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The 5 best Android Tablets to buy in 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Tablets have become common place over the last few years. They are now capable of doing most of the things that can be completed on a laptop only they’re portable. The average tablet will now let you play games, listen to music, watch a movie, check your emails or social postings and do many work […]


Sony Xperia Z5 : Next Flagship Device From Sony


Everyone out there, you must surely be all excited and fascinated to know what specifications does this dreamy phone possess! From the very beginning, Sony had tried to draw extra attention towards this dream phone series by starring Katrina Kaif in its advertisement. May be there could be comparison drawn between the two beauties, no […]


Samsung Galaxy S7 : Next Galaxy Beast in The Row


Samsung never leaves any stone unturned. Somehow, it has always been the talk of everyone when it comes to smartphones! Not that Samsung was already very much in the good books of everybody with the Galaxy S6 this month! Now here’s more by the company! The Galaxy S7 seems to be the new show biz […]




Today there are plenty of smart phones available in the tech market and endless rumors for the inception of regularly arriving or to-be-arrived smart phones . However numbers never display the quality we are getting. There are only a very few smart phone manufacturers who could actually be called smart and quality producer and LG,Apple,Samsung […]


Basics Of Mobile Phone Recycling

Due to changing technology and lesser startup costs, electronic wastes including mobile phones have increased. Unused electronics form a majority of the components in wastes and landfills. It is a known fact that in western countries, millions of phones are traded in exchange for newer technology mobile phones. Such discarded mobile phones are considered a […]


The first set of apps for your new iPhone


So you have just got yourself a new iPhone. The first thing you should do is to unlock it to work with your network; if it doesn’t already. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of the phone.   It is easy to get this done. The iPhone unlocking by unlockingsmart.co.uk, for instance, can get […]


The Phone Number is Obsolete, and Should Die in The Next Decade


Mobile phones – counting from when they first became commercially available – are a bit over three decades old. They have evolved from huge, bulky devices (the DynaTAC 8000X had the weight and size of a standard clay-fired brick) to lightweight gadgets you can easily wear on your wrist. At the same time the processing […]


HTC One M10 – The All New HTC One Rumors


Craving to urge your hands on latest addition to at least one range of mobile contraption by HTC Then, HTC One M10 Contract proves to be the best resolution for you in person. The deal is unquestionably associate outcome of the collaboration of HTC with several of the foremost distinguished mobile network firms as well […]


The Value of 1:1 Marketing: Putting Customer Interests Ahead of Big Data

A business should thrive in solidifying not only its reputation, but also the relationship it shares with present and future clientele. After all, success in marketing and sales is dependent on creating quality connections through effective lead generation and appointment setting. However, some B2B companies do not know exactly how to achieve that, owing to the fact they […]


Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Finally metal in the Samsung’s Phone


Samsung has surprised the last IFA held at Berlin in 2014 September. And now Samsung is ready with new models in the series that would be reaching the market shelves in no time. The new models in the series are called as Galaxy A3, A5 and Galaxy A7. And the first member of the series […]


8 Ways To Minimize The Effect Of Cell Phone Radiation On You

Girl Talking On Cell Phone

It is a well known fact that Cell Phones emit radiation. In fact, there have even been a few deaths caused by acute exposure to this radiation by extended use. It is very important to minimize the effect of this radiation on you. Here is a checklist of 8 ways in which you can minimize […]


LG G Pad 7.0: The 7inches mid price Android Tablet


LG G Pad 7.0 is a 7 inches mid price Android tablet from LG. And the target of this device is obviously the affordable range of Android tablet but still LG manages to fit the good hardware and specification in the tablet. LG G Pad 7.0 carries two camera, 3.2MP rear and 1.3MP front. And […]


Smart Phone But Dumb User? How To Run Your Life On Your Iphone


While the human race has collectively overcome some incredible challenges throughout history, people as individuals can often feel a bit overburdened by the pressures of the modern world. But with the rise of smartphones, it is much easier to organise your life and gain access to all the information you need without feeling overcome by […]


Make Your Own Developed Mobile App Successful

The blog discusses the steps that prevent app development efforts from going in vain. Dare to success your own mobile app? Don’t worry Configure.IT shared the steps that prevent app development efforts from going in vain. Read Story Here: Seven Surefire Ways to Make Your Mobile App Successful


Excellent LG G2 Cases


LG G2 is a high end Android smart phone which boasts of its cutting edge hardware and precision polished software. It is a great smart phone all together that has been sprinkled with a variety of innovative goodies. The phone features some of the most enticing top of the line specifications that ensures great performance. […]


Business Benefits of Switching iOS Apps to 64-bit Code


The tech giant Apple has announced that from February 1, 2015 onward, developers can submit only those iOS apps, which have 64-Bit support. Let’s know the reasons for such notification along with iOS app development process for enterprises. Read Full Story Here: Business Benefits of Switching iOS Apps to 64-bit Code