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4 Smartwatch Predictions for Local Search | Bernadette Coleman


We’re guessing the smartwatch is much easier to use than Google Glass. They also seem pretty similar to a smartphone, with a screen-based UI interface. Personally, I’m reminded of Dick Tracy and his watch, with his two way radio and such. While you may not be interested in looking like a spy or a private […]


The Apple Watch stainless steel version might cost you upward of US$500 | Stuff


You better start saving up for the Apple Watch if you want the stainless steel version. And it doesn’t help that you might be hand out red packets at the same time (since the device is said to hit retail during Chinese New Year if not close to Valentines’ Day). According to a French Apple […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 5: A New Revolution About To Come

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Android, the rapidly growing mobile OS is a Linux kernel based operating system which includes a user interface that enhances the user experiences and provides various customization options. Its every single component is so precise and well designed that it provides a balance between the speed and the graphic details of the device. Samsung Electronics […]


Mobile Payments Climb To 19.5% Of Transactions Globally

  Will mobile payments finally catch on in the US with the iPhone 6? This is the big question, but there is no doubt  mobile payments are a big deal, a very big deal. The numbers are staggering. There has been a huge growth in the sector. Previous attempts by Google with items like Google […]


Android L vs Android KitKat: New Features for Developers and Apps

The latest itinerant operating system for Android is the Google Android L. It will be released with little Google Nexus gadgets. This new operating system is till now available as The Developer Preview. Announced in the month of June 2014, this new OS will be open to the public this fall. Although the final name […]


Some Of The Inherent Benefits Of Application Development Using VCG


Enterprises are switching over to web based applications for a good number of reasons. Keeping in tune with the traditions, you will come across companies such as Venice Consulting Group offering various kinds of web-based applications to their clients. Throughout the years, application development has undergone a revolutionary phase. Enterprises are searching for apps that […]


Meet the Modern Mobile Business Traveler


Business travel is rapidly growing in the United States. In 2012, American companies spent $225 billion to send their employees on business trips and about 75 percent of these employees travel less than 250 miles from home. Do you travel for work or have colleagues who travel often for their jobs? Then you might be […]


6 Ways that POS Software Will Enhance Your Profits

POS Software

Modern retail and service companies rely on effective point-of-sale (POS) systems to execute customer transactions. They are vital for businesses of all sizes, though many owners and managers fail to realise the full benefits available from quality POS software. Effectively integrated and applied, the benefits of this software on your business will be felt everywhere […]


Know the Inside Out of iPhone 5


Smart phones are expected to make the lives simpler and easier. With the help of correct smart phone e-mails can be managed, appointments can be fixed, share information, watch movies, listen to music and maintain record of your workouts. So, proper selection of a smart phone is essential. Smartphone market has been dominated and revolutionized […]


Mobile Phone Signal Booster or Strange Ways to Combat Poor Signal Reception

Make the Right Choice

Nobody adores when a mobile phone works badly and the signal is interrupted all the time. The reason to dropped phone calls and scarce coverage is poor cell phone signal. All Attempts worth Attention The given problem has been tackled for a long time and now there’re a lot of various ways to solve it, […]


Things to Consider While Hiring the Best Mobile App Development Company


With much of hullabaloo around, the need to go mobile has risen. Today everything and everyone – from commerce to payments and trading– is going mobile. However, to go mobile, you need to find a good mobile app development company. So, below are the things to consider for hiring the best mobile app development Dublin […]


HTC One M8: Features and Specifications

mobile comparison

HTC managed to gain immense popularity in recent years by launching a variety of high-end smart phones, one of them being the much loved HTC One. However, the brand hasn’t been able to outdo its adversary – Samsung – both in the segments of smart phones and market share. When it comes to comparing the […]


What Phone Accessories Are Good To Have?


When you have a phone, you are on top of the world because you are going to be able to communicate with your friends and family while on the road. Some people feel that phones are useless, but it is easy to see the benefits of them. However, when it comes to phone accessories, which […]


Kitkat 4.4.2 – An Overview


Android’s tenth version KitKat 4.4 is by far the most significant change that has been made to the operating system. KitKat 4.4 brings a new and subtle color scheme to Android along with flatter icons and a redesigned home screen that carries Google Now. First launched with LG Nexus 5, this Android version went on […]


Amazon Fire Phone – 5 reasons (plus a bonus) I won’t be buying one…


“Amazon have finally launched their own smartphone — to the surprise of absolutely nobody — and it has some interesting features that might catch the eye of the consumer. It has 3D, for starters. Of course, there’s nothing new here. 3D screens have been tried before but didn’t really change the world — maybe the Fire Phone is the device that […]


Top 6 Video Player Apps Compatible for both Android and iOS

video player apps

Your normal calling device can replace your TV as well your Laptop. With wonderful apps offered by various providers you can give a boost to your experience of watching videos. These apps prove that you don’t only watch video you actually play it. With innumerable features and specialties, here below are top six video player […]