude that permeates our every business action with negativity and unease. Experts call it “yardsticking,”the impulse to privately […]

Busting Through Fatigue To Get Business Done

Back on track with business

My friend Lynn Terry has published ‘stall busting’ advice I want to share. We solopreneurs like to think that we run our lives – and most of the time we do.  Some of the time though, we are simply not on control.  Visit the post here to learn what Lynn has been dealing with:  Getting […]

Be Happy: How to Spark Positive Thoughts

be positive

A recent study showed that Twitter followers enjoy following people who tweet positively.  “Expressing negative sentiments in tweets is the second most harmful factor to growing a Twitter audience,” say researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They speculate about why: “This might be because Twitter is a medium dominated by very weak social ties, and […]