iPad Moving Apps You Might Need for Your Next Move


If you are thinking about moving out to a new home or even finding one, you will find a number of apps you can use to ensure the process is much easier. The good thing with apps for the tablet and Smartphone is that you only need to download them to start finding a dream […]

Now You Can Have 20+ Mobile UI Frameworks for Splendid HTML5 Apps


HTML5 is spreading its arena more and more in web design and mobile app markets. It is growing like rocket speed. Developers are also triggering it by creating free templates, frameworks and more. Read Full Post Here : Now You Can Have 20+ Mobile UI Frameworks for Splendid HTML5 Apps

Lenovo A2107: Enjoy Amazing Applications with Great Performance

Tablet PC’s

The onset of android tablets has been through an on-going metamorphosis process. Amidst all this technological jazz, the Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 stands out. This sleek and chic looking tablet computer from Lenovo was launched in early 2013. Despite the market being flooded with dual core processor tablets and latest quad core Chinese gadgets, Lenovo’s single […]

HTML5 Mobile Frameworks for Rapid App Development


Wow! FearlessFlyer has shared excellent resources here for Mobile User Interface which supports HTML5. These frameworks support developer and sharer and are conscientiously helpful for developers. Check out this awesome list of mobile app frameworks. This software will definitely increase your productivity on your next mobile project. Come and see why developers are choosing these […]

Secrets of HTML5 Responsive Design that Can Increase Your Site User Experience

HTML5 Responsive Web Design

Mobile and tablet users are rapidly increasing. As per SmartInsights more than 20% of internet visits to the web pages are from smart devices. In this time how to impress the mobile user by presenting responsive website using HTML5? Let’s dive in it… Read Full Story Here: 5 Secrets of HTML5 Responsive Design that Can […]

The Top Tools to Aid in Multi Platform Mobile App Development


Each mobile platform seems to have something off its own that is unique and cannot be replicated on other platforms. This makes multi platform mobile app development difficult and tedious for most app developers. You would see them wrecking their brains on a way to get the app developed without much effort but the question […]

HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks For HTML5 Powered Apps

html5 mobile ui frameworks

HTML5 is spreading its arena more and more in web design and mobile app markets. It is growing like rocket speed. Developers are also triggering it by creating free templates, frameworks and more. Here I have shared top 5 HTML5 mobile UI frameworks to design best for user interface. Read Full Story Here: Top 5 […]

Top 10 Reasons To Employ A Mobile App Developer

Whilst we are sure that you possess many secrets and ideas for making your business more successful and profitable, we are also strong believers in asking for help when it’s needed. This is why you should look into employing a mobile app developer who will build a functional and popular application that will encourage people […]

New Way to save on your mobile bill [Infographic]


The info graphic titled “New Way to save on Mobile Bill” is designed to focus on various benefits of choosing SIM only plan. Statistics have proved that 75% of people in UK pay monthly mobile phone contracts and are spending too much on as per their requirement. Its been calculated as more than 5 billion […]

Infographics: A Look at Surprising Smartphone usage Stats in Daily Life

Infographics - A Look at Surprising Smartphone usage Stats in Daily Life

This Infogrphic created by Nilesh Talaviya, works with Cygnet Infotech, an enterprise mobile app development company based in India. For more detail you can contact him at nctalaviya@cygnet-infotech.com Related articles 5 Key Enterprise Mobility Trends that will Dominate 2014 [BYOD along with CYOD] The Best Practices for Development of Enterprise Mobile Apps Interesting Mobile Phone […]

70 percent of online shopping to happen over smartphones: Study

See on Scoop.it – Public Relations & Social Media Insight About 70 percent consumers are expected to use their smartphones for shopping in the coming year, a new study has revealed.   The study conducted by research firm IDC found that 69 percent of respondents agree that the smartphone is a critical tool for shopping […]

HTML5 vs. Native Mobile Applications

HTML5,Native Apps

Recently, we have seen a surge in the ongoing debate of whether it is best to develop mobile applications using HTML5 in some responsive framework manner or as a standalone bespoke-application. Read Full Story Here: HTML5 vs. Native Mobile Applications – Who do you Back?

Looking for new stats on social media, the Internet, and mobile usage?

we are social report

Today, agency We Are Social Singapore released a very interesting report on the latest stats for social media, the Internet, and mobile usage. The numbers are, as always, mind-blowing. What I love the most, though, is the breakdown by countries. Twenty-four are covered in the study. We rarely hear of many of them, so this […]

The Cloud Computing Must Boost Mobile Connectivity In 2014

The cloud computing must boost mobile connectivity in 2014

This week I am traveling with a frenetic pace between different regions in Europe, ranging from the plane to a meeting, on a train, in a hotel, etc.. You know what I mean. Staying in touch with the company as I travel in this way is always a challenge. First, not much time is left […]

5 Best Tools for Multi-platform Mobile Application Development


With the tremendous growth of mobile market, need for multi-platform app development has grown too. In order to thrive in the market, it has become a must for brands and businesses to have apps on every major mobile OS. Native app development for all platforms would be expensive. Fortunately, businesses have the options of multi-platform […]

Smartphone Sales Figures Apple vs Samsung No One Else In Sight

The world has gone mobile and smartphones are providing consumers an unprecedented level of easy access to search and do price comparisons on their purchasing decisions which is forcing retailers to really step up their game. There is an interesting article titled “Revealing the Smartphone’s role in the path to purchase” written by Kati Evans. […]